Chapter One
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In this story, a man and his son go walking to a camp, but the man disappears...

Chapter One

"Come on. Why do we have to go camping?" Gregory Masson asked his father as they walked along the side of the road. Fredrick sighed before stopping in front of Greg.

"Someday soon, you'll understand everything." "Yeah, you've said that. But-" "No but's. Come on. We're late." Fred turned around and started walking again.

A few minutes passed before Greg broke the silence again. "Fred, what happened to Mom?" Fred sighed and stopped walking. Greg heard a small gasp.

Greg walked around Fred and gasped. On the ground laid a body. The thumbs had been replaced with crab-like claws. "G, call the cops." Greg stood there in shock, staring at the body. "Now!"

Greg was startled by his father's voice. He walked a little ways back, then took out his phone and called 911. He got done with the call and turned around just to find his father gone, along with the body.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm sorry it's so short. There's more to it! I'm working on the second chapter right now, so expect that! Make sure to check out my other stories. THANK YOU!!!!!

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