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traptluv Melancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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Peer into the life of Z, one of my characters. Follow @traptluv for more.


by traptluv

With expeditious movement, his fingers grazed over the keys in a blur. His brow furrowed as he worked, his stare cold and unsettling.

Tirelessly, he lay bent over the machine for hours and only stopped to review his work.

After days of restlessness, he ceased, finally.

Curled up over a screen producing visuals of binary codes and numbers, he exhaled as if he were holding it in for a very long time.


He pinched his brow and closes his eyes. It was finished.

After hitting one more key, his work went live.

He nodded in agreement with the fundamentals of his project and rose from his chair so abruptly that it spun with severity.

The screen was lit up on a single image.

The image of a cat enjoying its siesta rested on the screen. The words "Cat World" was illuminated as the URL of the site.

It was an e-world made up entirely of cats.

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