The Girl with Chestnut Hair
The Girl with Chestnut Hair girl stories
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traptluvMelancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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A girl with Chestnut hair. Pictures belong to their respective owners. Follow @traptluv for more content.

The Girl with Chestnut Hair

by traptluv

She had the smell of diced ginger upon her fingers from cooking Transylvanian Spinach.

She would walk outside only to feel the breeze caress its fingers through her hair.

She smelled of ripe raspberries and warm lavender that caught the sun's rays.

Her skin was warm, but her fingers were cold.

One night she cried her heart out to its very last beats before it started up again.

She cried about all the beautiful things in the world and how happy she was to be alive.


That, she was.

She would whisper small secrets to herself about little things like the best ways to make warm cups of tea, or what kinds of colors would match different sets of eyes.

She would confess her fondness of people she's met to them because the world is small and life is short.

She would smile when making a purchase, and thank whoever made that cup of Chai for her, for whoever makes something, puts a little bit of love in it, and she loved that.

She's the girl who would make the most of stormy nights with pillow forts and funny stories.

She was the girl who would laugh till she was out of breath, and start making little snort sounds accidentally.

She would console you and give you warm hugs when you were going through a tough time.

She would advise you how to take on the world with your bare hands, but not with an empty stomach.

Sometimes she would hold herself during lonely nights and imagine all the nice things she would do in her future and that would make her feel a little better.

She would tell strangers that complain of headaches to drink lots of water and make Chamomile tea from time to time.

She was always the one to be fearless and brave when bad times came in her life.

She became the one she would have looked up to in her childhood.

She became her own hero, yet a hero to many.

There came a time in her life where people left her.

She didn't understand why- why people left her.

She's the type to embrace challenges and take them head on.

She was the girl whom everyone loved, and still does.

She was the girl who fought and never gave up.

She was the type of girl you would read in fairy tales and stories.

And she would love and love- platonically, the best kind of love.

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