The Chase
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He would stalk her and stalk her and stalk her. She thought he was running with her. She loved to run, he loved to follow.
Nevertheless, they were addicted to the chase.

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The Chase

He would stalk her and stalk her and stalk her. She thought he was chasing her. She loved to run, he loved to chase. They needed each other in order for them to be stable.

He wanted to explore her mind. She wasn't sure of anything anymore. Nevertheless, they were addicted to the chase.

She was an empty well of emotion and hope. When she met him, she grabbed him by the hands and led him to an open field.

"This is my home" she would say.

He was a chassis with no body. His mind would always wander, but he would always be obsolete and bootless in every regard.

Nevertheless he would follow her.

No one knows who started the chase.

Be it her, who grabbed him and held him so tight in her fists he would pop, or him, who could have ignored her cries and let her fade among the rest of them that tried distracting him.

Perhaps it was an outside source, a thing or a someone that brought them together,

eager to watch their demise from behind the screen in the manner of the mastermind that allows the puppeteer to believe they are in the right,

unbeknownst of the strings on their shoulders tied securely to the mastermind. A dog on a leash.

Nevertheless, they needed each other's poison.

He would stroke her hair when she wasn't watching, tempted to pull it, but would leave it.

He wondered what it would feel like to rip it from her scalp, but would scold himself for thinking such a thing.

She would take him by surprise. There was never a moment where she didn't. Usually, she wouldn't say anything and would just smile at him and run.

And he would follow. There was almost a time where she got away and he knew that if she escaped him she would be gone for eternal.

This time she spoke.

"When was the last time you were excited?"

He was baffled. He couldn't recall a time he was truly thrilled about something. His past memories were a blur and he felt as if he'd break if he thought about it for too long.

"Never" he replied.

She turned to him and smiled.

"You remember".

You don't remember.

The words echoed in his mind. Did she know?

"Tell me" he said to her, but she had already walked away from him.

He followed.

He watched her intently as hawks watch their prey from above before they go in for the strike. He will never strike her, she knew.

He was more than capable, but she knew that he loved the chase far too much for it to end.

She used this against him and tested him in worse ways imaginable. She toyed with him, but she really did remember what he could not.

His memories.

She had a few of them in the palm of her hands and she would only surrender them when he caught her. If he caught her before she caught him.

Her claws were already deeply snug in the back of his skull.

He was a distorted fragment of who he used to be and she was as fragile as none can believe. He complimented her and this gave her her will to run.

"You strike me as someone that likes their chocolate dark" she said to him.

It was a clue.

"I may have to try some" he replied.

But there was no chocolate. Not a single trace of it anywhere. She had hidden it from him.

He thought for a while. He decided it was time that he lead her somewhere this time. He grabbed her wrist without a word and brought her to his vehicle. She didn't question him.

He drove over neon-lit cities and vacant towns and dark country roads. He drove for days until they had finally reached their destination. He brought her to his childhood home.

He did not know why he had brought her there. It was decaying like the outskirts of his mind.

This time, she led him inside.

"It's here" he told her.

It was not the first time he had brought here, she thought. There were other times and he does not remember, but this was the first time he was willing to go all the way inside.

For the first time, she was afraid of him.

Is it now? Will it happen soon?

She remained motionless as he searched his domain.

He opened doors, tore apart stiff entryways to push himself inside, broke blocked off areas and shattered rotten cabinets that were in his way. He didn't know what he was looking for.

The only places left was the cellar and the attic. She gambled and raced to the cellar to find whatever it was before he did.

In the cellar she found used tubes, syringes and old data entries caked in dust and cobwebs.

Was it this? Her heart raced as she heard him walking above her.

He went to the attic first. There was an old chest that moaned as he opened it. He pulled out swaths of fabric that belonged to his ancestors.

There were sounds of cracks of static in the air.

He had found it. He slipped on the ancient leather gauntlets. They came to life and spoke to him about his forefathers and foremothers.

He felt transported back to when his last ancestor was alive and his heart swelled with life.

It was this.

He went down the steps carefully to find her.

She heard him coming. She tried hiding the evidence she stumbled upon. She pocketed the syringes and hid the data charts in her trench coat.

He came inside the cellar and found her leaning against a metal table waiting for him.

He glanced at her and then walked out of the room.

She was shaking.

"Where are you going?" she demanded out of him.

She followed him outside to his car.

He entered the vehicle and started the engine and it growled to life. He was going to leave without her.

She ran around and opened the passenger side door. She gripped the door and the passenger seat right as he was pulling away from the house.

He didn't stop her. He didn't help her.

"You don't have to tell me anymore" he said without looking at her.

"I have the answer" she pleaded with him.

She managed to jump in the car and slam the door as he was gaining speed. She reached for one of the syringes in her coat and pulled it out.

She quickly pricked him in the neck and then disposed the rubbish out the window.

He yelled in surprise and stepped on the gas. She was thrust back against her seat.

He didn't know what to do. He quickly put on his seat belt and then slammed on the brakes like a madman.

She was thrown against the windshield and hit her skull with a loud crack. His head whirled and swam and he was thrown against his seat.

Her blood ran down the dashboard and he glanced over at her to see if she was okay.

She remained staggered and shakily reached for him.

She knew this was what she deserved. She was the one that ended the chase. This was her prize.

He stared at her until his expression became blank. His heart had finally stopped.

She dragged her fingers over his leather gauntlets. Her eyebrows raised.

This was what he was excited about?

She had been wrong about him. And now she had to pay for it.

She wailed in a raspy voice and sobbed for him.

She ended the chase. It was over.

She rested her head against the dashboard and let herself die. Before she finally faded, someone opened the passenger-side door and took the data entries and one of her syringes from her coat.

They pricked her neck with it and tossed it aside.

Before she could spare a glace at the one who had done that, her skull was blasted apart with one shot.

In the rear view mirror a dark figure walked away from the vehicle. The figure was the same height as Him and had the same hands as Her.

The figure shot again at the engine of the vehicle and it came ablaze. The smoke penetrated the atmosphere and the figure dematerialized.

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