Raspberry Jam
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traptluvMelancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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Raspberry Jam, a short that can be found on my Wattpad. Follow @traptluv for more.

Raspberry Jam

by traptluv

I touched your small hands and cupped them

we held our hands high towards the sun and smiled smiled wide till our cheeks hurt

I grazed your fingers with mine

and laid sun-kissed raspberries on the tips of your fingers

I knew how much you loved them

I lifted one to my lips and popped it in my mouth

crushing and gushing the sweet nectar from the fruit

I kissed your lips and shared the taste

the explosion of a perfectly balanced sweet and sour just the way you liked it

the way you tasted the delightful sweetness of a raspberry I tasted you the first time I saw you

you were like silken honey that could pour and pour like a steady stream in the wilderness

mayhap if I were to boil the raspberries I laid so delicately on your fingertips and pour silken honey within

allowing the substance to absorb and become delightfully aromatic

it was then that I realized

you were my raspberry jam

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