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by traptluv

"Your lips on my skin, the sun in my eyes..."

It was all Susan could remember from her previous dream. The words echoed within her mind. What could they mean? She couldn't remember what she had dreamt. She never could.

And yet she had the same recurring dream over the years.

All she remembered was the words. Susan still continued on with her life. Nothing changed.

As a single woman with bright red curly hair and light almond eyes, she was fully employed and had a black lab named Chérie. Susan had a typical life, neither boring, nor too exciting.

She sewed and sold clothes for a living and she loved it. Her life merely continued on, as if those dreams meant nothing, but Susan knew better. She took those dreams to heart.

Everything was fine for Susan,

until she got into a bad accident one day. It was a hit and run, and Susan was the victim. Her car had been totaled and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

Susan had a few broken ribs and a concussion.

She had to have surgery. Susan opened her eyes after a few days of surgery and sighed.

She turned on the mounted hospital TV with the remote she was given by a nurse a few hours ago while she was resting.

Susan flipped through the channels until one of the channels caught her attention. There was a cannibal on the loose on the news. How odd.

Susan turned off the TV and then heard a knock on the door.

The doctor came in and handed her a few painkillers for her healing ribs. She took the painkillers and waited for the effects to kick in.

The doctor drew the curtains open to allow some sunshine in, but it was too bright. Susan had to squint to see.

All too suddenly, Susan felt sleepy.

The doctor ran his hand over Susan's wrist to check her pulse. Susan felt a searing pain on her hand and her fingers really hurt all of a sudden.

She squinted and saw that the doctor had bit one of her fingers off. That wasn't the doctor at all. And he hadn't given her painkillers, he had drugged her.

Susan was dying.

The man's lips were on her skin and the sun blinded her eyes.


Susan said with her last breath before everything went black.

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