Natural Enemy
Natural Enemy art stories
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traptluvMelancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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Read out loud for a better experience. This is an enemy we all face in the beginning. Delve deep into the world of my spinning. (Experimenting with rhyme and prose) Follow @traptluv for more.

Natural Enemy

by traptluv

You are a misunderstood being, a creature of the arts

A timekeeping soul, one ready to depart

For the isles of man and the isles of Sicily

A journey for the search of serendipity

But never you fear, you'll get what will come

A life, an experience at the beat of my drum

A song you’ll sob when you’ll come to realize

That the essence of your search belies a surprise

No denying the compromise of lies and deceit

No rest no comfort for the one there to reprieve

The sense of longing and heartbreak, with nothing to achieve

by yearning for the memories of your fantasy

Striving for them to become a reality

The prelude is over, the acts are finished

Your time for hiding has diminished

You, come now and face your facts

What you’ve done in the past is no mere tact

For the lives you’ve taken and the lives you’ve spared

From past to present time, for you no one cared

You pillaged and took what you wanted over needed

You were stubborn, hard faced, difficult and conceited,

It’s time for dinner, now march each step

Quickly now, you’re acting all schlep

Fate cannot be avoided, take your seat at the table

Pick up your fork; don’t take the stand as you’re able

You’re being very messy, stop acting so wild

And eat your greens like a good child

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