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Lachesism (Promo)

Post modernity as we know it was a time predicted to be the future we break free from, a future transmuted and separated from corruption and it's natural ways.

Year 20XX the Omni-system flourished, taking everyone along with it. Technology advanced beyond human understanding.

People no longer even need to leave their crumbling homes for food and entertainment.

A world relying heavily on VR and political nonsense, the masses feed on their blindness and empty resonances. The world's dominion is spitted among five world leaders.

Five people that have control over the lives and futures of humankind with the tap of their fingers.

One soul, abandoned and discarded for her own good discovers her power to overtake these kings.

The question is not whether she will succeed, but rather how long will it take until the Omni-system overtakes her as well?

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