Keyframe (Teaser)
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Keyframe (Teaser)

The other man you were warned about roams the isolated hallways of the South Wing. He stalks through each room like a predator on the hunt for his prey.

He finds a sniveling man crouched under a metal desk and grabs him by his throat. He kills him within minutes.

The other man scans the hallway and spots a door with faded marks stating: "Head Doctor Ward 9 Office". He suddenly bolts and runs towards the door headfirst and bursts through the glass.

He licks his dry, crackled lips and scowls into the darkness. He spots the closet door in the back and pounds on it with heavy fists.

"I've found you, Saiya! I know you're in there! I'm going to get you and feast on you while you're still alive, my dear. I've found you!"

The man's guttural screams and bellowing voice shakes the room and posters come off the walls. Glass bottles shake and fall to the ground, spilling its foul smelling contents all over the floor.

The pounding doesn't stop.

You clap your hands over your ears.

The other man pounds harder and punches his fist through the rotted wood, splinters exploding through the air.

You shrink tightly against the frame and plead that he doesn't see you.

His hand swings through the air and grabs a fistful of your sweater.

You scream.

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