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traptluv Melancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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Keyframe (Promo)

Can you recall the last moment that you felt hyper-aware of everything around you? A state of ambedo, melancholy, or even bliss it strikes you into a trance? A moment that seems to never end?

A young woman is taken, kidnapped, swept away from her peaceful life amongst others to become pawns for a relentless killer.

A Jack the Ripper, an Issei Sagawa, a nameless beast prowls, creating a myriad of puzzles in his ultimate game. A mysterious man from the shadows approaches her and asks for her help.

Little does she know that she is not a pawn, but a King in this torrid game of chess.

Through rounds of loss, love, fury, sorrow, and bliss, Saiya is determined to live, fighting with all her desperation to survive.

Reader's discretion is advised. Find out what happens in the next chapter. A story for mature audiences.

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