In Relentless Discordance
In Relentless Discordance  cage stories

traptluvMelancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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A composition of song and lyric. White's story. Follow for more.

In Relentless Discordance

There was a woman with her emerald eyes

Her wits her passions and her lies

Her memories she treasured day and night

There was a man with heart of molten lead

He took care of his woman and

They lived together like the dreams they bred

A child there was her eyes so dark yet wise

She loved all things but wept the night

They kept her freedom locked away, poor White

one day escaped running out fast and far

Her desperation pumped her heart

Her longing cries heard by the eyes abroad

When they reaped they realized their actions had immortalized

decisions made stole and benefited them alone

the child they called to save the world ablaze

to win the fight in strife and say

words of hope that once more will bring vision to the eyes

she broke free under the guise of the sun

her knuckles white her grip firm on

her call to end calamity head on

the woman and the man with angered hearts

tried to pry the small child from

a future that buried all their names gone

the eyes came out together to unite

in memory of the one fight

that lasted longer than the birth of White

however, now another child stands

with darkened hair and calloused hands

he thinks of her, the child and her song ends

but did they change, the eyes today

continued to watch and wait for a thing to say

the child ached as her name faded,

he knew her song, he sang it longingly for her

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