Forest Girl
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traptluv Melancholic writer. Cynic. Artist.
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A girl raised in a forest has the most haunting encounter. Read more on my Wattpad @traptluv. (Photo credit ©Andrea Effulge)

Forest Girl

by traptluv

A child with dark silk hair and bright amber eyes,

Full lush lips and porcelain skin, Young as a fresh fawn,

Conceived in the forest, Raised in the forest,

She knows the heart and secret of every tree,

They whisper to her stories and tales of their long, long lives,

They tell her about the boy,

The wild child that eternally lives among them,

They tell her to keep away from him,

They hide her- hide her from his hunger,

they show her what berries to eat and where to shelter when it rains they raise her heart and mind to grow wise

Until one moonless night the boy finds her,

He finds her and he watches,

His coal black eyes staring,

Watching hers stare back,

They say nothing,

Minutes roll by without a word being said

only their hearts in conversation,

one beat after another


he vanishes

The trees, The birds, The earth holds its breath,

Everything stills,

The girl wanders towards a stream And sits

And thinks about the boy's eyes,

days pass by

the trees whisper to her no more

Except for one,

A young pine shudders to itself rather than her, "Keep away, keep away,"

The fearless girl straightens her back,

She holds her head up high and turns facing the boy, the boy with a hunger so great

that it could melt her bones that it could rip her flesh into pieces

but she takes a step

and another

and another

and takes the boy's hand

and smiles

She leads him to the shuddering pine

and places his hand on her weak branch, his fingertips touch the bark

and he turns his head towards the girl

the young pine stops shuddering

and the trees begin to whisper again

and the boy

the boy with a hunger so great simply smiles

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