A Rogue's Journey
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Successful #TransplantRogues endure a seven-stage odyssey on a journey to their ultimate goal: Living Life Again!

A Rogue's Journey

by TransplantRogue

Successful #TransplantRogues endure a seven-stage odyssey

They navigate both rough and smooth seas - hoping to survive the journey to find the promised treasure: A longer and healthier life!

One: You are terminally ill and need to get a referral. You either have a doctor who understands how to do this, or YOU have to educate your doctor.

Two: You meet with the transplant team to learn more. If your situation is truly suitable for transplant you can proceed to...

Three: Pre-transplant assessment. Are you a suitable candidate? Prepare for 3 days - 6+ months of every imaginable medical test. If it can be sampled, biopsied or scanned it will be!

Four: The waiting list. Wait here until the phone rings and you have an offer of a donor organ. Do what you can to stay alive and keep your mental health somewhat intact.

Five: Surgery and recovery in hospital. With any luck, you're the model patient and get released at around the 2-week mark. Many do. Many have complications, though. These can be fatal.

Six: The first 3 months are spent in physiotherapy and intensive clinical follow-up. Rejection and infection are a concern, so there are lots of meds (complete with a schwack of side-effects).

Seven: Your first year! Finding your new normal is a challenge. Families need to adjust emotionally and often must rebuild their finances. There are still lots of appointments and meds.

The Goal: Living life again! Statistics say that 50% of lung transplant recipients survive to 5 years. The longest-surviving lung transplant recipient is 25 years.

We're hoping to live life again - and give back by helping the #TransplantRogues coming after us. Please sign your donor card and speak with your family about your wishes.

#SmoothSailing #MayYourWaitBeShort TransplantRogues.com

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