Why we experience fear.
Why we experience fear. rain stories

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Rain is what we need in our lives.

Why we experience fear.

Rain... What do we think about when we hear the word rain?

Outdoor parties are cancelled.

The world is wet wet wet and nobody can go out.

Clothes that hanged outside need to stay outside or go to the tumble-dryer.

The sun seems to be missing.

Usually thunder follows.

But what if we thought of...

The growth of the grass and plants that make our earth so beautifully unique.

What if we thought of the poor homeless men and women that are being cleaned.

Of the blankets and cups of coffee that are made to curl up with a good book or film.

Of the rainbows that appear when the sunshine breaks through the clouds to bless the children of the world: us.

Fear is what stops us from loving the changes in the world and our lives.

Instead of being afraid of the rain, let's invite it in. Be soaked by it.

And when the sun comes, the feel of warmth will overwhelm the cold and drive away the fear.

Love unconditionally and fear the same way.

Otherwise, the rain will win, when in reality, we know the sunshine conquers all.

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