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a fairy tale about enchantment, magic spells, and a witch trapped in a tower


i put a spell on you

you salivate at the sound of my name

intoxicated by my touch

my wicked smile commands blood to course through your veins

my gaze in your direction charms you much

you have me to yourself

my smile, my eyes, my curves

i’m only for you to preserve

so lock me up in a tower

cut me off from anyone else

for those who lay eyes upon me

must suffer various hells

i’m yours and only yours

and if ever i try to escape

may you trace red lines along your wrists

hold them up to me and pray

i’ll come running to your rescue

and if i ever call someone else for help

may you threaten that if i am to do so again

you’ll make sure to bash in my head

i put a spell on you

you crave for my flesh

you’re animalistic in your desire

my hypnotic figure puts you in a trance

my body swerves and curves and it enchants

you can’t control yourself

for i am to blame

i put a curse on you

and i should be ashamed

your cruelty begs forgiveness

you don’t know what you’re doing

if i hadn’t been so tempting

your violent thoughts would not be brewing

the sorceress within me

needs be bound by chains

for i am the one who caused

myself to be trapped with a man who inflicts upon me pain

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