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tragicbirthday i write about love because i'm basic
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"just let me love you"

you were mine

by tragicbirthday

at first you were mine,

going back to her,

i'd waited for you,

swore to god because i knew, that you were mine.

us. we... who could tell?

if we were to meet in this great big universe,

or that we'd only collide, crash into the other like the disaster we create.

i mean-weren't you supposed to be mine?

isn't that how we were supposed to work out?

you saved me,

mr. knight, you were supposed to fall in love with me.

mr. knight, you should've loved me from the moment we met eyes.

mr. knight you... you shouldn't've pulled me to this pain

you were mine,

for our entirety of time, you were mine.

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