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My secret favorite love stories

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this took me wayy too long

My secret favorite

by tragicbirthday

Truth is, you're my favorite.

Not in a romantic kind of way no, the kind that's comforting just to be with.

It's not like you've always been "the favorite". At first you were just some boy,

A boy who liked to stick his nose into things and yell about them afterwards.

You annoyed me at first, to be perfectly honest.

But the more I watched you, the more you pulled me in, you wonderful charmer.

I can't help but laugh, because anyone who catches your eye is bound to fall for you.

And I love you for it, because in truth, you are such a sweet boy,

You don't even understand what you do.

You are my favorite.

You have this magnetism, attracting my attention from afar.

You make me jealous, that there are others,

But I have to love you, still.

(where is this even going my god)

You have such a big heart, don't give it all up darling.

My lasting words for the day love, until the next.

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