a toast to us.
a toast to us. love stories

tragicbirthday i write about love because i'm basic
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a toast to us.

by tragicbirthday

You, you were the first

The first since this drowning sidewalk became a tightrope.

And I need to thank you, utterly and completely for that.

You were just an anchor,

Something to keep me from falling.

It was the way we were.

How'd we always catch each other's eye,

Only to look away.

And truth be told, that was all we were.

All we are now,

After you... (or was it me?) broke our... us.

And I'm so sorry, but it just breaks my heart.

I wish we were given more time,

More time to find each other

We were reckless, breaking our steps with every grapple.

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