UV Stable Vs Non-UV Stable Resin Kits
UV Stable Vs Non-UV Stable Resin Kits home improvement stories

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By: YRC Trade Resin

UV Stable Vs Non-UV Stable Resin Kits

by YRC Trade Resin

With our superb selection of quality materials and equipment, we can help ensure that you get a resin driveway that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Choosing the right resin bond kits is not always straightforward, though, as there are different options to choose from. These options include selecting the right aggregate for your job.

There are also different tools to choose from, some of which are necessary and others that simply make the work easier.

Another decision you will need to make when selecting resin bound kits is whether or not to choose one of our UV stable kits or a non-UV stable kit.

At first glance, our non-UV stable kits are a good choice as they cost less. As usual, though, the cost is not the only deciding factor and it is wise to investigate further.

Longer Lasting Surface

Both the UV stable and non-UV stable options are a good choice, but the UV stable option is the better of the two where longevity is concerned.

The resin in non-UV stable resin bond kits dries very hard, and this is not always a good thing.

When a resin driveway becomes very hard, it also becomes very brittle, and this can lead to cracking.

UV stable resin, however, remains relatively soft (although still plenty hard enough to do its job). This makes it less likely to crack because it will be less brittle.

Easy Laying Resin Bond Kits

UV stable resin is simply easier to work with than non-UV stable resin.

This can be particularly important among people that are inexperienced is using resins as it can be a lot more difficult to do a good job.

This is something to take into consideration if you are doing the work yourself as anybody would want the finished driveway to be looking as good as possible.

Longer Lasting Aesthetics

As the name suggests, UV stable Rubber crumb Surfacing are more resistant to the UV rays of the sun. This means that there will be less discolouration when compared to non-UV stable resins.

Over time, the sun’s rays can cause the resin to become darker, but even then, the change is gradual – so we don’t always notice it.

If you tend to keep bins or other objects on your driveway, though, then this can lead to lighter patches as the objects will protect the driveway from the sun’s rays.

With UV stable resin, however, this discolouration will not take place.

Check out more at: https://traderesin.com/

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