Ice and Time
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Tracy's parents have always been telling her that her older brother Chris is going to be the Silver Ranger. On the way home from the mall she gets the message arrow. Now she is confused why she got it, instead of him. How will she handle the stress of learning that she has become a samurai ranger?

Ice and Time

Tracy's POV

My mom tells me to bring Angela and Amelia with me to the mall. I don't want to since I've planned this day out for weeks.

Ashley and I have to work around our work schedules to make sure we could do this. It was going to be our girls day. I have no choice since dad took Aaron on a fishing trip with him.

Mom can't watch them since she got called into work. She works as a nurse at the local hospital in the emergency room.

As we walk around the mall, I still can't believe that there are any stores in it since I read in the paper about how much the rent is.

"Sissy, can we go to the arcade?" Angela and Amelia ask.


Angela and Amelia drag me into the arcade and over to the claw machine. They let go of my wrists and each point at the toy they want me to 'win.'

Now I have to spend almost ten dollars to win the bunny Isabella wants.

I take my wallet out of my purse and put a five dollar bill into the machine. After six tries I win the bunny. I hand it to Angela.

"Thank you, sissy," Angela says.

"You're welcome,"

Then I put another five dollar bill into the machine. After I try three times, I hear my cell phone ring. I nod to Ashley, and she takes over while I go to answer my phone.

"Hi," dad says.

"Hi, dad, what's up?"

"I just wanted to make sure that you'll be home for dinner," Dad says.

"I caught a fish and daddy says its big enough to eat it," Aaron says.

"Good Job Aaron, and don't worry dad. We'll be heading home in five minutes."

I walk back over to Ashley and my sisters. I smile when I see that Ashley managed to win the poodle Amelia wanted.

"Do we have to leave Tracy?" Amelia asks.


We start walking out to the parking lot. When we approach my car, I see an arrow fly past the door and land in the hedges next to the tree. I open the back door and tell my sisters to get it.

Once they are buckled in, I closed the door. Ashley and I go over to the hedge, and I pick up the silver arrow.

"So, I guess this means its time for you to become a Samurai ranger," Ashley says.

"Why, am I getting the message arrow? Chris is the oldest and has done all of Samurai training and mastered all the symbol power."

"I guess you'll have to ask your parents. I'm just as confused as you Trac," Ashley says.

Chris's POV

I'm heading home from talking with Tracy's boss. He was understanding when I handed him Tracy's two-week notice that she'll be leaving to fly to California due to a family problem.

I stop at an intersection that has a four-way stop sign. I believe that it should be a stop light since there have been five serious car accidents here in the past few weeks.

It's my turn to go, so I slowly pull out. The next thing I know the car is spinning around and I slam into a pole.

"Mr. Burlew, our systems show you were in an accident, Are you okay?" my OnStar Advisor asks.

"Everything is blurry," I say.

"Emergency services are on their way. Everything will be alright, Mr. Burlew," my OnStar Advisor says.

The sound of sirens was the last thing I remember as things fade to black.

Tracy's POV

We go back to my car. We get in, and I set the arrow down in the space in between the seats before we buckle up. I start the car and drive to Ashley's house.

I park and turn around to face my little sisters.

"I'll be right back, so don't try to get out and follow me,"

"We won't," Angela and Amelia say.

Ashley and I walk up to the front door.

"One good thing is that the arrow didn't hit the door and got stuck," Ashley says.

"Yeah, my parents would have a hard time trying to explain it to the insurance company. I wonder why you didn't get yours. I thought everyone would get them at the same time,"

"I thought so too; maybe there is some reason why you got it before I got mine," Ashley says.

I hope Chris is okay. I may be the second oldest, but I'm not even sure if I inherited Mom's symbol power. If I did, I'm not good under pressure or making split-second decisions.

A few seconds later, I jump when I hear the honk of my car's horn. After I recover, I turn around to see Amelia waving to me.

I spin around and say, "Sorry Ash, I got to get going, my passengers are restless."

"I guess, I'll see you tomorrow," Ashley sighs.

"I hope so," I sigh.

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