Little Woman
Little Woman sex stories

toyatalk Not poetry, just dark thoughts
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The truth about love is that it isn't real. Or at least what we are told from young, and what it is made out to be is a lie. The truth is love is pain, it weakens and destroys until you are merely a shell of your former self...

Little Woman

What we have is not what I visioned

My friends all said if I gave you all I had Mind, body and soul

That I'd be yours

"He won't want you unless he has you" That's what I thought love was

Because those who are in love have sex..... It's romance really.

He took all of me, now I no longer feel

It's always on my mind, I'm hurting and no one knows

They didn't notice each time I shut myself away, tears streaming down my face I thought doing this meant I was a woman

But he took all of me, now I no longer feel

Every thought I had about love, about sex...

Is not what it seems.

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