A Boy Trying To Survive
A Boy Trying To Survive sad stories

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A sad story about a young boy with a tough life.

A Boy Trying To Survive

Imagine the saddest thing you can think of. Try to imagine something sadder.

Can you? Whether you can or not, I guarantee you, you have not even come close to a scenario as sad as the story I am about to tell.

Every child is brought into the world with an equal right to live a happy and fruitful life; at least that's what everyone wants to believe.

This notion, along with many of the other pathetic sayings people use to try to cheer themselves up is nothing but a complete and utter lie.

It's funny how people feel sadness when others lie to them; however, they find lying to themselves to be a coping mechanism.

This is the raw story of an American boy who never got the chance to see adulthood.

It doesn't matter what his name is because you will forget it in a short while just as his family and the people he considered to be his friends neglected to remember him.

His life was not all bad. Of course that was only because his brain was not developed enough to fathom what was going on around him for the first year of his life.

He didn't really remember the first eight years of his life. However, his body had plenty of bruises to give him a clue about it.

The woman who was supposed to love him more than anyone or anything knocked out 8 years of his memory, 4 of his teeth, and broke his nose. All he wanted was one cookie.

Of course children shouldn't eat too many sweets, but after going almost one week without being fed, anything whether a cookie,

candy bar or any other dessert would have been beneficial to the eight year old's survival. His caring mother had no choice but to call an ambulance and report what had happened.

Of course, she had reported that her son had fallen off his bike.

The three weeks in the hospital dealing with a broken bone, a concussion, and memory issues were probably the happiest moments of this boy's tough life.

His family never visited him and he had no recollection of how much they hated him. Of course, he would soon learn that again.

After being released from the hospital, the boy went back to school. When everyone saw the scars left on his face, no one wanted anything do with him.

They all thought he was weird, ugly, and stupid since he remembered nothing of which they had learned earlier in the year.

Because he did not remember the first half of the year, he failed the proficiency exam and was forced to repeat third grade. After hearing this, his mother gave him another beating.

However, this time she decided to be nice and not send him to the hospital. Another three weeks without a child to beat for her own selfish entertainment would have been torture for her.

Since he was held back, all of his new classmates thought he was dumb just as his old ones did. The scar on his face did not help them like him any better either.

They teased him, called him names, and all ganged up on him. He went to school, got beat up by him classmates, went home, then was abused by his mother. For the next 5 years , this was the norm.

Of course he did get a break from the beatings when he had to stay at the hospital for a month due to two broken ribs and another time he had to stay because he was too thin and weak from

being starved at home. The doctors had to use a feeding tube so that they could give the proper nutrients he needed to survive.

During the summer before he started high school, his mother took him shopping. She needed to because all of his old clothes were stained with blood and it would not come out with detergent.

He wanted a blue shirt; it was his favorite color. However, his mother, doing whatever she could to make him feel miserable and worthless, bought him a shirt in every color but blue.

The bruised and battered boy decided to take a stand.

He wanted a blue shirt! In order to shut him up, his mother dug her nails deep in the boys cheeks leaving three lines of blood dripping from his face to the floor.

The store manager reported the abusive act to the local authorities. That night, the boy was taken from his mother and placed in a group home.

He was quiet, skinny, and an easy target for the other boys in the home. They did more than a great job keeping up the abuse his mother had given him.

They caused him just as much pain and made him feel equally as worthless and unloved as he did before.

He was not looking forward to starting high school because he had always been hated at school. He expected to be bullied and insulted, and was basically just waiting for it to happen.

However, to his surprise, it never did. However, he still did not have any friends. Nonetheless, he wanted to do well this year and hopefully go to college.

He put a lot of time and energy into his schoolwork. The boys at the group home noticed this and saw destroying his schoolwork as a great way to entertain themselves and cause this boy some pain.

The next day, the teacher gave him detention for not having his homework. The boy became immediately depressed and that now even the teacher hated him.

However, going to detention did give him one thing he had always dreamed about and wanted his entire life, a friend. A boy named Connor also had detention that day for being late.

The two started talking on their way home and they discovered they lived close to each other. However, the boy never wanted Connor to find out that he lived in a group home.

Over the next few months, the boy had a lot of fun hanging out with his new friend Connor. However, he could not keep the secret that he lived in a group home.

One of the other boys in the home blew his secret after he noticed the boy and Connor hanging out.

Connor, who turned out to be very shallow and provincial, stopped talking to the boy with no explanation. The boy could not believe he had lost the only friend he ever had.

The worst part was that Connor never told him why he didn't want to be the boy's friend anymore. The boy thought that maybe he was too fat.

He had gained a few pounds after living in the group home, but his bones were still unhealthily visible. The boy stopped eating in order to win his friend back.

If he did eat, he would throw it up. The boy was on the brink of death. He was especially weak since the boys at the group home were always beating him up.

He could not take it anymore! He needed some form of happiness in his life. He had heard rumors about a kid who sold drugs in his school. He had always tried to stay away from him until now.

Over the course of the next month, the boy had experimented with over 5 different drugs. He still wasn't eating, the drugs made it so he wasn't sleeping and he was emotionally wacked out.

At first the drugs made him feel better, for a short while. Eventually, it took more for him to feel the same level of happiness.

It was shocking, but somehow, the boy's body was able to survive until his senior year of high school. However, the day before he turned 18, his body had enough. He died due to a drug overdose.

The fact that he was barely eating made his body more suceptible to the carcinogens in the drugs. This boy never caused harm to anyone.

No one in his life ever gave him a chance, not even Connor could see him for who he truly was. He was just a boy trying to survive.

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