The Beauty of A Woman
The Beauty of A Woman

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torres112 Community member
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Tap into my description of the beauty of a woman

The Beauty of A Woman

The Beauty of a Woman The understated, under-appreciated, beauty of that woman The woman who loves you for you through it all The woman who works, cries, and believes in you The beauty of a woman who goes crazy for the little things The woman who's by your side no matter the circumstance The woman who can't stand to be away from you Even if she's mad at you The woman is so much more than an object given by God Much more than a slave for you Much more than a trophy to show off The love she gives you is worth so much If you turn to look at it and accept it She sacrificed it all to give her all to you She is amazing, she is thoughtful, ever-loving in her spirit The same little girl who came out her mother's womb And a creation and deliverance from God You can see it through her eyes The soulful joy in heart, ready to gift it all to you The tenderness, her kindness, her touch Is all a man could ask for Nothing more, nothing less One day, maybe today I'd ask you to be mine But in due time, the question will answered The Beauty of a Woman will be on display Maybe everyone should know your name

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