Just Dance Chapter One
Just Dance

Chapter One 

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jim will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter One

Hoseok show us what you got.

Hoseok picked himself off the floor he was sitting on. The people behind him patted him on his back and wished him luck. In return Hoseok revealed his blinding smile.

As he walked toward the center of the studio, he rolled his shoulders back and stretched his arms upward. Positioning himself at the center of the room, he turned around and faced his peers and instructor.

Suddenly, a wave of nervousness drowned him. However, he wouldnt let it get to him. Nothing was going to stop him from giving his all. After taking a deep breath in, Hoseok nodded his head, signalling that he was ready.

Immediately, the song BOY MEETS EVIL echoed throughout the room. The familiarity calmed him down as his body began to move.

His hands traced his body as the sound of his footsteps filled the atmosphere. Everyones eyes were glued onto Hoseok as he painted a beautiful picture with his body. No one dared to blink.

As if the ground was a piano, Hoseoks feet moved with exact precision. Each beat was hit as his hips pulled him through the air.

One, two three. One, two, three, was all Hoseok heard in his head as the music played on.

Perfectly in sync, Hoseoks body dropped as the last note ended the song. The sound of silence filled Hoseoks ears as he stared down at the ground. No one made a sound as Hoseok struggled to catch his breath.

Hesitantly, Hoseok lifted his head in order to figure out what kept everyone silent. His heart fluttered as he stared at the shocked faces his peers wore. Their eyes were wide as their jaw hung open.

Hoseoks lips curled upward, causing the trance his peers were enveloped in to break. Without missing a beat, the studio was filled with applause and cheers. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he clung onto his heart.

He was grateful that his peers and instructor seemed to enjoy his performance. All of his hard work had really paid off. Suddenly, his peers gathered around him as they patted him on the back and complimented him.

The sound of his instructors hearty laugh filled Hoseoks ears as the students cleared a path for him. Without a warning, the instructor pulled Hoseok into a bear hug, not caring that he was drenched with sweat.

Excellent work Hoseok! You never fail to impress me, the instructor beamed as he ruffled Hoseoks hair. Thank you, instructor Chanwoo! Im glad you enjoyed my performance Hoseok chirped as he escaped the mans grasp in order to bow.

After grabbing a water bottle, Hoseok made his way to the back of the studio and found a spot to sit. The girl sitting next to him revealed her dimples as Hoseok returned the gesture. Suddenly, she shot up and began to stretch.

Sunhwas performance is next, instructor Chanwoo announced.


Outside the dance studio, a young man clutched onto his satchel as he peered inside. His cheeks were now a rosy color as his eyes stuck onto Hoseok. Hoseok had caught his eye as he was walking home.

The way his body moved to the music made the onlookers jaw drop. He was so enamored with Hoseoks performance that he didnt realize that he was still staring.

Not only was the onlooker intrigued by his movement, but he was hooked on Hoseoks appearance as well. Hoseoks honey skin glowed as he stared intently at the performance before him. With a jaw sculpted by the gods, Hoseok was truly beautiful.

The smile Hoseok revealed made the strangers heart beat as fast as a hummingbirds wings. As he released a shaky breath, the strangers cheeks became stained with a sweet shade of pink. It was almost as if time had stopped as the strangers eyes sparkled.

Once the onlooker had return from his trance, all of the color in his skin disappeared as Hoseoks eyes studied him. He began to wonder how long Hoseok had been staring at him.

Even though the strangers mind was telling him to run away, his gaze matched with Hoseoks. Their eyes locked as they waited to see whose gaze would drop first.

Hoseok rubbed the back of his neck as he became curious. He wanted to know what was so interesting. Without skipping a beat, Hoseoks eyes darted around the room as he tried to find the eye catching item the man was staring at.

Sunhwa was performing, but that wasnt interesting enough to catch someones eye.

A pout took over his lips as he realized his investigating skills had failed him. However, Hoseok wasnt ready to give up yet. He was determined to figure out what the onlooker was gazing upon. In order to do that Hoseok would have to follow the mans line of sight.

With a smile on his face, Hoseoks head swiveled toward the glass window. Immediately, his eyebrows furrowed as his eyes landed on the empty scenery.


Faster and faster, farther and farther, the mysterious man kept his eyes forward as he ran without looking back. The sound of his satchel hitting his thigh filled the quiet atmosphere.

Suddenly, his eyes landed on a lone convenience store. Without a second thought, he entered the store and began to gasp for air. His back arched as his hands rested on his knees. Warmth filled his face as his heart banged against his ribcage.

What were you thinking, Jimin? he gritted through his teeth.

Suddenly, a forced cough reminded him that he wasnt alone. Slowly, Jimin turned his head around and saw the confused employee. Their eyebrows furrowed as Jimin straightened himself out.

As if it was possible, Jimins face turned as red as a tomato. He struggled to look the employee in the eyes as he mumbled an apology.

Without waiting for a response, Jimin quickly ran out of the convenience store. Once he was far enough from the store, Jimin began to slow down his pace. His nails dug into the strap of his satchel while he recalled what had just transpired.

The man he was shamelessly checking out had caught him. Just the thought of the dancer made Jimins heart skip a beat. Suddenly, Jimin began to frown once he realized that he wouldnt see the ethereal man again.

Quickly, Jimins frown disappeared as he pressed his lips together. He wasnt going to miss out on a chance to meet Hoseok. No matter what it took, Jimin was determined to at least greet Hoseok.

Suddenly, Jimin conjured a fool-proof plan. Jimin would wait until the class ended and ACCIDENTALLY bump into the angelic dancer. Content with his plan, Jimin nodded his head as he held his satchel against his chest. Without another thought, Jimin turned around and ran back toward the dance studio.

Just as Jimin reached the studio, his knees began to ache as labored breaths escaped his lips. Despite this fact, Jimin was determined to go through with his plan. As he rested against a tree, his heart dropped as his eyes examined the inside of the studio.

There was no one occupying the studio, except for an older looking man. Jimin had no idea what to do now. He could always come back tomorrow he supposed.

Suddenly, Jimin realized that he had no idea if the man he had gazed upon even had class tomorrow. His heart dropped once again as he watched the lights turn off inside the studio. If Jimin wanted to have any chance with the dancer he would have to act now.

With no preparation, Jimin slowly pushed the glass door in and walked inside the studio. The sound of his footsteps interrupted the silence, causing the older looking man to turn around. His eyebrows furrowed as he examined Jimin. There was no doubt about it, he had never met Jimin before.

May I help you? the man questioned as he rested his hands on his hips.

Jimin opened his mouth, but no words came out. His face turned red as he stared at the man. There was no time to prepare what he was going to say.

He had to act off the top of his head. Struggling to find the right words, Jimin fiddled with the hem of his shirt. Just as the man opened his mouth, Jimins mind had finally given him something to say.

My name is Jimin, he said meekly as he stuck his hand out.

The mans confused expression didnt drop as he clasped onto Jimins hand. His strong grip nearly made Jimin yelped as he shook their hands up and down. Jimin wasnt sure if the man was trying to intimidate him or not.

You can call me instructor Chanwoo, instructor Chanwoo revealed as he let go of Jimins much smaller hand.

He crossed his arms across his chest as he waited for Jimin to continue. However, it seemed as if Jimin was finished talking.

Jimin stared up at instructor Chanwoo with a shy smile as he tried to figure out what to say next. As he fought with himself in his mind, instructor Chanwoo pushed his hand through his hair.

Do you want to apply? instructor Chanwoo questioned.

Immediately, Jimins face lit up as he nodded his head eagerly. Of course Jimin wasnt actually going to apply. He was planning on finding out class dates and times in order to bump into Hoseok.

Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All start at five PM and end at seven PM, Chanwoo explained as he began to walk toward his office.

He was planning on handing Jimin an application in order to officially sign him up. Just as he was turning the door knob to his office, the sound of the glass doors opening filled his ears. Quickly, his head swiveled around as he stared at the petite boy.

Thank you, instructor Chanwoo. Youve answered all my questions! Jimin sputtered as he ran out of the building. Arent you applying? instructor Chanwoo yelled as he ran toward the glass doors.


Jimin ran down the dark streets with a smile on his face. He couldnt explain the euphoria he was feeling or what brought it. However, he knew one thing and that was that he would meet the performer that made his heart explode.

Suddenly, his smile began to fade once he realized he would have to wait a whole day to see Hoseok. His steps faltered as his lips pouted outwards.

One whole day, Jimin murmured as his hand grasped around the strap for his satchel.

Jimin began to smile once again as he ruffled his hair. One day wasnt THAT bad when he really thought about it. As long as he could meet the talented dancer, Jimin was back to feeling euphoric. He began to giggle once he realized he had to plan out his outfit.

Nothing was going to bring Jimin down from the high he was feeling.

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