Just Dance Chapter Two
Just Dance 

Chapter Two   bts stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jim will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Two

Time seemed to freeze as Jimin tried to endure Thursday. He began to become anxious as he tried to entertain himself.

However, all he could imagine was what his dancing angel would think about him. All of his thoughts were negative as his mind conjured scenarios of their future interaction.

Would he think Jimin was strange? Would he have no interest in Jimin? Would he shiver once he saw Jimin?

His heart sank as his mind threw him question after question. In order to rid his negative thoughts, Jimin began to recall the fortuitous day that he had laid eyes on the beautiful stranger.

As he recalled the performers ethereal features, Jimin realized he didnt even know his name.

Creating names for the talented performer consumed all of his time as the sky darkened. Before Jimin knew it, he was wrapped under his covers struggling to keep his eyes open.

Jimin had a smile on his face as he began to dream about his dancing angel.


Jimins body was drizzled in sweat as he groggily flung his covers off of himself. His whole body felt as if he was standing directly under the sun.

Desperate to rid this sticky feeling, Jimin threw his shirt off as he walked toward his dresser. As he fanned himself off with one hand, Jimin grabbed his phone and turned it on. His eyes widened as he read the thick, white numbers. It was currently twelve oclock.

Jimin was extremely shocked by the fact that he had woken up so late. However, he was almost somewhat glad. This meant that he wouldnt have to wait as long.

With a beaming smile on his face, Jimin hopped into the bathroom. After completing his morning routine, Jimin turned the shower on and grabbed a towel. He had trouble choosing which shampoo he would use.

Peaches or strawberries? Jimin asked himself as he stared at the two bottles in front of him.

There was no way that Jimin would be able to choose. He loved both scents equally since they were both very strong. However, Jimin didnt have anyone around to help him.

Suddenly, Jimin remembered that there was a method specifically for a situation like this; Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Jimin stuck his finger out and pointed at the strawberry shampoo. After reciting the tune, he held the strawberry shampoo in his hand as he hopped into the shower.

Once he had finished his shower and lathered himself in lotion, Jimin stood in front of his closet and began the process of choosing an outfit. He pulled out a striped shirt and threw it on his bed.

His eyes landed on a pair of denim shorts and threw those on the bed as well. Jimin modeled the outfit and stared at himself in the mirror. After striking a number of poses, Jimin decided that the outfit he sported was way too casual for today.

With a sigh, Jimin slid the clothing off and placed it back where they belonged.

His eyes lit up as his mind blessed him with an amazing outfit. Quickly, Jimin pulled out a black V-neck shirt and blue velvet sweater. As the clothing hugged him, Jimin jumped up and down as he eyed himself in the mirror.

He looked extremely ravishing with the outfit on. A smirk crept across his face as he twirled. However, the longer he stared at himself he realized that this was way too fancy.

If his dancing angel saw him in this outfit he would probably ask him what party he was going to. Jimin took the outfit off, but hung it all together in case he was invited out soon.

After almost an hour of trying on outfits, Jimin had finally decided to wear a white long sleeve shirt with black pants. It wasnt as casual as his first outfit or as elaborate as his second.

The outfit made Jimin stand out in all the right ways. His lips curled upward as he stared at himself in the mirror.

His phone read 2:30 PM by the time he had finally finished dressing up and doing his hair. There were still two more hours to burn before he could make his way to Chanwoos Dance Studio. Jimin threw himself on the couch as he tried to figure out what to do.

Almost as if the heavens knew about his predicament, the remote for the television coincidentally rolled toward Jimin. Without a second thought, Jimin turned the television on and ended up on Hulu.

While Jimin was in the middle of a new episode, he reached into his pocket and took his phone out. Originally Jimin was going to check his notifications, but ended up gasping when he read the time.

It was 4:34 PM, which meant that he could start walking to the studio. After turning off the television, Jimin shot up from the couch and walk toward the front door. Once he grabbed his keys, Jimin walked out of his home and locked the door behind him.

The cool air tousled his hair as he walked down the street. He thanked the heavens for the weather since he was wearing a long sleeve shirt. If it had been any warmer then Jimin might have suffered in his outfit.

The sound of his footsteps filled the atmosphere as he got closer to Chanwoos Dance Studio. His heart began to bang against his chest as butterflies swarmed in his stomach.

A wave of nervousness drowned him as his palms began to get clammy. He was confused as to why now he was beginning to get anxious. Nearly a second ago Jimin was extremely excited as he walked toward the talented performers studio.

However, the negative side of his mind began to take over.

What if he catches me staring at him? What if he doesnt come today? What if he has a girlfriend?

These thoughts occupied Jimins mind as he began to trudge. Suddenly, Jimin began to consider going back home and ignoring his whim. He couldnt bear the uneasiness he was feeling.

Jimin began to realize how creepy he was acting. A frown consumed his face as he felt his heart deflate. All of Jimins dark thoughts enveloped him as he struggled to focus on anything else.

Suddenly, Jimin felt his foot get caught under the uneven sidewalk. His body froze as he struggled to figure out what to do. Jimin abandoned the thought of saving himself as he awaited the painful touch of the concrete sidewalk.

All of his nerves tightened as he sealed his eyes shut. However, Jimins body landed onto something soft.

Warm hands wrapped around Jimins body as he felt the stranger struggle to maintain his footing. Jimin found himself subconsciously clinging onto the strangers shirt.

The smell of cologne filled Jimins nose as he heard the stranger quietly chuckle. As his head rested against the strangers chest, Jimin heard the soft sound of the strangers heartbeat.

Are you okay? the stranger asked as he tightened his grip around Jimin.

Jimins cheeks began to blush once he felt the stranger squeeze him against his chest. He wasnt sure why the stranger was being touchy.

However, Jimin didnt entirely hate it. In fact, Jimin loved physical contact.

Suddenly, Jimin was reminded of the strangers presence as he heard the stranger hum. Slowly, Jimin fluttered his eyes open as he stared at his savior.

Ack! Jimin choked as he pushed himself away from the stranger.

His push was strong enough to escape the mans grasp, but also strong enough to knock them both on the ground. However, the rough sidewalk wasnt enough to make Jimin forget who had just saved him.

His dancing angel groaned as he stared at Jimin with arched eyebrows. He seemed genuinely confused as he rubbed his backside. Immediately, Jimin realized that he had just saved Jimin from injury.

S-Sorry! Its just, um- Its just- Well, you see- Thank you! Jimin sputtered as his cheeks exploded with color. Cute, the man whispered as he lifted himself off the ground.

Jimins face filled with warmth as he stared at the man dusting himself off. He wasnt sure if had heard the man correctly or if he was just imagining things.

Suddenly, the man began to walk toward Jimin, causing Jimins heart to rattle against his ribs. The man revealed his blinding smile as he extended his hand out toward Jimin.

Im Hoseok, the man revealed as the bridge of his nose turned pink.

Without realizing it, Jimin murmured Hoseoks name as he stared up at him with fond eyes. Hoseok giggled as he waved his hand in front of Jimin.

Immediately, Jimins eyebrows shot up as he clumsily grabbed onto Hoseoks hand. He began to become self conscious since his hands were so clammy. Jimin was worried that Hoseok would be grossed out by this.

However, it seemed as if Hoseok didnt mind as he pulled Jimin up with ease. Once he was on his feet, Jimin quickly dusted himself off.

Thank you, Hoseok, Jimin shyly murmured as he bowed. Youre welcome, Hoseok chirped as he ran his hand through his hair.

Jimin stared at his feet nervously as he felt Hoseoks gaze burn holes through him. He had no idea what to do next. All of the time Jimin had used to prepared himself had been wasted since he had forgotten everything.

Well, I better get going now, Hoseok mumbled as he clutched onto his duffle bag.

Immediately, Hoseok turned his back on Jimin and began to walk away. Jimin felt his heart break in two as he watched Hoseok disappear before him. Subconsciously, Jimin grabbed Hoseoks hand.

Hoseok froze as he slowly turned toward Jimin. Jimins cheeks were bright red as he stared down at their connected hands with wide eyes. He knew he had to do something to stop Hoseok, but he didnt expect himself to grab his hand.

Just as quickly as he grabbed Hoseoks hand, Jimin released Hoseoks hand and threw his arms into the air.

Hoseoks eyes widened as he watched Jimins ears fill with color. He didnt think it was possible, but Jimins neck started to fill with color as well. As Jimin struggled to form a sentence, Hoseok tried to figure out what exactly was making this young man so nervous.

S-Sorry, its just Im walking that way too. Um, would it be okay if I-I walked with you? Jimin stammered as he dropped his arms and began to fiddle with his fingers.

The silence devoured Jimin as he watched Hoseok stare at him expressionlessly. He had no idea what Hoseok was thinking right now and that scared him.

Suddenly, all of his negative thoughts crept back in. Jimin began to overanalyze everything as he tried to figure out what he did wrong. A sudden urge to cry filled Jimin as he felt his eyes become tearfilled.

Are you going to introduce yourself? Hoseok questioned as a symphony of giggles escaped his lips.

Jimins heart began to beat a mile a second as he stared at the laughing Hoseok. He didnt realize that he had forgotten to introduce himself.

However, this was somewhat a relief since it seemed he didnt do anything wrong. Immediately, Jimin glued his hands to his sides as he lifted his head into the air.

My name is Jimin, Jimin sang as he revealed his blinding smile. Nice to meet you Jimin, Hoseok beamed, Also, yes, we can walk together.

Jimin thought his heart would burst out of his chest as he walked beside Hoseok. There were no words to describe how Jimin felt walking with him. It felt almost like a dream as the leaves danced around the pair.

As they walked, Jimin would sneakily glance at Hoseok. His cheeks would warm up as he studied all of Hoseoks features. His skin was kissed by the sun, but Hoseok was way brighter than the sun itself. These minutes turned to an eternity as he felt his lips curl upward.

Suddenly, Hoseoks feet stopped as he turned toward Jimin. Jimin was too consumed with his own thoughts, causing him to accidentally bump into Hoseok. The warmth of Hoseoks body brought him back as he stared up at the beaming man.

You have to be more careful, Jimin, Hoseok chuckled as he caught Jimin in another embrace.

The butterflies awoke in Jimins stomach as he struggled to maintain eye contact with Hoseok. Hoseoks grasp loosened as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck. He stared down at Jimin with arched eyebrows.

Well, this is my stop. I had fun, Jimin. I hope I see you soon, Hoseok sighed as his lips pouted outward.

Those words made Jimins heart flutter as he shyly covered his face. Also, it seemed as if Hoseok didnt want to depart with Jimin. Jimin also didnt want to depart with Hoseok.

He knew that once Hoseok entered the studio that he would be nothing more than a stranger watching Hoseok from afar again.

These minutes shared with Hoseok made Jimin realize that he would do anything to keep Hoseok in his life. Immediately, Jimin knew exactly what to do.

Wait, you go here too? Jimin questioned as his lips curled upward.

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