Just Dance Chapter Twenty Six
Just Dance 

Chapter Twenty Six junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Twenty Six

Yoongi awoke to the smell of bacon cooking. His stomach rumbled with hunger as he lifted himself from the bed. He reached for his phone to check the time.

The phone revealed it was ten o’clock in the morning. It was very serene, Yoongi liked it.

He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he fixed his bed. After he finished the chore, he headed towards the bathroom to complete his morning routine.

“Good morning,” a voice from the kitchen sang. “Good morning,” Yoongi mumbled as he passed the kitchen.

“Wait a minute,” Yoongi thought to himself. He stopped in his tracks. “Who’s in my house,” Yoongi asked himself.

He broke out into a cold sweat as he began to recall what happened yesterday. Even after he reminisced about the day before, he still couldn’t figure out who could be here.

“Would Hoseok be here?” Yoongi theorized. “No, it can’t be him. He’s with Jimin,” Yoongi concluded. The sound of the stove turning off echoed in the hall.

“Foods ready,” the stranger announced. Yoongi stood in the hallway, frozen. Footsteps broke the silence. They got louder and louder, as they made their way towards Yoongi. Then it stopped.

“Mom?” Yoongi called out. “Mom?” they chuckled. Yoongi’s eyes perked up as he realized who it was.

That laugh belong to none other than Namjoon. Quickly, Yoongi turned around and came face to face with Namjoon.

“What’re you doing here?” Yoongi asked as he playfully hit Namjoon. “You really don’t remember?” Namjoon questioned.

Yoongi shook his head as he stared blankly at Namjoon. “You asked me to stay over, because you wanted to spend time with me,” Namjoon smiled.

As soon as the words left Namjoon’s mouth, Yoongi’s cheeks flushed. “I don’t remember that,” Yoongi muttered as he turned his head to the side.

“You told me, and I quote, ‘Don’t go, we hardly ever get to spend time together. Just sleep over,’” Namjoon recalled. Yoongi’s face began to be consumed with the color red.

His eyes widened with this revelation and instantly became embarrassed. “I would never,” Yoongi huffed.

“You even pulled on my sleeve and pouted. You couldn’t look me in the eye, which made it even cuter,” Namjoon added, “Also, we ki-”

Yoongi shouted to block out Namjoon’s words as he ran towards the bathroom. “Yoongi!” Namjoon called out as he ran after him.

It was too late, Yoongi already entered the bathroom and locked the door. “Yoongi,” Namjoon whined. “I can’t hear you, I’m busy,” Yoongi lied.

“Well, hurry up! The food will get cold!” Namjoon yelled through the door.

Once Yoongi heard Namjoon leaving, he slouched on the toilet and covered his face with his hands. His heart was jumping out of his chest. He had no recollection of saying that to Namjoon.

The more he thought about it the crazier the butterflies in his stomach became. Yoongi took a deep breath in and let it go slowly.

Once he regained his composure, he continued his morning routine.

He exited the bathroom and made his way towards the kitchen. Then he saw it, the extravagant scene Namjoon created.

While Yoongi was in the bathroom, Namjoon covered Yoongi’s table with a pretty white table cloth. There was a vase in the center filled with rose mallows, Yoongi’s favorite flower.

Next to the vase were two lit candles. Namjoon was sitting across the table with his head in his hands.

“Namjoon,” Yoongi called out. Namjoon broke from his trance and faced Yoongi. He quickly stood up, which made the chair knock over. “Sorry,” Namjoon mumbled as he picked the chair up.

Once he was finished, Namjoon walked over to Yoongi. “Ta-da,” Namjoon murmured. “What’s this?” Yoongi asked. “W-Well, um, I just wanted to surprise my boyfriend,” Namjoon stuttered.

Yoongi was touched by this display of endearment and broke out into a gummy smile, this made Namjoon blush furiously. Namjoon stuck his hand out toward Yoongi.

Slowly, he placed his hand in Namjoon’s. He led Yoongi to his chair. Carefully, Namjoon pulled out Yoongi’s chair. He sat down and was pushed in by Namjoon. “Thank you,” Yoongi smiled.

Namjoon shyly nodded as he sat down. “I wanted to tell you something,” Namjoon murmured.

“I love you,” Yoongi blurted out. Namjoon’s eyes widened once he heard what Yoongi said.

“Really?” Namjoon asked. “If I didn’t really love you why would I be saying it?” Yoongi muttered.

“I love you too,” Namjoon smiled as he shyly played with his hands.

“What did you want to tell me?” Yoongi chuckled. “I wanted to tell you I love you,” Namjoon revealed. Yoongi began to blush, he beat Namjoon to the punch.

“Thank you for loving me,” Namjoon smiled as he placed his hand on top of Yoongi’s.

It was three o’clock in the afternoon as Hoseok and Jimin practiced. The pair moved all of Jimin’s furniture to make an adequate dance floor.

They had been practicing since ten o’clock in the morning. There was only ten days left before the competition.

If they wanted to win they had to dedicate all their time to perfecting their routine.

Jimin and Hoseok chose to dance to a song that was originally five minutes and fifty three seconds long, but they cut it down to four minutes and three seconds.

This was possible because they cut out the repeating verses. However, it was still very long.

Not only was it long, but it was also a slow ballad. Usually ballads were performed by a woman and man, but Jimin and Hoseok didn’t care what anyone had to say.

They made sure that their choreography reflected the heartbreak the song expressed. “One, two, three. One, two three,” Hoseok and Jimin repeated in their heads.

Each step had purpose, that purpose was to captivate the audience. Hoseok and Jimin wanted the choreography to have the audience on the edge of their seat, yearning for more.

As the song ended, Hoseok and Jimin huffed and puffed as they fell to the ground. “Do you want to take a break?” Hoseok asked as he wiped his sweat away with a towel.

“Yes,” Jimin gasped as he crawled towards the kitchen. Their legs were tired and their bodies were drenched with sweat. “Did we get it?” Jimin called out from the kitchen.

“Yes, sir,” Hoseok replied as he struggled to make his way towards the kitchen.

Once Hoseok was in the kitchen, Jimin handed him a bottle of water. “Thank you,” Hoseok smiled as he chugged down the water. “Do we have to run through it again?” Jimin asked.

“No, that’s enough for today. Tomorrow we’ll practice again at the studio,” Hoseok explained. “Finally, we’re done. Well, I’m going to take a shower,” Jimin thankfully sighed.

“I’ll join you,” Hoseok smirked. “We should just take an ice bath then,” Jimin suggested. “You’re right. Our legs need it,” Hoseok winced as he walked towards the living room.

“I’ll call you when it’s ready,” Jimin smiled as he began to fill a pot with ice.

Hoseok grabbed his phone from the couch and saw he had a notification.

Jin: here’s the address to Mono Studio: 123 STREET PROVIDENCE CITY 123-456 REP OF KOREA

Hoseok: thank you, hyung! What time should we get there? Jin: 1:00 pm Hoseok: see you then, thank you again Jin: you’re welcome ^-^

Hoseok placed the address in the app “maps.” The studio was thirty minutes away, so Jimin and Hoseok had to leave by twelve o’clock tomorrow.

“Jimin,” Hoseok called out. “Yes?” Jimin replied from the bathroom.

“It would save more time if we left from my house tomorrow, since I’m closer to the bus stop,” Hoseok stated.

“Okay, after we bathe I’ll pack clothes and we can go to your house,” Jimin smiled.

After the pair soaked themselves in the ice bath, they showered until they were squeaky clean. Jimin packed pajamas, regular clothes, and an outfit that resembled Hoseok’s practice clothes.

He placed this all inside a black duffle bag. “I’m ready,” Jimin smiled. Jimin was wearing an oversized orange hoodie, which made him look tiny.

“You look like a baby,” Hoseok cooed as he pulled Jimin in for a kiss.

Hoseok began to scatter kisses all over Jimin’s face. Jimin giggled and wrapped his arms around his neck.

“Doesn’t the next bus come in 15 minutes?” Jimin asked.

Hoseok nodded his head as he began to carry Jimin. Jimin wrapped his legs around Hoseok’s waist as Hoseok placed his hands on Jimin’s butt to support him.

“Let’s go,” Hoseok whispered in Jimin’s ears as he walked out the house. “Like this?” Jimin giggled.

“I want everyone to know you’re mine,” Hoseok smiled as he kissed Jimin.

This made Jimin blush furiously.

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