Just Dance Chapter Twenty Five
Just Dance 

Chapter Twenty Five junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Twenty Five

“Jimin!” Hoseok yelled as he ran after him. Jimin was too caught up in his thoughts and didn’t hear him. “This is all my fault,” Jimin thought to himself.

This competition meant a lot to Hoseok, and Jimin knew that. Now Hoseok can’t even participate. Jimin’s heart ached for Hoseok.

“Jimin,” Hoseok repeated as he turned him around. Jimin’s trance was broken. The pair faced one another, not saying a word. “I-I’m sorry,” Jimin sobbed as he hugged Hoseok.

“Jimin, don’t cry it’s not your fault,” Hoseok reassured as he embraced him. “But this competition is important to you, and I ruined it,” Jimin cried.

Hoseok pulled Jimin off of him and cupped his face. “Don’t ever say that,” Hoseok demanded. “What?” Jimin sniffled. “Don’t ever say that it’s your fault,” Hoseok explained.

“B-But it is,” Jimin sobbed. Jimin’s face was being devoured by his tears. As the tears poured out, so did his emotions. This made it hard to talk and breathing became laborious.

“Sunhwa did this, not you,” Hoseok stated. Hoseok began to wipe away Jimin’s tears. Jimin liked this feeling, he felt as if it were just them two.

The way Hoseok gently cupped his face and wiped his tears away. His fingers were soft and warm, this made Jimin feel like falling asleep. “Now breathe,” Hoseok murmured.

Jimin took a deep breath in, but choked on the air.

“Jimin, it’s going to be okay. I need you to feel better, okay? Now breathe,” Hoseok continued. Hoseok and Jimin both took a deep breath and gently let it go.

They repeated this a numerous amount of times until Jimin’s breathing was stabilized. “Do you feel better?” Hoseok asked. Jimin shook his head. “Why?” Hoseok questioned.

“We worked so hard on the choreography, and now we can’t even go. I know this means a lot to you, Hoseok. I should be comforting you, not the other way around,” Jimin revealed.

Hoseok pulled Jimin into a hug and kissed his head.

“Chanwoo isn’t going to stop me from going to the competition. I am going to do everything and anything so that we can go,” Hoseok declared.

“I’ll help,” Jimin murmured as he buried himself into Hoseok's chest.

“Let’s go home, all that crying must’ve made you tired,” Hoseok smiled. The pair walked together, hand in hand.

The closer they got home, the drowsier Jimin got. He rested his head on Hoseok’s shoulder. Once they arrived home, Hoseok and Jimin laid down on the bed.

“Sorry,” Jimin muttered. “It’s not your fault. Go to sleep,” Hoseok whispered as he kissed Jimin’s forehead. “Okay,” Jimin sighed as he closed his eyes.

Hoseok tried to fall asleep as well, but couldn’t. He tried hard to stay calm for Jimin’s sake, but in reality Hoseok was distressed. “Jimin?” Hoseok called out. There was no response.

Hoseok turned his head towards Jimin. He was fast asleep. Carefully, Hoseok got up and exited the room.

Once Hoseok was out of the room, he threw himself on the couch. “What am I going to do?” Hoseok thought to himself. Year after year Hoseok looked forward to competing against other studios.

This was his one chance to make sure that he really was talented. Everyone told Hoseok that he truly was talented, but sometimes he didn’t feel that way.

This competition gave him the validation he needed.

“She really got me,” Hoseok sighed. He couldn’t go back to Chanwoo after he kicked them out. There really was no other way to get back into the competition.

Suddenly, a thought crossed Hoseok’s mind. “Jin,” Hoseok muttered. He thought this over and nodded. “Jin!” Hoseok laughed. Hoseok took his phone out of his pocket and called him.

The phone rang for a while, it didn’t seem as anyone was going to answer. “He must be busy,” Hoseok thought to himself. Right as he was going to hang up, there was a click on the other end.

“Hyung?” Hoseok called out. “Hoseok!” Jin yelled through the phone. “It’s been a while,” Hoseok laughed. “Sorry, I’ve been really busy. It’s hard running all these companies,” Jin sighed.

Hoseok met Jin at his very first competition. Jin’s father was one of the judges. Also, Jin’s father is known for being the wealthy owner of Seok™.

Seok™ was a very well known company in Korea that specializes in everything. They’ve opened restaurants, stores, hospitals, and even studios. Jin was next in line to run Seok™.

Lately, his father had been training him and even let him create his own projects.

“What’s new with you?” Hoseok asked. “Oh, you know, the usual. Since I already have the location for my restaurant, I’m in the process of hiring chefs and waiters,” Jin nonchalantly revealed.

“I don’t know how you do it,” Hoseok said in awe. “Maybe in a year or two you can work for me,” Jin laughed. Jin laughed for what seemed like hours. “Hyung?” Hoseok called out.

However, Jin couldn’t hear him over his laughing.

Finally, Jin regained his composure. “So, why did you really call me? Did you want to make sure I would vote for you at the competition?” Jin questioned.

“Actually, I won’t be competing,” Hoseok muttered. “What?” Jin yelled. Hoseok continued, “Well, I wa-”

“Did someone upstage you?” Jin asked. “No, bu-” “Or did you break your leg?” Jin cried. “Hyun-” “Tell me!” Jin shrieked.

“I got kicked out,” Hoseok revealed. “Chanwoo kicked you out?” Jin gasped. “Yes,” Hoseok muttered. “Why?” Jin asked.

“Some girl didn’t like that I was dating Jimin. So, she decided to tell everyone. Once parents found out, they complained to Chanwoo,” Hoseok explained.

“What the heck,” Jin bellowed, “That’s not fair. You didn’t do anything wrong. Last time I checked, falling in love isn’t a crime.”

“Love?” Hoseok whispered. “Well, I assume you love whoever this person is,” Jin expressed. “Why do you say that?” Hoseok asked.

“You love dancing, Hoseok. Also, you love this competition. If you’re willing to give them both up just to be with them, then you must love them to some extent,” Jin emphasized.

“I guess I do love him,” Hoseok agreed.

“I’m glad you’re happy, Hoseok,” Jin endearingly replied. “Thank you,” Hoseok smiled. “As much as I love talking to you, I have to go interview some chefs in a bit,” Jin sighed.

“Wait!” Hoseok shouted. “Okay, if you insist, I’ll stay,” Jin cooed. “I just need to know something,” Hoseok revealed.

“I knew you only called me because you needed something,” Jin sniffled. “Be quiet! You’re my friend,” Hoseok laughed. “Okay, what do you need to know?” Jin questioned.

“Does your dad’s company still own that chain of studios?” Hoseok asked. “Yes,” Jin answered. “Perfect!” Hoseok smiled. “Explain yourself,” Jin replied.

“As long as Jimin and I are in a studio we can compete. We can just join one of yours,” Hoseok explained.

“This will be great for publicity! My studio will be in the papers and we’d get that sweet $5,000 check!” Jin smiled. “Exactly!” Hoseok agreed.

“Seok™ owns a studio called Mon Studio. I’ll send you the address. Stop by on Wednesday, I’ll be there,” Jin instructed. “Thank you so much, hyung. I owe you,” Hoseok expressed.

“Win the competition, and we’ll call it even,” Jin smiled. “See you Wednesday,” Hoseok smiled. “See you Wednesday,” Jin repeated before he hung up.

Hoseok sat on the couch, smiling. “We’re back in the game,” Hoseok smirked.

Jimin laid awake on his bed. “He loves me,” Jimin whispered.

Hoseok was very loud and had woken Jimin up. He heard the majority of their conversation, including when Hoseok confessed his love for Jimin.

Hearing those words aloud made Jimin’s stomach fill with butterflies.

“I love you too,” Jimin whispered as he hugged his pillow.

“I want to tell you I love you so badly,” Jimin smiled.

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