Just Dance Chapter Twelve
Just Dance 

Chapter Twelve  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Twelve

Seokie <3: you said youd text me :( Seokie <3: jimin? Seokie <3: are you home?

One missed call Seokie <3: jimin is everything okay?

One missed call Seokie <3: let me know if youre okay


Okay, well stop there for today, Chanwoo smiled, We can practice after the next class.

Jimin wiped his face with his shirt as Chanwoo turned off the stereo. His heart raced when he thought about how much he needed to improve.

The shame that oozed from him was easily detected one Chanwoo realized that Jimin really had no dance experience. However, he never made Jimin feel bad about it.

Thank you so much, Jimin breathlessly giggled. Just remember dont push yourself too much, Chanwoo said as he patted Jimins back.

Chanwoo handed the younger a water bottle as he made his way out of the building. The cold night air felt like heaven on Jimins skin. He really pushed his limits today, already beginning to feel his limbs ache.

However, he didn't regret it one bit. Jimin wanted to make Hoseok proud. He knew how much this competition meant to everyone, especially Hoseok.

If Hoseok had consecutively won the competition each year, then he most likely wanted to win this year again. Jimin would do anything to make sure of that.

Just imagining the look on Hoseoks face once he saw Jimins improvement gave Jimin butterflies.

After what felt like hours, Jimin reached his home. Without a second thought, Jimin unlocked his front door and rushed straight to his room.

His body felt heavy as he threw himself on his bed. Struggling to find a comfortable position, Jimin squirmed on the bed, abruptly stopping once he felt a sharp pain on his thigh.

Groggily, the blonde reached down. The outline of his phone made him wince, quickly pulling the item out of his pocket. Instinctively, Jimin turned the device on.

His heart dropped once he saw the missed calls from Hoseok.

With each message he read the higher Jimins heart jumped, eventually feeling as if the organ was in his throat. Guilt began to drown him.

Quickly, Jimin unlocked his phone, his fingers never stopping as he typed out an apology. Then the light disappeared.

Jimin sat in darkness as the heavens mocked him.

His phone had died.

Hands shaking as he stared at the device in the darkness, Jimins lips parted. A bone rattling scream left his throat as he rushed toward his charger.

Only once the phone was plugged did the screaming cease. Knowing it would take a couple minutes till the phone turned back on, Jimin decided to lay down while he waited.

However, he kept an eye on the device while he laid. He would not sleep until he responded to Hoseok.


The harsh vibrations from his phone made Jimins eyes fly open. Sunlight drowned him as he quickly opened the blinds.

He quickly grabbed his phone, gasping once he saw he was eleven oclock. Without checking the new notifications, Jimin opened his phone and went straight to Hoseoks text messages.

Rereading Hoseoks messages made Jimin feel bad all over again. Jimin immediately messaged the older back, profusely apologizing for not messaging him till the next day.

Jimin felt as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders once he pressed the send button. He hoped Hoseok wouldnt be too upset about it.

Just as he was about to place his phone back down, his phone vibrated in his hand, Hoseoks name popping up.

Seokie <3: its okay!! Im just glad youre safe! Seokie <3: do you feel sore? I know we did a lot yesterday

On cue, Jimins body began to ache. He had momentarily forgotten about the pain. He thoroughly informed Hoseok about each and every limb that ached and rated the pain.

Hoseok and Chanwoo both pushed him, but he was glad they didnt go easy on him. As Jimin was reminiscing about yesterday's practice, a new notification appeared on his screen.

Jungkookie: Jimin?

Clearly confused, Jimin went to his text messages with Jungkook and read the previous message from Jungkook.

Jungkookie: can i come over? Jungkookie: Jimin?

Just as Jimin was about to invite the younger over, Hoseok messaged him back.

Seokie <3: maybe i should come over Seokie <3: i know the best way to relieve sore muscles!

Feeling bubbly all over again, Jimin invited the older over, skipping around the room once Hoseok said he was on his way.

Once he calmed down, Jimin went back to his messages with Jungkook.

Me: hoseok is coming over >.< Jungkookie: WAIT THAT'S PERFECT Me: ?

Jungkookie: can i come over to apologize ;-;

Never being able to say no to the younger, Jimin agreed. He knew how guilty Jungkook felt that day and wanted to help him clear his conscience.

Once Jungkook confirmed he was on his way, Jimin made his way to the bathroom, completing his morning routine and showering. After choosing an outfit, Jimin began to tidy up his home.

There was a knock at the door.

Jimins brows furrowed, he wasnt expecting either party to arrive till later. He knew both of them didnt live that close to him, perhaps he spent longer than he meant getting ready.

Once he looked through the peephole, all the reservations flew out the window as he pulled the door open.

Jimin whined as he threw his arms around the older, nuzzling against his neck as Hoseoks laughter filled the air.

I missed you, Hoseok beamed as he wrapped his arms around the shorters waist. Its only been a day, Jimin giggled.

I cant get enough of you, Hoseok growled, lifting Jimins legs onto his hips as he carried them both into the house.

Their laughter filled the silence of the home. Jimin gasped as he was laid against the couch. Hoseok gently kissed the youngers forehead, gaze reigniting the butterflies in Jimins stomach.

Where are you sore?

Jimin shuddered as he felt his face heat up. His lips moved, but no sound came out. Hoseoks gaze was a dangerous weapon. Shyly, Jimin covered his face in order to escape the olders gaze.

Come on, baby. Use your words.

Jimins heart jumped in his chest. Hoseok has called him baby. His body felt as if it was floating. He would do anything for this man.

M-My arms and legs, Jimin murmured, peeking through his fingers.

Where should I massage first?

Jimin squeaked as Hoseoks hand rested on his thigh. Hoseoks touch felt like fire through his clothes. He wasnt sure if he was imagining things, but it felt as if Hoseoks grasp was tightening with each second that passed.

Both of their heads turned toward the door as knocking broke their trance. Hesitantly, Hoseok lifted himself off of Jimin, Jimin following suit.

That's Jungkook, Jimin revealed.

Hoseok tilted his head as he followed the younger to the front door.

He wanted to tell you something. I hope you'll hear him out.

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