Just Dance Chapter Three
Just Dance 

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jim will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Three

Jimins heart stopped as he waited for Hoseoks response. The second he noticed Hoseoks eyebrows knitting together, Jimin stopped breathing. Hoseoks face held a confused expression, causing Jimin to tense up.

Immediately, Jimin assumed that Hoseok knew he was lying. Quickly, Jimin brushed this thought off. There was no way that Hoseok would know everyone who danced at the studio. All Jimin had to do was wait for Hoseoks response.

Suddenly, Hoseoks lips parted, making Jimin flinch. He was afraid to hear what Hoseok had to say.

Ive never seen you here. This place is basically my second home, Hoseok chuckled as he placed his hands on Jimins shoulders.

Jimins forehead creased as he stared at Hoseok with wide eyes. His once honey skin was now turning a bright shade of red. The cold evening wind couldnt stop his rising temperature. Immediately, Jimin dropped his gaze and stared at his trembling hands. No words could describe how embarrassed Jimin felt.

Once Hoseoks crescent eyes slightly widened, he noticed the boys changed demeanor. It looked as if Jimin would start bawling any moment.

Hoseoks heart throbbed as he stared at Jimins trembling hands. Suddenly, Hoseoks hands cupped Jimins face, forcing Jimin to stare at him.

Ah, I didnt mean to make you feel bad. Im sorry, Jimin, Hoseok cooed.

Jimin felt as if his heart would jump out of his chest as he felt Hoseoks thumb caress his cheeks. Both of his eyelids fluttered shut. His whole body melted into Hoseoks soothing touch.

At this rate Jimin would start purring like a cat. However, Jimin knew that he couldnt stay in this calming state forever. Hesitantly, Jimin opened his eyes and stared up at Hoseok. Hoseoks fond expression made Jimins heart skip a beat.

I-I just joined We-Wednesday, Jimin stammered. Thats amazing, Jimin. I wonder why Instructor Chanwoo didnt tell me, Hoseok responded as his lips pouted outward.

Suddenly, Jimins eyes became hooded as he stared at Hoseoks lips. He wasnt sure if it was because of the lighting, but Hoseoks lips looked as if they were sparkling.

There was only one explanation: Lip Gloss. However, Jimin wasnt sure if that was exactly the case. The only way Jimin would be able to figure that out was if he kissed Hoseok. Jimins cheeks exploded with color from his last thought.

We should start heading in then, Hoseok chirped as he intertwined his fingers with Jimins. Wait! Jimin yelped as he felt himself being pulled inside the studio.

Fantasizing about Hoseoks lips had made Jimin forget about the situation he was in. He had lied to Hoseok about enrolling. Jimin mentally admonished himself for riskily lying.

Instructor Chanwoo was obviously going to remember Jimin, especially after he ran out of his studio. There was no time to conjure a plan. All Jimin knew was that he had to stay out of instructor Chanwoos line of sight.

As soon as Jimins eyes landed on Chanwoo, he escaped Hoseoks grasp and pushed himself behind Hoseok.

The prodigy himself, Hoseok! Welcome back! Chanwoo sang as he sauntered over to Hoseok. Good afternoon, instructor Chanwoo. Why didnt you tell me we had a new member? Hoseok questioned as he placed his hands on his hips.

Chanwoos eyebrows shot up as he stared at Hoseok with wide eyes. His hand lifted to his chin as he began to recall the last two days. He had no recollection of signing up another student. Immediately, Chanwoo furrowed his brows as his gaze returned onto Hoseok.

We dont have a new student, Chanwoo slowly responded.

Without warning, Hoseok slid to the right, revealing Jimin. Jimins face was covered with his tiny hands. However, Jimin wasnt able to hide the blush he was sporting. The loss barrier made Jimins stomach churn. Hesitantly, Jimin dropped his hands and stared at the confused instructor.

Good afternoon, instructor Chanwoo, Jimin murmured as he bowed. Chanwoos confused expression intensified as he questioned, Arent you the boy wh- I look forward to learning how to dance! Jimin shouted as he interrupted Chanwoo.

Chanwoos confused expression dropped, along with his jaw. Hoseoks eyebrows shot up as he stared at Jimin. Jimins fist were clenched while his arms were glued to his sides. He would apologize to Chanwoo later for his brazenness, but he wasnt going to let him ruin his chance with Hoseok.

Were going to the locker room, Hoseok awkwardly announced. Chanwoo mindlessly nodded as his wide eyes were glued onto Jimin.

Jimin flinched as he felt Hoseoks fingers intertwine with his own. Just like before, Jimin was being pulled toward their destination. However, Jimin wasnt complaining. He enjoyed the feeling of Hoseok. Surprisingly, both of their hands fit perfectly together like a puzzle piece.

Hoseok pushed the door in, revealing the large locker room. The smell of lemons entered Jimins nose, causing him to scrunch his face up. It was almost as if he could taste the lemons in his mouth. His eyes darted around in order to examine the room.

Jimin began to mentally list off everything he saw: tall gray lockers, two long mirrors, bathrooms, showers, a shirtless Hoseok, and water bottles. Jimins eyes widened once he realized what exactly he saw. Without a second thought, Jimin turned his back on Hoseok as he tried to calm himself down.

Jimin, why arent you undressing? Hoseok questioned.

Jimin shrugged his shoulders as he kept his back turned toward Hoseok. There was no way that he was going to turn around. He wasnt sure if Hoseok knew exactly what he was doing to Jimin. Even though he didnt catch a proper glimpse of Hoseoks body, Jimin kept his eyes glued on the doors.

Turn around! Hoseok ordered as his laugh filled the room. Jimin shook his head in response. Youre making me feel embarrassed, Hoseok pleaded as he clasped his hands together.

Hesitantly, Jimin turned around, revealing the blush on the bridge of his nose. Jimins lips parted once his eyes landed on Hoseoks honey skin. Hoseok had an amazingly sculpted body.

The outline of his muscles were emphasized under the locker room lights. He truly was ethereal. The gawking boy knew that Hoseok had to be in shape since he was a dancer.

However, he didnt expect Hoseoks body to look like every mans dream. If Hoseoks body was a temple then Jimin was a worshiper.

My eyes are up here, Hoseok smirked.

Jimin blinked his eyes as he struggled to look away from Hoseoks body. Once he finally calmed himself, Jimin began to twiddle his fingers. His hands dropped once Hoseok asked him where his clothes were.

He had forgotten that he was now a student here. However, he had nothing to wear. In the beginning, Jimin had merely planned on watching Hoseok practice, not participate.

I forgot my clothes, Jimin murmured.

Jimin mentally patted his back. The corners of his lips began to curl up once he realized his muscles would be spared. Since he didnt have any clothes, he would just have to watch Hoseok practice. He wouldnt have to participate in their gruelling routine. As long as he could watch Hoseok dance, Jimin was unbothered.

Dont worry, you can borrow my clothes. I always bring extra, Hoseok assured Jimin as he revealed his blinding smile.

Jimin plastered a smile on his face as he internally cried. His master plan had failed him once again. Oblivious to how Jimin was feeling, Hoseok took out a gray hoodie and black sweats.

He held the items out in front of Jimin. As Jimin reached out for the items, Hoseok realized that the hoodie would be way too big for Jimin. However, he had nothing else to offer him.

Hesitantly, Jimin unbuckled his belt and untucked his long sleeve shirt. As he pulled his shirt off, the cold air hit Jimins skin, making him shudder. Once the shirt was over his head, Jimins heart hammered against his chest. Hoseok was shamelessly examining his body.

Wow, Hoseok whispered.

Jimin shrieked as he struggled to cover himself with his hands. Hoseok began to laugh as he watched Jimin look for something to cover himself with.

Suddenly, Jimin remembered that Hoseok had given him a hoodie to wear. Without a second thought, Jimin grabbed the gray hoodie and began to pull it over himself.

Youre abs are so defined, Hoseok pouted as he pulled the hoodie away from Jimin.

As Hoseok clung onto the sweater, Jimin quickly covered his chest. Suddenly, Hoseoks laughs ceased as he eyed Jimins body. Jimin had no idea what to do or what to say. This had never happened to him before. However, the silence was somewhat reassuring. It reminded Jimin that the pair was alone.

Suddenly, Jimin noticed Hoseoks lips sparkling once again. The sudden urge to kiss Hoseok crawled back into Jimins mind.

There was no denying it, Jimin wanted to spoil Hoseok with kisses. However, Jimin knew that he wouldnt be able to. This made Jimin frown as he continued to study Hoseoks luscious lips.

Jimins lips began to curl up once he noticed the mole on Hoseoks upper lip. It was the most adorable thing Jimin had ever seen.

Jimin nearly whimpered once he felt Hoseoks index finger and thumb lift his chin up. Hoseok stared at Jimin with hooded eyes.

Suddenly, Jimin realized what exactly Hoseok was staring at. His plump lips felt warm from Hoseok's gaze. Without a warning, Hoseoks eyes shot up. The pair stared at one another, not saying a word.

The atmosphere stilled as the pair felt comfort in each others presence.

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