Just Dance Chapter Thirty Three
Just Dance 

Chapter Thirty Three hoseokxjimin stories
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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Thirty Three

Jimin felt something brush up against his face. He scrunched his nose as he stretched his arms outward. Slowly, Jimin opened his eyes and his heart nearly bursted.

Hoseok was sound asleep next to Jimin. The moonlight danced across Hoseok’s face, revealing his peaceful expression. His hair was dangling on top of Jimin’s nose.

They were so close to one another that Hoseok was practically laying on top of Jimin.

Making sure not to wake Hoseok, Jimin pushed Hoseok’s hair back, revealing his forehead. Gently, Jimin placed a kiss on Hoseok’s forehead.

Jimin’s eyes turned into crescents as he revealed his breathtaking smile. Hoseok was always waking up before Jimin so he never got to really look at Hoseok’s face as he slept.

Now that he was staring at it, he never wanted to look away.

The way Hoseok’s lips formed into a pout made Jimin’s heart swoon. Jimin never noticed how long Hoseok’s eyelashes were.

His nose was as cute as a button and Jimin desperately wanted to pinch it. Both his cheeks and ears were a sweet shade of pink that sparkled in the moonlight.

Jimin truly loved this ethereal man.

Carefully, Jimin lifted himself off the bed and tiptoed out of the bedroom. As soon as he closed the door behind him, he walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch.

Jimin took his phone out of his pocket to check the time. “Woah, I was asleep for that long?” Jimin gasped as he gawked at his phone. It was one o’clock in the morning.

Instantly, Jimin began to feel bad. He had left Hoseok alone for the remainder of the day.

Jimin didn’t mean to sleep that long and he was actually looking forward to spending quality time with Hoseok.

His lips began to frown as he thought about Hoseok sitting on the couch alone watching television. “He should have woke me up,” Jimin pouted. However, he knew Hoseok would never do that.

Hoseok cared too much for Jimin’s well being to do that. If Jimin wanted to sleep then Hoseok would let him. In Hoseok’s heart, Jimin’s needs came before his own.

Jimin trudged towards the kitchen as his mind raced with thoughts about Hoseok. Once he reached the kitchen, he began to search the pantry.

There was nothing except canned foods, chips, and candy in the pantry. Jimin wasn’t in the mood for any of those things so he decided to search the refrigerator.

He sighed as he saw that the fridge was filled with nothing but vegetables and milk. Disheartenedly, Jimin moved on to the freezer. “Nothing,” Jimin sighed as his stomach grumbled.

The freezer was only filled with foods you had to cook on a stove and Jimin didn’t feel like cooking.

He dragged his feet as he made his way back to the living room. “I’ll just eat tomorrow,” Jimin murmured as he rubbed his stomach.

Jimin was sure Hoseok would make something delicious for breakfast. The more he dwelt on this thought the more eager he became.

“What if he makes pancakes?” Jimin chirped as he licked his lips. Just the thought of food made Jimin salivate.

Jimin began to pace around the living room as he thought of all the different foods Hoseok could make.

“Eggs?” “Waffles?” “Bibimbap?” “Hash browns?” “Avocado on Toast?”

Jimin giggled as he thought about Hoseok waking him up as he whispered, “Breakfast is ready."

His heart began to flutter as he imagined Hoseok pushing Jimin’s hair back and sprinkling kisses all over his face. His face began to flush as he felt the kisses land on him.

“I love you,” Jimin whispered as he hugged the air.

Suddenly, Jimin’s trance was broken as he looked around the room. All the furniture was pushed to the side creating a vast space in the center of the room.

Jimin didn’t remembered doing that and began to get worried. He stared at his hands and back at the moved furniture. “Was I that distracted?” Jimin asked himself.

Subconsciously, Jimin had moved all the furniture as he fantasized about Hoseok. However, Jimin never actually remembered doing that.

Jimin made his way to the nightstand pushed against the corner and gripped the edge. He was going to move all of Hoseok’s furniture back.

“You’re not going to practice?” Jimin stared at the spacious room then back at the nightstand. “You have time.” It was true, Jimin wasn’t tired and he didn’t have anywhere to be.

Hesitantly, Jimin walked to the center of the living room and stared at the ground. “Make Hoseok proud.”

He swayed his hips as he reached his arm out towards the sky. Gently, Jimin threw himself to the ground and laid on his back.

Quickly, Jimin thrusted his pelvis upwards as his arms traced the ground. Gracefully, he jumped back up and flew through the air. His legs broke the stillness of the atmosphere.

As his hips swayed, he bent his back and reached for the stars. Jimin looked like a feather floating through the wind as he dance.

Suddenly, Jimin heard the door to Hoseok’s bedroom open. Jimin quickly ran towards all the moved furniture and tried to move everything back where it belonged.

As Hoseok’s footsteps got louder, Jimin’s heart felt as if it was going to explode. Finally, Jimin finished moving everything back and threw himself on the couch.

Just as Jimin landed on the sofa, Hoseok reached the living room.

Hoseok rubbed his eyes as he entered the room. His pajama shirt was crooked and revealed his left pec. The pajamas made Hoseok look smaller than he was.

Slowly, Hoseok leaned on the door frame. “Jimin, what are you doing?” Hoseok groggily questioned as he scratched his chest. “Um,” Jimin stammered, “Well."

Jimin was desperately trying to come up with something believable. However, seeing Hoseok in this state completely threw him off. Hoseok eyed Jimin with squinted eyes as he yawned.

Suddenly, Hoseok began to trudge towards Jimin.

“Come back to bed,” Hoseok murmured as he bent down to hug Jimin. Hoseok’s lips began to land all over Jimin’s cheeks. “I miss you,” Hoseok pouted.

Jimin’s cheeks began to flush with color as he hugged Hoseok back. “I’m coming,” Jimin giggled as he stood up with Hoseok. He grabbed Hoseok’s hand and began to walk to Hoseok’s room.

Hoseok smiled as he squeezed Jimin’s hand.

Once the couple reached the room, they laid down next to one another and pulled the covers over their heads. Hoseok placed his head under Jimin’s chin and wrapped his legs around him.

Jimin could feel Hoseok’s breath tickling his chest. “Good night,” Hoseok yawned as he closed his eyes. Jimin kissed the top of Hoseok’s head and squeezed his boyfriend.

He could feel Hoseok’s chest rise and fall as he breathed. Everything was still, everything was perfect. “Good night, Hoseok,” Jimin smiled.

The pair remained in each other’s embrace as sleep enveloped them. They hoped they would be able to stay in this unsullied state forever, free from worry.

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