Just Dance Chapter Thirty One Part One
Just Dance 

Chapter Thirty One 

Part One hoseokxjimin stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Thirty One Part One

The sun hit Jimin’s face and gave him an angelic glow. Hoseok observed Jimin as if he were a masterpiece in a museum. Subconsciously, Hoseok began to move his face towards Jimin.

He puckered his lips and was ready to land them on Jimin’s cheek. Suddenly, the bus shook as they hit a speedbump. Hoseok’s trance was broken and he realized where he was.

His face turned red as he pulled back and sat back in his seat.

Jimin looked away from the window and began to inspect the people in the bus. It was packed today. Most of the people on the bus were adults heading to work.

They all looked so drowsy and listless. “How sad,” Jimin thought to himself. It was possible that most of the passengers on the bus didn’t enjoy their jobs.

Just imagining having to dedicate your life to something you weren’t passionate about distressed Jimin.

Then he remembered who he was with and where he was going. He was with someone he loved traveling to do something they were passionate about. This was all he ever wanted.

Even though the other people were miserable that didn’t mean that he had to be miserable. Hoseok would always make him happy, no matter what. Right?

He turned around and faced Hoseok. “What happened?” Jimin asked as he tilted his head. Hoseok was as red as a beet and was covering his mouth with his hand.

The incident from earlier still made him burn with embarrassment. As soon as he heard Jimin’s voice, his daze was broken.

“Oh, nothing,” Hoseok nervously chuckled as he straightened himself out. Jimin smiled as he scrunched his eyebrows together.

Suddenly, the bus stopped and the doors opened. “This is our stop,” Hoseok stated as he pulled Jimin up. They exited with a crowd of people and began to make their way down the sidewalk.

The bus and the crowd slowly disappeared from the pair’s sight. Once Hoseok was sure they were alone, he grabbed Jimin’s waste and pulled him into a sensual kiss.

Jimin’s eyes widened and his body froze as Hoseok kissed him. As soon as Jimin realized what was going on, he melted into Hoseok’s kiss.

Hesitantly, Hoseok and Jimin released one another. Jimin stared at Hoseok in awe. “What was that for?” Jimin asked as he tried to contain his smile.

“I’ve been holding that in since the bus ride,” Hoseok revealed as he pushed Jimin’s hair back. Jimin didn’t know what to say. His heart was beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings.

He began to cover his face with his hands as he giggled.

The pair continued their journey to Mono Studio. They walked hand in hand until they reached the front door. Hoseok opened the door as Jimin walked in.

Immediately, they were welcomed by music playing throughout the building. This wasn’t like anything the pair had heard before. Jimin and Hoseok eagerly tried to figure out what song this was.

Even though they tried to figure it out, they couldn't put their tongue on it. This must have been a song never released before.

Suddenly, the couple heard Namjoon’s voice boom through the radio. His voice was soothing, but also thunderous. Namjoon’s voice was almost paradoxical, like a loud whisper.

“Why do love and hate sound just the same to me?”

Jimin’s head echoed with the lyric. He subconsciously began to walk towards the hallway. Hoseok followed him as he listened intently.

Once Jimin was in front of Namjoon’s office, he stopped and politely knocked on the door. Suddenly, the music stopped and a crash was heard on the other side of the door.

Jimin heard Namjoon muttering under his breath as he picked up whatever fell.

Finally, Namjoon opened the door and faced the couple. He was wearing a black beanie, white graphic tee, blue jeans, and converse. This relaxed look suited him well.

His cheeks were bright pink as he nervously smiled. “Good morning,” Namjoon sang. “The song was beautiful,” Jimin gushed as his face lit up.

Namjoon’s face began to turn an even brighter shade of pink as he struggled to maintain eye contact. “You’re talented, Namjoon,” Hoseok added as he smiled.

“Really?” Namjoon asked as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Yes!” the pair confirmed as they nodded their heads. “Thank you,” Namjoon smiled as he bowed.

The music still lingered in Jimin’s head. The trio were distracted by their own thoughts as they stood in silence.

Namjoon was the first to speak as he wished the pair luck with their practice.

The couple thanked Namjoon as they walked towards their practice room, and Namjoon returned back to the sanctuary that was his office.

[W/N: I went over the word limit again ㅠㅠ...I'll post part two soon]

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