Just Dance Chapter Thirty Four Part Two

Just Dance 

Chapter Thirty Four 

Part Two hoseokxjimin stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Thirty Four Part Two

The couple detoured from the pathway and made their way towards one of the sakura trees. Jimin scampered towards the tree as Hoseok slowly walked with the puppy.

Once they reached the tree, Hoseok placed the puppy down. Jules bounced through the piles of petals as Jimin followed him.

Hoseok took his phone out and began to snap pictures of Jimin and the puppy playing. It was almost as if Jimin was a puppy himself.

Jimin ran around the tree with his arms open as he let the petals hit his face. The sunlight peeking through the cotton candy-like tree sprinkled over the floor and intrigued the puppy.

Jules began to dig where the sunlight fell, expecting to eventually capture the light itself. Hoseok focused his camera on Jimin and continued to snap pictures.

Jimin smiled as he closed his eyes and lifted his head towards the sky. The petals felt like kisses landing on his face. However, he wished he was getting the real thing from Hoseok.

He giggled at this thought and began to look for Hoseok. Once his eyes landed on him, Jimin was shocked to see Hoseok’s phone pointed at him.

Quickly, Jimin covered his face with his hands and began to blush. Jimin became shy as he waddled back toward Hoseok.

Hoseok’s phone didn’t drop and he continued to snap pictures of his lover. Every moment he spent with Jimin was precious and he wanted to make sure he captured it all.

“Stop!” Jimin giggled as he reached for Hoseok’s phone. “You’re just so beautiful,” Hoseok smiled as he hid his phone behind his back.

Jimin continued to reach for Hoseok’s phone and leaned onto him as he blindly reached for the device. The couple laughed as they became intertwined.

Suddenly, the laughing ceased and they stared longingly into each other’s eyes.

As the wind blew through their hair, the petals inclosed them in their own little bubble. The birds sang as they got lost in each other’s eyes.

Hoseok pulled Jimin closer to him and embraced him as he continued to stare at him. “Jimin,” Hoseok murmured. Jimin slowly nodded his head as he watched the tree’s kisses land on Hoseok's hair.

“I love you,” Hoseok smiled as he squeezed Jimin. Jimin’s eyes widened and his cheeks filled with color. At any moment his heart would burst as he stared at Hoseok’s endearing expression.

“I love you too,” Jimin sang as his smile blinded Hoseok. At that moment time stood still. Hoseok leaned in towards Jimin and Jimin focused his gaze on Hoseok’s lips.

Jimin’s head lifted as he puckered his soft lips, anticipating the kiss.

“Juju!” a young woman screamed. The couple’s trance was broken as they refocused their attention on the puppy. Jules tilted his head as he heard his name being called.

“Juju!” the woman repeated. Jimin picked up the puppy as Hoseok tried to pinpoint where the woman was. Suddenly, the pair heard a gasp and footsteps charging towards them.

“Juju!” a young woman shrieked as she grabbed the puppy.

Jules began to lick the woman’s face as she smiled. The young woman looked like a high school student. She was sporting light blue overall shorts and a white t-shirt underneath.

Suddenly, her stupor was broken and she stared at the couple. “Thank you so much for taking care of my dog!” the girl chirped as she bowed. Jules barked as she got back up.

“He’s so cute,” Jimin smiled as he stared at the puppy. “Thank you,” the girl sang as she hugged Jules tighter. The trio stood in silence as they all admired the puppy’s angelic features.

“Well, I have to go now, but thank you again. I don’t know what I would have done if I lost Juju,” the lady stated as she bowed once again.

“Goodbye,” the couple said in unison as they watched the young woman walk away. Jules stared back at the couple until they were out of sight.

“I’m going to miss him,” Jimin sighed as he pretended to hug the puppy once again. “Me too,” Hoseok pouted as they made their way down the path once again.

“I can’t believe I said it,” Hoseok thought to himself as he grabbed his chest. He felt his face flush as he recalled what took place a couple minutes ago.

His heart skipped a beat as he remembered how shocked Jimin looked. “I can’t believe Jimin said it back,” Hoseok smiled to himself.

They were so close to kissing, but, sadly, they were interrupted. However, he wasn’t too upset. Hoseok was determined to continue where they had left off.

Jimin couldn’t stop smiling as he repeated Hoseok’s words in his head. “I love you.” It felt surreal. He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

This wasn’t a dream and he was ecstatic. Hoseok loved him and he loved Hoseok. There was nothing else Jimin could ask for. This was all he ever wanted.

As long as he was with Hoseok and as long as Hoseok loved him, Jimin was euphoric. “Hoseok loves me,” Jimin thought to himself as he giggled.

Suddenly, the air was filled with a sweet aroma. The couple stared at each other, they knew exactly what that smell was. They ran hand in hand towards the mouthwatering scent.

Finally, they reached the source of the aroma. “Can we get two taiyakis, please?” Hoseok asked as he pulled out his wallet.

The old man behind the stand smiled as he bagged two fish shaped cakes. Hoseok handed the man his money as Jimin grabbed the bags. “Thank you,” Hoseok smiled as he bowed.

“You’re welcome,” the old man chuckled as he waved at the pair.

Jimin and Hoseok walked around the pond as they ate their taiyakis. The fishes seemed to wave at them as they passed by. “Look!” Jimin squealed as a family of ducks exited the water.

The mother duck waddled as her seven ducklings struggled to keep up with her. The amount of life in this park was astounding. Every corner was filled with something new and exciting.

Of all the people Jimin could share this moment with, he was glad it was Hoseok.

[W/N: Jules is based off my real dog ^-^]

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