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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Ten

Heart beating against his ribcage, Yoongi pushes his fingers through his hair as the elevator doors open. His feet drag as he makes his way toward the end of the hallway.

Of course, Yoongi was excited to see Namjoon, but he never came unannounced. The last thing he wanted to do was disturb him, especially with his busy schedule.

Yoongi felt a little lightheaded as he read the plaque. B7, Yoongi mumbled as he nibbled on his thumb.

His mind began to wander.

Namjoons deep dimples greeting him as the door was pulled open. Being pulled inside the apartment once the taller noticed Yoongis legs had turned to jelly. Laying comfortably on the bed as he watched Namjoon furiously type on his laptop.

I thought you said youd stop.

Yoongis cheeks burned as that deep voice pulled him out of his trance. He slowly turned his head to the side, making eye contact with a frowning Namjoon.


Gently, Namjoon pulled the shorters thumb away from his mouth. Realizing what Namjoon meant, Yoongi turned his head to the side as he mumbled an apology.

The sound of the door unlocking reignited the shorters nerves, remembering exactly why he was biting his nails.

Is this okay?

Clearly not hearing Yoongi, Namjoon intertwined their fingers as he led the older inside. He began rambling on about all the animals he saw at the park, going into detail about the angry goose that tried to attack him.

Yoongi blindly nodded his head as the taller rummage through the fridge, continuing with his story. However, the older mind wasnt focused on Namjoons voice.


Yoongis eyes doubled in size, blush painting his cheeks. He had no clue what the taller had said.


Namjoons brows furrowed as Yoongi twiddled with his fingers. Whats wrong?

The longer Yoongi thought about it, the more he realized just how childish he was acting. He was an extremely straightforward person, but with Namjoon it was different.

Is this okay? Is what okay? Namjoon questioned as he made his way toward the shorter.

Yoongi subconsciously reached for Namjoons hand, not expecting to get pulled by the younger.

Chin resting against Namjoons chest, he stared into the tallers eyes as Namjoons arms snaked around his waist. Taking a shaky breath, Yoongi began to toy with Namjoons belt loops.

You know, me stopping by, Yoongi paused as he shifted his gaze toward the ceiling, ...unannounced.

Why would I not want my boyfriend to visit me? Namjoon chuckled.

I dont know, Yoongi whispered as he lowered his head, hiding his face in Namjoons chest.

Without warning, Namjoon lifted Yoongi over his shoulder, ignoring the olders screams. Yoongi tightly gripped the tallers waist as he swayed with each step.

Just as quickly, Yoongi was tossed onto the bed, body bouncing as Namjoon opened the blinds.

I guess I just have to make it even.

Namjoon plopped down next to Yoongi, revealing the dimples Yoongi adored. Yoongis face began to heat up as Namjoons arms wrapped around his waist once again.

The younger nuzzled his face into Yoongis stomach as he whispered sweet nothings. Heart thumping against his rib cage, Yoongi pushed his fingers through Namjoons hair as his breathing evened out.

He didnt blame Namjoon for drifting off, he knew how busy Namjoon had been recently. With a smile on his face, Yoongi closed his eyes as he lifted his leg over Namjoons waist.


The pearly morning light bathed Hoseok, drowning him in unrelenting warmth as his eyes scrunched in protest. One more second underneath the harsh rays of sun would surely burn his through his eyelids.

With an abundance of lethargy, Hoseok attempted to roll himself into the safety of his pillow. However, his left arm was glued onto the mattress.

Without hesitation, the young mans eyes shot open, quickly scanning the immoble appendage.

Beautiful chocolate brown locks glimmered underneath the soft rays of light, subtly tickling Hoseoks bare arm.

As his eyes trailed down, beautifully long lashes brushed against a set of plump cheeks, one slightly smushed against the olders arm.

Hoseoks heart began to hammer against his chest, eyes finally landing on the velvet masterpiece that was the sleeping angels lips. Jimin truly was a walking renaissance painting.

The older began to gnaw on his bottom lip, Jimins soft breath tickling him. If he stole a quick kiss, no one would know any better.

Jimins lips just looked so inviting, seeming to shimmer underneath the rays of light. As his heart jumped into his throat, Hoseok cautiously lowered himself, making sure not to wake the younger.

Once he was millimeters away from his destination, Hoseok swallowed thickly as he pushed his fingers through Jimins voluminous locks. Just as he suspected, as soft as clouds. Something about the Jimins beauty was overwhelming.

His eyes began to burn from the lack of moisture, afraid if he blinked that the cherub before him would disappear.

Good morning, Jimin murmured, eyelashes fluttering as he preened underneath Hoseoks gaze.

Immediately, the olders cheeks began to burn, an angry red hue beginning to spread. Jimin simply giggled as he stretched his arms upward, gaze glued onto Hoseoks avoidant eyes.

The blushing boys shoulders jolted up as Jimins soft hand clasped around his warm cheek.

G-Good morning, Hoseok stammered, slowly dragging his eyes across Jimins torso, finally landing on Jimins crescent eyes.

Slowly, Jimin flipped himself over, lying on his stomach as he arched his back. Nuzzling his nose on Hoseoks arm, Jimin faced his head toward the older, crescent eyes morphing into something more tantalizing.

As he traced along the vein on Hoseoks bicep, a soft yawn pushed past his full lips. Hoseok swallowed hard, his right hand pushing through his raven hair.

Are you hungry? Jimin questioned, eyelids fluttering open once again.

Slowly, Hoseok nodded his head. There was definitely one thing that Hoseok desperately wanted to devour.

Jimins angelic giggles filled the room as he playfully pushed the older away, seeing through the olders hungry gaze.

The bed jostled as Hoseok flipped onto his back, surprised by the youngers strength. Before the older had the chance to comment, Jimin slid off the mattress, taking the majority of the covers with him.

Placing his arms under his head in order to get a better view, his eyes lingered on the shorter boy, heart skipping once he noticed Jimins shorts lazily hanging onto his hips.

The loose fitting t-shirt the younger wore lifted with each step, flexing muscle playing peek-a-boo with Hoseoks eyes. His cheeks began to warm as Jimin made his way toward his side of the bed, cheeky smile overtaking his face.

Heart shooting into his throat, Hoseoks body tensed as Jimins hands gently laid on pecs, touch barely there.

Then we better start cooking, Jimin beamed. C-Cooking?

The pair crowded in the kitchen, Hoseok leaning against the counter as Jimin raided the fridge. Digging back to the deepest corner of his mind, Hoseok was attempting to recall a time when he had cooked for himself.

He found himself living off of instant noodles and off-brand cereal. Of course, his mother regularly sent over home cooked meal for her son.

However, Hoseok found himself gifting them to his beloved friend, Yoongi. Yoongi needed all the nutrients he could get, especially with how many sleepless nights he spent cooped up in his apartment working on his next project.

Cutting him off from his inquisitive thoughts, Jimin presented himself before the older. Is eggs and bacon okay with you?

Hoseok simply nodded his head, the younger, in return, gifting him with his breathless eye smile. Hesitantly, Hoseok pushed himself off the counter as Jimin retrieved two pans.

The room was filled with a cacophony of clinks and clanks, various kitchen utensils decorating the counter. Slowly, the older lifted a single egg out of the carton of eggs, attempting to seem busy.

Do you want to cook the eggs? Jimin giggled, lifting the spatula toward the older.

Hoseoks eyes doubled in size, gaze shifting between the beaming young man and the egg resting in the palm of his hand.

Nibbling on his bottom lip, the older tilted his head as his mind began to think of all the ways he would burn the kitchen down.

Sensing the olders dilemma, Jimin tapped Hoseoks shoulder with the spatula, pulling him out of his trance. Ill help you.

S-Sorry, Hoseok murmured, releasing a shaky chuckle immediately after. Its completely fine!

With a bright smile on his face, Jimin placed himself next to the older, sneaking a quick peck on his shoulder.

Hoseok watches in awe as the shorter cracks four eggs into a bowl, skillfully whisking them into a sweet hue of marigold.

Making sure to include him, Jimin passed the bowl to Hoseok, allowing him to whisk the already prepared liquid. As the older busied himself, Jimin turned the stove on, spraying the pan with nonstick cooking spray.

Did I do it right? Hoseok breathlessly squeaked. Its perfect, Jimin sang, Now just pour it into the pan.

Nodding his head, the older carefully transferred the eggs, making sure that the entirety of the pan was covered.

Just as he placed the dirty bowl and whisk into the sink, a spatula was presented before him. He swallowed thickly as he was pushed before the cooking eggs, spatula in hand.

Now Ill work on the bacon.

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