Just Dance Chapter Six
Just Dance 

Chapter Six  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Six

Rays of sunlight danced on Jimins honey skin as he slowly began to wake up. While Jimin stretched his arms out, a small grunt escaped his pink lips. Groggily, Jimin extended his arm toward his nightstand.

Once he was sure he grabbed his phone, Jimin powered his phone on and checked the time. His eyebrows furrowed once he realized he had woken up before ten oclock. It was unusual for Jimin to wake up early on his own.

As he searched his mind, Jimin remembered that he had fallen asleep quite early yesterday. Suddenly, Jimins cheeks blossomed with color as he recalled the events that occured last night.

Jimin wrapped his arms around his pillow as a string of giggles filled the room. Hoseok had kissed him yesterday. The young man that Jimin had thought was gorgeous actually kissed him yesterday.

That wasnt something that everybody could boast about. However, Jimins charms and ethereal features had made him one lucky man. Once Jimins fit of giggles was over, he hopped off the bed and pranced toward the bathroom.

Once Jimin completed his morning routine, he entered his spacious living room. The white robe he was wearing warmed up his just showered body as he ruffled his damp hair with a towel.

Jimin plopped down onto the couch and let the towel hide his face. Yesterday was an unbelievable day, but Jimin couldnt say the same about today.

Today should have been even more amazing than the last, considering that it was Saturday. A pout appeared on his face once he realized that he had nothing planned for today. He let a long sigh escape his lips as he ripped the towel off of his face.

Suddenly, the fluffy pocket on his robe began to vibrate against his thigh. Without missing a beat, Jimin snatched his phone out of his pocket. His wide eyes disappeared once he read the screen. To be quite honest, Jimin was hoping to see Hoseoks name.

However, that seemed quite foolish since he didnt have Hoseoks number. Slowly, Jimin began to nod his head as he planned to exchange information with his dancing angel.

Suddenly, Jimin remembered that he had to answer the phone call. Without another thought, Jimin accepted the call.

Yes? Jimin questioned. Dont act like you werent waiting for me to call you, Jungkook sang through the phone.

You arent my only priority, Jimin quickly hissed. Aw, Im ONE of your priorities, Jungkook giggled.

Immediately, Jimins eyebrows knitted together as his mouth hung open. That wasnt what he meant. In fact, Jimin wasnt sure why he didnt say something harsher to the giggling boy. Maybe Hoseok was turning Jimin into a softie.

Thats not what I meant! Jimin sputtered. Yeah, yeah. So, what are we doing today? Jungkook questioned between giggles.

A small gasp escaped Jimins throat as he pushed his hand through his hair. Jimin didnt realize just how caught up he was with Hoseok. The dancing angel had managed to make him forget about his Saturday tradition.

He began to feel bad for forgetting about his best friend. However, Jimin was determined to make it up to Jungkook. How about we go to that new sushi place that just opened down the street? Jimin suggested.

All you ever want to do is eat! Jungkook whined. You asked me what I wanted to do and I answered, Jimin muttered through his pout. How about you come over and watch anime with me? Jungkook pleaded.

Jimin bit his bottom lip as he heard Jungkooks whimpers through the phone. He could already imagine how Jungkooks face looked right about now. His doe-like eyes would quickly switch to puppy-like eyes under his arched brows.

The youngers bottom lip would pout outward as his hands clasp together. With a face like that, Jimin could never say no to Jungkook. However, since the pair were conversing over the phone Jimin found it much easier to turn down the younger.

No, we always end up doing that! Jimin stated matter-of-factly as he waved his finger in the air. Youre so mean, hyung, Jungkook whined through the phone.

Jimins furrowed brows stayed put as he listened to Jungkook complain. He wasnt lying when he said that the pair always watched anime. The pair could never make up their minds when they were together.

Once Jungkook flashed his puppy eyes, Jimin would bow down to him. Of course, Jungkook always ended up getting what he wanted. This time Jimin wouldnt fall victim to Jungkooks pleading face.

Anyway, looks like were going to get sushi, Jimin chirped. I guess Ill come over, Jungkook sighed. Bye, Kookie! Jimin cooed.

Without returning Jimins departing words, Jungkook hung up the phone. Jimin began to giggle as he stared at his now black screen. He couldnt believe that he had actually won this time. A feeling of triumph filled him up as a smirk crept across his face. Park Jimin really won against the little brat.

After a quick victory dance, Jimin decided to clean up his home. Although Jungkook didnt care, the last thing Jimin wanted was for him to walk into a mess. However, Jungkook was only going to stop by to pick up Jimin. Cleaning the entire house wasnt that necessary. After thinking it over, Jimin decided to only tidy up the living room.

After fluffing up the pillows, Jimin began to pick up his scattered clothes and shoes. He wasnt sure how his clothing had managed to make its way to the living room, but didnt dwell on it.

Once he placed the clothes in his laundry basket and his shoes in his closet, Jimin stared at the now spotless living room. With his hands on his hips, a smile enveloped his face as he nodded his head up and down.

All Jimin needed to do now was put some clothes on. With a smile on his face, Jimin began to bounce toward his bedroom. Just as he was about to reach the room, the sound of the doorbell filled the entire house.

Jimins eyebrows shot up as he slowly turned around. He didnt expect Jungkook to arrive so quickly. In fact, Jimin was sure that Jungkook was at least fifteen minutes away from him. The confused man definitely didnt spend fifteen minutes cleaning the living room.

Despite all of his questions, Jimin was still excited to see his best friend. It had been too long since Jungkook had come over. Of course, the pair always texted and occasionally facetimed, but Saturdays were special to both of them. Jimins confused stagger quickly turned into a eager sprint. His best friend was finally here.

Without hesitation, Jimin unlocked the front door and swung it open. His eyes turned into crescents as he threw himself onto his guest. A symphony of giggles emitted from Jimins lips.

Jugkookie! Jimin squealed as he wrapped his legs around his waist.

A small grunt escaped his guests lips as he struggled to get a good grasp on Jimin. Slowly, Jimins eyelids fluttered opened as he leaned back in order to stare at Jungkook.

Immediately, Jimins heart dropped as he stared at his guest. Without a second thought, Jimin threw himself off the man. His cheeks filled with color as he began to stagger backwards.

H-Hoseok? Jimin stammered.

Suddenly, Jimin remembered just exactly what he was wearing. Well, more specifically what he wasn't wearing. Underneath the white robe Jimin was completely bare. A sudden sensation of embarrassment began to seep out of Jimin.

Sorry for stopping by unannounced, Hoseok stated as he rubbed the back of his neck. You dont need to apologize, Jimin shyly murmured as he stared at the ground.

There was no way that Jimin would be able to look Hoseok in the eyes right now. Not only was he naked, but his hair was also a tangled mess.

Hoseok must think that Jimin looked extremely unpresentable. The deafening silence made Jimins heart hammer against his chest. He began to wonder if Hoseok could hear his beating heart.

Is it a bad time? Should I leave? Hoseok questioned. N-No! You can come in. I just need to change, Jimin quickly assured Hoseok as he began to pull down on his robe.

Before Hoseok could respond, Jimin grabbed onto Hoseoks wrist and pulled him inside. Obediently, Hoseok followed behind Jimin as he was led to the living room. He was surprised by how organized everything looked. Also, Hoseok was surprised by Jimins choice of clothing. However, he wasnt complaining.

You can wait here while I change. Ill be quick, Jimin instructed as the corners of his lips curled upward.

Hoseok nodded his head as he plopped down onto the couch. Slowly, Jimin released Hoseoks wrist. He had forgotten that he was clinging onto Hoseok. As a sweet shade of pink filled his cheeks, Jimin turned his back on Hoseok and began to walk toward the hallway.

The beaming boy was surprised that Hoseok had visited him. Jimin thought that he would have to wait until the next dance class in order to see his dancing angel. However, it seemed as if the heavens favored him.

Jimin! Hoseok yelled.

Jimin quickly swiveled his head around toward Hoseok. However, before his body could turn, his leg got caught onto something.

A glimpse of one of Jimins shirt wrapped around his foot flashed before his eyes. Before he knew it, gravity was pulling him toward the hard tile. Instinctively, Jimins eyes quickly shut.

Suddenly, Hoseoks warm hands wrapped around Jimins slender waist and pulled toward his chest. However, it seemed as if Hoseok was too late. Jimin felt his weight push down on Hoseok as clung onto Hoseoks shirt.

He felt himself bounce against Hoseoks chest as a thud filled the room. The sound of Hoseoks air being pushed out of his lungs filled Jimins ears.

Slowly, Jimin opened his eyes as his grip loosen around Hoseoks shirt. Immediately, Jimin noticed Hoseoks pained expression. However, Hoseoks hands were still tightly gripped onto Jimins waist.

Immediately, Jimin began to pull himself off of Hoseok as he sputtered, S-Sorry! I di-

Before Jimin could finish, Hoseok leaned forward and pulled Jimin into a tight embrace. Jimins eyes widened as he felt Hoseoks faze nuzzle in the crook of his neck. Slowly, Jimin returned the act of affection by wrapping his arms around Hoseok.

I didnt mean to make you feel uncomfortable yesterday. Im so sorry, Jimin, Hoseok murmured as his grip tightened around Jimin.

Jimins eyebrows furrowed as he listened to Hoseoks apology. He was confused as to why Hoseok felt the need to apologize.

There was no reason for Hoseok to apologize for what happened yesterday. Immediately, Jimin created space between themselves and stared deeply into Hoseoks glistening eyes.

Hoseok, you dont have to apologize. I wasnt uncomfortable with what happened yesterday. I wanted it to happen, Jimin assured the young man.

However, his voice trailed off on the last bit as he struggled to continue eye contact with Hoseok. The silence that Hoseok offered was beginning to make Jimin anxious.

He began to wonder if the last part was a little too much. Hesitantly, Jimin returned his gaze to Hoseok. The concerned boy was greeted with Hoseoks confused expression.

Hoseoks lips slightly parted as his eyebrows knitted together. It seemed as if Hoseok didnt believe a single word that Jimin had said.

Suddenly, Jimins angelic laughter began to fill the room as his eyes turned into crescents.

Without warning, Hoseok pecked Jimins ample cheek. As Hoseok pulled away from Jimins face, Jimins laughter ceased.

His face began to fill with a blinding red hue. Suddenly, Hoseok revealed his beautiful smile as he watched Jimin turn bashful. Hoseok couldnt help himself, especially when Jimin was oozing a palpable happiness.

Without realizing it, Jimin brought his hand to his face and began to cup the cheek Hoseok kissed. He was thrown off by Hoseoks sudden act of affection.

In fact, Jimin didnt know how to respond to it. Suddenly, Jimin watched Hoseoks lips pucker as he closed in on Jimin. Subconsciously, Jimin began to pucker his own lips as well. His eyelids fluttered shut as he awaited Hoseoks lips.

The sound of Hoseoks kiss echoed throughout the living room. However, Hoseok had kissed Jimins other cheek, not his lips. Even though it felt nice, it wasnt exactly what Jimin wanted.

His lips began to pout out as his eyebrows arched upward. He wanted to feel Hoseoks lips on his own, just like before.

Whats wrong? Hoseok chuckled as he pinched Jimins cheek.

Without hesitation, Jimin leaned in and placed his lips onto Hoseoks. Hoseoks eyes widened as he felt Jimins soft lips. Instead of planting one kiss on Hoseoks lips, Jimin began to sprinkle kisses all around Hoseoks face.

He started at Hoseoks lips, made his way to his forehead, and ended back at Hoseoks lips once again. The sound of Jimins lips against Hoseoks skin was music to Hoseoks ears. However, Hoseok wanted more.

Slowly, Hoseok cupped Jimins cheeks and pulled him close to his face. Before Jimin could pucker his lips, Hoseok placed his lips onto Jimins plump ones.

Their lips slotted together perfectly as Jimin wrapped his arms around Hoseoks neck. The pair started off with quick pecks, but slowly began to turn into something much more.

Just as Hoseok pressed his tongue against Jimins bottom lip, the sound of the doorbell filled the pairs ears. Both of their heads shot toward the front door.

Reluctantly, Hoseok uncupped Jimins cheeks and stood up. Jimin stared up at Hoseok with pouty lips and shimmering eyes. The sound of the doorbell repeated once again as Hoseok extended his hand outward. Once Hoseok pulled Jimin up on his feet, he began to walk toward the front door.

Jimins feet dragged against the ground as he followed Hoseok toward the door. His once palpable happiness now turned into a palpable sadness. He couldnt believe that his kiss with Hoseok had been interrupted once again.

Jungkook was lucky that Hoseok was here or else he would have suffered the consequences. Suddenly, the sound of Jungkook pounding against the door broke Jimins trance.

Once Hoseok reached the front door, he shut one eyelid and stared out the peephole. His heart rate sped up as he stared at the guests pupil.

It seemed as if the person outside was trying to peep inside Jimins home. However, it seemed as if they werent aware that peepholes werent meant to be used to look inside.

After Hoseoks heart calmed down, he unlocked the front door and slowly pulled the door in.

Jiminie! the young man squealed.

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