Just Dance Chapter Seven
Just Dance 

Chapter Seven  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Seven

Jiminie! Jungkook chirped as he watched the front door open.

Jungkooks beaming smile slowly disappeared as he stared at Hoseok. His head tilted while his eyebrows knitted together. He was ninety nine percent sure that he was at Jimins house.

However, the man standing in front of him wasnt his best friend. Just as he was about to apologize, Jimins head lifted above the mans shoulder. Immediately, Jungkooks smile appeared once again.

Jimin! Jungkook repeated as he squeezed past Hoseok.

Without a second thought, Jungkook embraced his best friend. A string of giggles escaped Jimins lips as he was lifted off the ground.

Jungkook began to twirl around the room with Jimin in his arms. The pairs happiness was palpable enough to taste. It had definitely been too long since the pair had seen each other.

Hoseok slowly closed the front door as he watched the pair dance around the room. Carefully, Jungkook placed Jimin back onto the ground. Jimins eyes fluttered shut as Jungkook ruffled his soft locks.

The smile that enveloped Jimins face was bright enough to light the room up. Watching Jimin cozy up to this young man made Hoseoks heart freeze. A frown crept across Hoseoks face as he watched the pair converse.

It seemed as if Jimin had forgotten that Hoseok was there. There was so much that Hoseok didnt know about Jimin. If possible, Hoseok wanted Jimin to only smile at him like that.

Immediately, Hoseoks eyes widened as he clutched his heart. He knew exactly what he was feeling: jealousy.

Why arent you dressed? Jungkook questioned as he examined Jimins robe. I was cleaning the house, but Ill get dressed right now, Jimin revealed. Let me help you choose an outfit! Jungkook squealed as he pointed to himself.

Without missing a beat, Jimin nodded his head as he wrapped his fingers around Jungkooks wrist. The two giggling boys made their way down the hallway, leaving Hoseok alone in the living room.

Hoseok sat down on the couch and placed his face into his hands. A long sigh escaped Hoseoks lips as the sound of Jimins bedroom door shutting filled his ears.

He had no idea who this guy was to Jimin. Judging from their interactions, it seemed as if they were a little more than friends.

However, Hoseok didnt want to believe it. Most likely, Hoseok was overthinking the childish matter. All Hoseok had to do was ask Jimin himself.

There was no way that Jimin would let Hoseok kiss him if he had a boyfriend...right?

Jungkook, quit! Jimin squealed.

Immediately, the sound of Jimins giggles filled the house. The sound of items thudding onto the ground seeped through the door. It sounded as if Jimin was trying to form a proper sentence, but his angelic giggles overshadowed his words.

Hyung! Hyung! Hyung! Jungkook cooed.

Hoseoks head snapped up as he listened to the scene unravel. There was no way that he would be able to endure another second of this. If it wasnt obvious enough, the young man was more than a friend to Jimin.

His heart ached as he sprung up off the couch. He couldnt believe that Jimin would lead him on even though he had someone else he cared for. Without hesitation, Hoseok quickly made his way toward the front door.

Just as Hoseoks fingers wrapped around the door knob, the sound of Jimins bedroom door opening made Hoseok freeze. A part of him wanted to stay and figure out what was really going on, but another part of him was convinced that it was pointless.

There was no denying it, Jimin was definitely taken. Hoseok didnt know why he assumed that someone as beautiful as Jimin would be single. His heart felt as if it was being squeezed once the pairs laughter filled his ears.

He truly was naive.

The sound of Jimins laughter ceased once he noticed that Hoseok wasnt on the couch. Immediately, Jimin began to scan the living room with concerned eyes.

Jungkook gently tapped Jimins shoulder and pointed toward the front door. There Jimin saw Hoseoks back turned toward him as he clung onto the door knob. His eyebrows arched upward once Hoseoks hand began to turn the knob.

Hoseok, where are you going? Jimin questioned.

Jimin watched Hoseoks head begin to turn. He awaited Hoseoks warm gaze, but never received it. Just as Hoseok was about to meet Jimins eyes, he quickly turned back around and opened the door. A small gasp escaped Jimins lips as the cold wind filled the living room.

As Hoseok stood on the porch, his head swiveled as he met Jimins gaze. Jimin felt a lump form in his throat as he examined Hoseoks face.

There was a palpable sadness oozing from Hoseok. His glazed eyes and arched eyebrows made Jimin want to run to Hoseok and embrace him. However, Hoseoks gaze made Jimin freeze in place.

Im going home, Hoseok murmured.

Before Jimin could respond, the front door became a barrier between the pair. Instinctively, Jimins arm reached out toward the door. Just as suddenly, he pulled his arm to his chest as the corners of his lips began to droop.

Even though he wanted to chase after Hoseok, he felt as if his feet were glued to the ground. His gaze dropped from the door to his frozen legs.

Jimin, who was that? Jungkook questioned. That was the guy I told you about. The guy from the dance studio, Jimin revealed as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Oh, Jungkook murmured as he nodded his head.

Jungkook was slightly surprised by how good looking the young man was. Jimin did say that he was attractive, but he never thought that he would be that attractive.

The pair had different taste in men, thus leading Jungkook to doubt Jimins words. However, after seeing Hoseok in person, Jungkook was impressed. He was glad that his best friend was putting himself out there.

Suddenly, a shocked expression enveloped Jungkooks face. The young man had no idea who Jungkook was or his relationship to Jimin. Jimin and Jungkook were naturally touchy, especially since they were extremely close.

However, from an outsiders point of view it might seem as something more. Not only was Hoseok Jimins love interest, Hoseok was an outsider. Jungkook began to put the pieces together.

It all made sense as to why Hoseok suddenly left Jimins home. His mind must be running like a chicken without a head.

Jimin, he probably thinks were dating! Jungkook gasped as he clung onto Jimins shoulders. But were just friends, Jimin murmured with puppy-like eyes.

Jungkook sighed as his head hung low. He couldnt believe that Jimin still hadnt put the pieces together. The younger squeezed his lips together as he met Jimins gaze once again.

He doesnt know that. You need to catch up to him and explain everything, Jungkook calmly explained.

As soon as Jimin heard the first sentence, he ran toward the front door and quickly opened it. The harsh wind pushed through his hair as he ran toward the sidewalk. He scanned the scenery before him and behind him.

However, Hoseok was nowhere to be seen. Not wanting to give up, Jimin decided to push forward. Jimin scanned every convenience store and every alleyway. It was as if Hoseok vanished into thin air.

After searching the small streets near his home, Jimin trudged back home with a frown on his face. He didnt understand how Hoseok was able to completely disappear. Roughly four minutes passed after Hoseok left. That didnt give Hoseok a lot of time to run away.

However, Jimin had no idea that Hoseok lived on the opposite side of time.

Dejected, Jimin pushed his door in and was greeted with Jungkooks concerned gaze. Slowly, Jimins head lifted up. Immediately, Jungkooks heart split in half.

Jimins eyes were now in the shape of sad crescents as tears threatened to overflow. He never wanted to see Jimin hurting. Jungkook pulled Jimin toward his chest and tightly embraced him.

Hes gone, Jimin sniffled as a single tear rolled down his cheek. Well figure out some way to fix this, Jungkook assured him.

Jimin simply nodded as he rested his head on Jungkooks chest. It pained Jungkook to see his best friend like this. In fact, he felt partially responsible for Jimins grief. He wanted to help Jimin get rid of his worries.

However, Jungkook had no idea how exactly to do that. Carefully, Jungkook created space between himself and Jimin. Jimin sniffled as Jungkook wiped away his stray tears.

Do you have his number? Jungkook questioned as he led Jimin to the couch. No, I dont have anything, Jimin murmured as he plopped down onto the couch.

Jungkook felt a lump form in his throat. He really messed up Jimins chances with Hoseok. It seemed as if there was really no way to resolve this. Of course, Jimin could always wait until the next dance class. However, Jungkook feared that it would be too late by then. An immeasurable feeling of guilt suffocated Jungkook.

Jimin, Im so sorry, Jungkook sincerely apologized. Its not your fault, Kookie. You didnt know, Jimin quickly assured Jungkook.

Jungkook rested his head on Jimins shoulder as Jimin wrapped his arm around Jungkook. The last thing he wanted was for Jungkook to put all the blame on himself. Jimin lovingly ruffled Jungkooks hair as the younger stared up with doe-like eyes. Jimin was truly grateful for his best friend.

Thank you for being here, Jungkook, Jimin murmured as a smile crept across his face. Of course, hyung, Jungkook giggled as he sprung off the couch. Well definitely get sushi next time, Jimin smirked.

Dont you mean well definitely binge anime next time? Jungkook sang as he stuck his tongue out.

The pair continued to playfully bicker as they made their way toward the front door. Jungkook and Jimin embraced one another before opening the door. After they exchanged departing words, Jungkook began to make his way toward the sidewalk.

Jimin leaned against the doorframe as he watched Jungkook saunter away. Once Jimin couldnt see Jungkook anymore, Jimin closed the front door and locked it.

Suddenly, the sadness he felt before was beginning to creep back. His smile faded away as he laid down on the couch. He squeezed the throw pillow as a sigh escaped his lips.

The day started off wonderfully, but ended horribly. Jimin wanted to restart the entire day. Hoseok had every right to feel hurt. Jungkook meant no harm, he was simply being himself. However, Hoseok didnt know that.

Jimins trance was suddenly broken by the vibrating couch. He quickly sprung off the couch as his eyebrows furrowed.

Without a second thought, Jimin stuffed his hands between all of the cushions until he located the source of the vibrations. The surprised boy scanned the phone that he pulled out from between the cushions. It definitely couldn't be Jimins since he had his phone in his pockets.

It also couldnt be Jungkooks phone, considering that the phone case wasnt clear with carrots.

That only left one other person.

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