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Chapter Nine  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Nine

Please, wake up, Yoongi, Hoseok whine as he pulled the covers off of the older. Five more minutes, Yoongi grumbled.

Just as Hoseok was about to retort, Yoongi pulled the bed sheet away from Hoseok and covered himself once again. Hoseoks eyebrows furrowed as he stared down at the dozing Yoongi.

It was already 12:43 PM and this wasnt Hoseoks first attempt to wake Yoongi up. He wasnt keeping track, but he would like to say that this was his fifth attempt. The younger wasnt about to let Yoongi get away with brushing him off once again.

No! Youre going to get up when I say so and I say now! Hoseok roared as he wrapped his fingers around Yoongis ankle.

Without thinking, Hoseok forcefully yanked the olders leg. Time seemed to slow down as Hoseok watched Yoongis body slide off of the bed.

Hoseoks eyebrows furrowed as his lips parted. The sound of Yoongis body hitting the ground made Hoseok flinch. He knew that he had made a grave mistake.

Yoongis wide eyes examined his surroundings. He wanted to make sure that what had happened had truly happened. Suddenly, his lower back began to throb, along with his hands. His now hooded eyes shot upward. Hoseoks wide eyes began to plead with the older.

Im so sorry, Hoseok sputtered.

Before Yoongi could reply, Hoseok took off in a sprint, leaving Yoongi alone. The sound of Hoseoks footsteps filled the atmosphere as Yoongi stared at the ground he laid on.

His mind still couldnt believe what Hoseok had done. This type of brazen behavior was unusual, especially since it was coming from Hoseok.

Without skipping a beat, Yoongi lifted himself off the cold ground. His legs began to move as his eyes scanned the empty hallway.

There was no way that Yoongi was going to let the younger get away with his sin. Suddenly, the sound of a door shutting filled Yoongis ears. He knew exactly where Hoseok was hiding.

Quickly, Yoongi ran down the hallway, toward the bathroom. The white door greeted him as he slowed down his speed.

He wrapped his fingers around the doorknob and began to twist it. However, it wouldnt budge. It was quite clear that Hoseok had locked the door. As Yoongi continued to jiggle the knob, a symphony of happiness seeped through the door.

Once you come out, youre dead, Yoongi whispered sinisterly through the door.

Once those words reached Hoseoks ears, he slowly backed away from the door with wide eyes. Hoseok was scared before, but now he was terrified. He wasnt sure what the older would do to him.

If he was being perfectly honest, Hoseok was surprised by his own bold behavior. Perhaps the fact that he was retrieving his cell phone made him quite irritable. Just the thought of seeing Jimin made his stomach churn. There was no telling what would happen.

After a while of reflecting upon his actions, Hoseok slowly opened the bathroom door. He stuck his head out, examining the hallway.

Hoseok began to breathe again once he noticed the hallway was desolated. Making sure not to make noise, Hoseok began to tiptoe down the spacious corridor. The sound of the television buzzing to life filled the atmosphere, causing Hoseok to tilt his head.

As he reached the end of the hallway, Hoseok cautiously poked his head out. His eyes immediately landed on Yoongi, who was lying comfortably on the couch.

The olders hand was wrapped around the television remote, searching for something to watch. Suddenly, Yoongis eyes darted toward the younger. Their eyes locked, making Hoseoks body freeze. He was ready to dash toward the bathroom.

Hoseok, its already one oclock. Do you not want to get your phone? Yoongi sighed.

Hoseoks jaw dropped as his eyes doubled in size. He couldnt believe that the man who slept in till twelve oclock was admonishing him about the time. His fists began to clench as he prepared to reply.

The clock is ticking, Yoongi hissed.


Hoseok pulled his phone out of his pocket and read the bold, white numbers. It was 1:37 PM by the time Hoseok and Yoongi had reached the bus stop. Yoongi plopped down onto the bench and patted the empty area beside him.

Without missing a beat, Hoseok followed Yoongis actions. A cold breeze tousled Hoseoks locks as his body began to shiver. He regretted not wearing one of his oversized hoodies. The white long sleeve that he sported did little to protect him from the harsh wind.

His eyes darted toward the side, landing on his beloved friend. Yoongi seemed unbothered by the breeze. That was mainly because he was wearing a thick, blue turtleneck.

Hoseok began to pout as he watched Yoongi rest his chin on his hand. The warmth that the turtleneck bathed Yoongi in made Hoseok realize just how cold it really was outside.

There was nothing that Hoseok could do about his situation. It was best to simply distract himself from the harsh breeze.

Hoseok wrapped his arms around himself as he began to enter the deepest corners of his mind. Suddenly, a familiar face appeared. His heart began to strain as the corners of his lips began to droop.

Jimins beautiful crescent eyes and beaming smile made the butterflies in Hoseoks stomach take flight.

His heart rate began to increase as another face appeared in his mind: Jungkook. Jimin ran toward Jungkook with open arms. The pair began to dance before him as they stared longingly at one another.

Hoseok could do nothing but watch the scene before him unravel. If Jimin was truly taken, then there was nothing Hoseok could do.

He wasnt sure what he was expecting to occur once he reached Jimins house. However, all he knew was that he wasnt ready to see the dazzling angel.

Suddenly, a loud honk pulled Hoseok out of his trance. His eyes fluttered open as he examined his surroundings.

Yoongi was snickering as he made his way toward the bus. Quickly, Hoseok hopped off the bench and made his way toward the open doors. Hayoon greeted the startled boy as he examined the seats. The bus was surprisingly full, leaving only the front seats vacant.

Do you have class today, Hoseok? Hayoon questioned as she looked in the rear view mirror. No, Im just visiting a friend, Hoseok responded as he sat down next to Yoongi.

As soon as those words left Hoseoks mouth, Hayoon's cheeks lifted as her teeth revealed themselves. This was amazing news to her. Hoseok never used the bus unless it was for his dance class.

There was only one person that Hayoon could assume Hoseok was visiting: Jimin. Everything must have been cleared up. So I can assume the apology worked? Hayoon beamed.

Hoseok winced as he stared down at his shoes. After a brief moment, Hoseok lifted his head up, revealing his sad crescents. Immediately, Hayoons smile dropped along with her heart. Her assumption was obviously incorrect.

I apologized, but thats about it, Hoseok murmured.

Hayoons lips parted as she tried to piece her mind together. There were so many questions she had. However, she wouldnt be able to ask any of them.

Her lips closed once again as she lifted her foot off the pedal. She couldnt question Hoseok, because the bus was full of passengers. The last thing she wanted to do was let the world know of Hoseoks problems.

All of her questions could be answered once Hoseok used the bus to go back home.


Suddenly, the bus began to slow down as it reached their stop. Yoongi lifted his head off of the window, turning toward Hoseok.

The usually bright and beaming boy was now bleak and solemn. His face held a deep frown that could not be broken. Once the bus came to a complete stop, Hoseok lifted himself off of the seat and made his way toward the door.

After he thanked Hayoon, Hoseok stepped foot onto the sidewalk. In the same manner, Yoongi exited the bus.

Hoseok, Hayoon called out.

Confused, Hoseok turned around, revealing his wide eyes. He was met with Hayoons concerned gaze and small smile.

If you need anyone to talk to, Im here, Hayoon assured Hoseok.

Before Hoseok could reply, the doors began to close. Hayoon nodded her head as the bus began to drive off. Hoseoks once sad crescents turned into happy crescents. He felt his frown transform into a soft smile.

Although those words were average, they really helped lift Hoseoks spirits up. Through all of his overthinking, Hoseok had forgotten that he was surrounded by caring people. The bus began to disappear with his bleak thoughts.

How do you know her? Yoongi questioned as he followed Hoseok down the sidewalk. I take that bus all the time to get to my dance classes, Hoseok replied.

Are you okay, Hoseok? Yoongi suddenly asked.

Hoseoks steps stuttered as he repeated Yoongis question in his head. He wasnt okay. If Hoseok was being perfectly honest, he was heartbroken. The person that he thought he connected with had a boyfriend the whole time. However, he wasnt exactly sure if his assumption was correct.

That was what made it even more terrifying. Hoseok would figure out if he even had a future with Jimin. However, there was no telling what would occur. The unknown made Hoseoks bones rattle. He pushed his hand through his hair as he felt his heart hammer against his chest.

Suddenly, Hoseok felt Yoongis fingers wrap around his bicep. After Yoongi had turned the younger around, Hoseoks eyebrows arched upward as he studied Yoongis face.

Yoongi pulled Hoseok toward his chest and wrapped his arms around him. Hoseok embraced the older, letting his head rest on Yoongis shoulder.

Its going to be okay, Hoseok. I wont let anyone hurt you, Yoongi whispered.

The pair stayed in each other's arms for what seemed like an eternity. Neither one of them wanted to let go. However, they both knew what they came here to do. Hesitantly, the pair released one another. Hoseok flashed his blinding smile, causing Yoongis gummy smile to appear.

The pair traveled down the sidewalk in silence. Yoongi knew that Hoseok would need this time to collect his thoughts. He wanted Hoseok to be completely prepared for whatever might occur. Hoseok nervously rubbed his hands as he rehearsed what he would say to Jimin.

His heart began to hammer against his chest once Jimins house came into view. The older knew that they were near once he noticed Hoseok beginning to fidget with his clothing.

Suddenly, Hoseok stopped right in front of a modern home. Yoongi followed Hoseok down the stone path and up the porch stairs. The two men stared at the front door, not moving a muscle. Hoseok was afraid of what might be occurring inside.

Do you want me to knock? Yoongi questioned as he lifted his fist in the air.

Immediately, Hoseok shook his head, assuring Yoongi that he could do it himself. Hoseok clenched his fist and slowly lifted it into the air. His fist came crashing down, but stopped right as it was about to hit the wood. The younger bit his lip as his mind began to race. He wasnt ready for this.

Suddenly, the sound of the door unlocking filled the pairs ears. Both of their eyes widened as they watched the door slowly opened. Yoongi took as step back as Hoseoks entire body froze. His eyes were glued onto the front door.

Hoseok, Jimin beamed as he exited the comfort of his home.

Before Hoseok could respond, Jimin pulled him into a warm embrace. Hoseoks heart began to flutter as he felt Jimins grip tighten.

Without hesitation, Hoseok wrapped his arms around the younger. He buried his face into the crook of Jimins neck. There was no way that Hoseok would be able to brush off Jimin.

I missed you, Jimin giggled.

Hoseok felt his face burn with color as his smile revealed itself. The amount of happiness coursing through Hoseoks veins could not be measured.

There was only one reason why Jimin was able to greet Hoseok so warmly: he didnt have a boyfriend. His assumption was wrong the whole time. There was no way that someone as angelic as Jimin could do something like that.

Do you miss your boyfriend too? Johnny Cook, right? Yoongi sneered. What? Jimin questioned as his grip loosened.

You heard me, Yoongi hissed. about to let Yoongi intimidate him.

Suddenly, Jimin let go of Hoseok and stood right in front of Yoongi. His sad crescents met Yoongis hooded eyes. However, Jimin wasnt about to let Yoongi intimidate him.

Jungkook isnt my boyfriend. Hes just a good friend of mine. This is all one big misunderstanding, Jimin testified as he held Yoongis gaze.

Yoongi continued to burn holes through Jimin. Unless Hoseok believed Jimin, Yoongi didnt buy anything that he said. Not being able to handle Yoongis glare, Jimin swiveled his head around and looked for Hoseoks warm gaze.

However, Hoseoks smile had disappeared as he stared at the ground solemnly. Jimins heart ripped in two as his lips began to part. There was so much that Jimin wanted to say, but the words wouldnt come out.

Just give him his phone so we can leave, Yoongi sighed.

The lack of response made Hoseoks head tilt. Slowly, Hoseok lifted his head up and examined the scene.

Jimins tear filled eyes made Hoseoks stomach drop. All of the pain and sadness pouring out of Jimin was palpable.

Suddenly, Jimin brought his hand upward and began to wipe his tears away. He was embarrassed that Hoseok had to see him like this. However, he couldnt control his emotions.

I believe you Hoseok assured Jimin.

Suddenly, Jimins bright smile revealed itself as tears of joy poured out. Immediately, Hoseok wrapped his arms around the younger and pulled him toward his chest. Hoseok felt Jimins heart rate accelerate as the younger rested his head on his chest.

Im sorry, Hoseok whispered. You dont have to be sorry, Jimin murmured as he felt Hoseoks soft fingers wipe his tears away.

Hesitantly, the two released each other from their arms. The pair now wore their dazzling smiles as color exploded in their cheeks. Everything was still once again.

Would you like to come in? Jimin questioned as he pushed his door open. Can Yoongi come in too? Hoseok asked as he pulled Yoongi next to him.

Of course! Jimin beamed.

No, its fine. You two can have some time to yourselves, Yoongi assured the couple as he began to back away.

But you came all this way, Hoseok sputtered as he stared at the older with wide eyes. Namjoon lives around here. Ill just go visit him, Yoongi revealed. Are you sure? Hoseok questioned.

Yoongi nodded his head as he made his way down the stairs. There was no way that he would want to witness the couples lovefest. Beside, Hoseok deserved some time alone with Jimin.

After everything that had occurred, the couple needed some time to recuperate.

Tell Namjoon I said hi, Hoseok chuckled as he waved. Will do, Yoongi grinned.

Jimin wrapped his fingers around Hoseoks wrist, gently leading him inside. Hoseoks cheeks lifted as Jimins giggles filled his ears. The palpable happiness oozing out of Jimin made Hoseok want to spoil the younger with affection. He wouldnt trade this moment for anything in the world.

Just as Yoongi disappeared, the front door slowly closed, allowing the pair to spend the rest of the day together.

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