Just Dance Chapter Fourteen
Just Dance 

Chapter Fourteen  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Fourteen

Jimin made his way down the sidewalk, a smile on his face. He was extremely excited for todays class.

Not only would he be seeing Hoseok, but he would be able to show Hoseok just how much he improved. Even though he still couldnt measure up to Hoseok, Jimin was very proud of himself.

Jimins heart raced once the familiar doors of Chanwoos studio came into view. Not being able to contain his excitement, Jimin ran the rest of the way to the studio.

However, once he pushed the door open, his excitement turned to confusion. No one was in the studio.

Instructor Chanwoo?

As he walked across the studio he could hear his footsteps echo. Jimin pulled his phone out of his pocket, checking the time.

He then realized he had arrived 30 minutes early to class. Not knowing what else to do, Jimin decided to wait in the locker room.

As Jimin pushed the door, the faint sound of water running filled his ears. It was quite obvious that it was the sound of a shower running, indicating that someone was in fact here.

He slowly crept towards the end of the locker room, where the showers were located. Hesitantly, Jimin peeked into the shower hallway.

All the showers were empty, except for the last one.

Whos there?

There was no response. Jimin wasnt sure whether he should ask again. The person could have heard him, but simply chose to ignore him.

Not wanting to be rude, Jimin began to back away from the showers. Then the stranger began to sing.

I didn't know familiarity was the scariest thing, the stranger sang.

Jimins eyes widened as the stranger poured his heart out. He had never heard the song before, but it sounded like the stranger had just had his heart broken.

Without realizing it, Jimin began to walk towards the shower.

I didn't know your heart, until our end full of regrets.

Jimin stood in front of the shower, eyes on the shadow behind the curtain. Their shoulders were slumped and their head hung low. His heart ached for the stranger.

Subconsciously, Jimin wrapped his fingers around the curtain.

By the day, your empty spot grows bigger.

Jerking back to reality, Jimin gasped as he pulled his hand back, accidentally pulling the curtain as well. Jimins gasp alerted the stranger, watching as the figure quickly turned around.


Hesitantly opening his eyes, Jimins eyes locked with Hoseoks. Hoseoks body was wrapped up behind the curtain, shielding himself from Jimins wandering eyes.

Were you trying to-

No! Jimin yelled as he covered his red face.

Hoseok chuckled as he squirmed in embarrassment.

Desperate to change the subject, Jimin asked Hoseok why exactly he was alone in the studio.showering.

I came early to practice and I got sweaty, Hoseok revealed.

But youre just going to get sweaty again.

Hoseoks smile dropped, simply staring at Jimin. Slowly, his face began to burn once he realized his flawed logic. However, he didnt regret it. Hed rather shower again than be sticky and smell like sweat.

Wheres Instructor Chanwoo? Jimin asked.

Hes getting water for class today.

The two stood in silence, the sound of the water hitting the ground echoing throughout the hallway. Jimin didnt know what else to say.

He was mortified by his own actions. He really didnt mean to pull the curtain.

Want to come in?

Jimin sputtered, Hoseoks comment pulling him out of his trance. He wasnt sure whether the older was serious or not.

As if Hoseok felt his confusion, he opened the curtain, inviting Jimin in. Before the curtain left his body, Jimin covered his eyes with his hands.

Come on, the waters warm.

What if someone walks in? Jimin murmured, struggling to swallow. No one's going to walk in.

I dont even have a-

The locker door busted open. Hoseok quickly grabbed the curtain once again as Jimin hid in an empty shower.

It doesnt take that long to shower, Hoseok! Chanwoo yelled, Ive been gone for like 20 minutes.

The men were frozen, waiting to see what Chanwoo would do. They heard the older man struggling with a pack of waters, huffing as he stomped.

Suddenly, there was a bang, the sound of plastic crinkling following after. Then Chanwoo;s footsteps disappeared as the locker door closed.

See, I told you! Jimin whispered angrily as he exited the shower.

The shower came to a stop. Hoseok emerged, covered in a white robe as he dried off his hair with a towel. Jimin grinned as he watched the older.

Without warning, Hoseok looked up, locking eyes with Jimin. Immediately, Jimins eyes darted away, landing on the empty shower.

Jimin whimpered as Hoseok wrapped his arms around his waist, gripping onto his hips.

Before he could ask, Hoseok began to sprinkle kisses all over the shorters face, slowly making his way down to his neck. He breathlessly giggled as Hoseoks lips tickled him.

Whats so funny? Hoseok questioned, nuzzling Jimins neck with his nose.

You know Im ticklish the-Ah!

Hoseok nipped at the youngers neck, preening as Jimin whined beautifully.



Students crowded around Chanwoo as he flipped through a notebook. He announced that their agenda was to simply continue working on their partner choreography.

Make sure that you and your partner can both perform your dance to the best of your abilities.

Jimin dropped his head, scared to see if Chanwoo was staring at him or not.

Oblivious to the situation, Hoseok simply nodded his head as Chanwoo continued on.

Chanwoo instructed the students to stretch, joining them as well. Once everyone was thoroughly stretched, he dismissed the students, letting them meet with their partners.

He made his way to the first pair he saw, asking them about their progress.

Have you been practicing?

Jimin quickly nodded his head, eyes locking with Hoseoks. His cheeks burned as he watched Hoseoks eyes turn into crescents. He rested against the wall, watching Hoseok get their song ready.

Well, lets see, Hoseok beamed.

Hoseok counted down, pressing play on one.

Immediately, Jimins body began to move. Too afraid to lock eyes with the older, Jimin chose to stare at his reflection in the mirror.

Once Jimin came to the end of the choreography, his eyes darted toward the older, not sure what to do or say.

However, Hoseoks sparkling eyes revealed just exactly how he felt. Without hesitation, Hoseok made his way toward the younger, wrapping his arms around his back.

Jimin giggled as Hoseok swung him around.

You did amazing!

Jimin was radiant, he couldnt contain his happiness. Hoseok placed Jimin down and grabbed his hands.

Jimin was as red as a rose, he was grateful for his session with Chanwoo. This is exactly how he wanted Hoseok to react.

I know were going to win.


Students began to exit the studio, some lingering behind to talk to Chanwoo. The instructor had been blunt with the students, not holding anything back.

He wanted everyone to have a fair chance in the mini competition. However, he would be lying if he said he didnt have a favorite pair already.

Jimin guzzled down a bottle of water as Hoseok followed him out of the building. Hoseok had insisted on walking the younger to his house, insisting it was just for safety purposes.

You might want to slow down, unless you want a stomach ache, Hoseok chuckled.

Jimins face turned red as he lowered the water bottle. He knew Hoseok was right, but he was just so thirsty.

They were too focused on their choreography to even think about taking a break.

Suddenly, Hoseoks hand rested on Jimins shoulder, holding him still. Curiously, Jimin turned around, locking eyes with Hoseok.

If Im moving too fast let me know.

Jimins eyes widened, not being able to hide his shock. He wasnt sure where this was coming from.

He thought that they were both on the same page. Despite his confusion, that wouldnt stop him from reassuring the older.

I really like you, I dont think were moving too fast at all, Jimin whispered.

The butterflies in Jimins stomach swarmed as he waited for Hoseoks response. He began to wonder if he said the right thing or not.

I really like you too, Hoseok smiled, but I was talking about the choreography.

Jimins face flushed. Of course this would happen to him.

Y-Yeah, I knew that.

Hoseoks laughter filled the air, but it wasnt malicious. He pulled the shorter into a hug, not missing the way Jimin nuzzled against his chest.

Why are you so cute?

Jimin simply hummed as Hoseok rested his chin on his head. Then he felt the older tense.

Whats wrong?

I left my bag in the locker room, Hoseok sighed.

Hopefully Chanwoo hasnt left yet.

The pair ran back to the studio, giggling once they noticed their breath becoming a white cloud before them. Luckily, the lights were still on, indicating that Chanwoo was still in the building.

Ill wait outside, Jimin smiled.

Are you sure? Its pretty cold.

Jimin nodded his head, trying his best to push Hoseok into the building.

Without another thought, Hoseok took his hoodie off, handing it to the younger.

Before Jimin could protest, Hoseok made his way into the building.

Jimin beamed as he pulled the sweater over himself, swooning once the faint smell of Hoseoks cologne filled his nose.

Oh, hey Jimin.

Jimins head shot up. Sunhwa waved at him, eerily smiling at him.


He wasnt sure what else to say to her. The pair didnt exactly have a good relationship. Jimin didnt forget how cold she treated him.

I have a question for you. Jimin stared at her blankly.

Can I ask? Jimin nodded his head, becoming more nervous with each second that passed.

Are you gay?

Jimin was taken back by her question. They certainly werent close enough to ask personal questions like that.

The more he replayed her question in his head, the more offended he became. His brows furrowed as he glared at the girl.

Hey, dont get butt hurt. Its just a question, Sunhwa spat, Especially since youre basically glued to Hoseok like a fly. Its kinda pathetic. I wouldnt be surprised if you were.


Jimin and Sunhwa both turned toward the studios front door, staring at Hoseok.

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