Just Dance Chapter Four
Just Dance 

Chapter Four  bts stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Four

The space between the pair began to disappear as Hoseoks face moved closer to Jimins. Jimin bit his bottom lip once he noticed Hoseoks hungry expression. Suddenly, Hoseoks hand began to slither around Jimins waist. As Hoseok pulled Jimin close to him, Jimins cheeks exploded with color.

Hoseoks eyes shot down to Jimins plump lips. They looked as soft as clouds. Jimins pink lips were practically begging Hoseok to kiss them. Suddenly, Hoseok looked into Jimins eyes. Jimin was furiously blushing as his chest heaved up and down.

Part of Hoseok was afraid, because he had never wanted to kiss someone so badly. However, the other part of Hoseok wanted to feel Jimin beneath him. This new state of mind caught Hoseok by surprise, but it felt so right.

Suddenly, Hoseok noticed Jimins voluptuous lips begin to pucker. All of Hoseoks reason had now disappeared. He knew what he wanted and he wasnt going to wait for it. Hoseok gently pulled Jimin against his chest, making Jimin whisper.

His heart hammered against his chest and hid body was consumed with warmth. Hoseok slowly began to dip his head, eyes still focused on Jimins pursed lips.

My legs are killing me, a student groaned as he flung the locker room door open.

Instinctively, Jimin pulled himself away from Hoseok. The sounds of other students entering the room indicated that it was almost time for class to stop. With his back to Hoseok, Jimin blindly reached around for Hoseoks hoodie.

Once he felt the sweater under his hand, Jimin quickly pulled the clothing over his head. Jimin could feel Hoseoks gaze burning holes through him as he began to take his pants off.

However, he knew that Hoseok wouldnt do anything since other people were in the room. Suddenly, Jimin heard Hoseok sigh as the sound of clothing dropping to the floor filled the room.

As Jimin pulled on his black sweats, he began recall the events that had just occurred. All the places Hoseok touched felt hot. His lips began to throb as Hoseoks ravenous gaze filled Jimins mind. Suddenly, Jimins lips began to droop. A wave a sadness began to drown Jimin. The pair had almost kissed.


If only they weren't rudely interrupted. That was the only thing Jimin could focus on as he fidgeted with his sweater paws. Hoseoks lips were so close, yet so far. Jimins shoulders began to slump once a nerve wracking thought consumed him. The beautiful moment the pair almost shared might not occur again.

Hoseok gritted his teeth as he pulled his gray basketball shorts on. His fellow classmates had ruined his chance of a lifetime. The event that just transpired kept replaying in his head. Jimins beautiful plump lips puckering and his puppy eyes fluttering shut made Hoseok go crazy.

He threw his head back as he pushed his hands through his hair. He wasnt sure when he would receive another chance to kiss Jimin. It just felt so natural, Hoseok couldnt help himself.

This is going to be a long class, Hoseok muttered.

Suddenly, Jimin began to slowly turn around. He kept his gaze toward the ground and his hands stuffed in his pockets. Hoseok began to smile fondly as he eyed Jimin. His clothes were way too big for the petite boy.

Slowly, Jimins eyes turned into crescents once he finally made eye contact with Hoseok. All of Jimins sadness had now disappeared. Just being here with Hoseok made him feel euphoric. The pair walked out of the locker room and entered the spacious studio.

The pair made their way to the back of the studio and sat down at the corner. Jimin began to nervously tap his fingers against the ground as he imagined how the class would be. He had never done something like this before. In fact, he had never seriously danced before. His only dance experience was when he would playfully dance with his best friend.

Are you ready for class? Hoseok questioned. No, Jimin shyly responded as he began to cover his face with his sweater paws, to be totally honest, I dont even know how to dance.

Suddenly, Hoseok placed his hand on top of Jimins. He gently squeezed Jimins hand as he stared endearingly into Jimins eyes. Jimin began to be pulled into an inescapable trance as he stared into Hoseoks chocolate eyes.

Dont worry Ill help you. Not to brag, but Im pretty good at dancing, Hoseok chirped.

Without warning, Hoseok hopped off the ground. Jimins eyes doubled in size as he watched Hoseok quickly stretch his legs out. Suddenly, Hoseok began to dance for Jimin. His body looked like a feather dancing in the wind.

Even though Hoseok was merely dancing for fun, each of his steps were meaningful and graceful. Hoseoks harmonious laughter began to fill the studio as he revealed his beaming smile. At that moment, Jimin knew exactly what he was feeling.

Jimins fairy-like giggles escaped his lips as he stared up at Hoseok with fond eyes. The blushing boy began to cover his face with his sweater paws.

He couldnt express his emotions with words, all he could do was show Hoseok just how happy he made him feel. Hoseok began to bow while Jimin applauded him. The pair never wanted this feeling of pure euphoria to ever disappear.

The sound of footsteps filled the atmosphere. Many students began to enter the studio and sit down toward the back. Hoseok was greeted by many of the students as they looked for a place to sit. Jimins shyness skyrocketed once he noticed a group of girls staring at him.

Immediately, Hoseoks eyes widened once he noticed the girls gaze. He wasnt sure why his chest began to tighten. Without a second thought, Hoseok scooted closer to Jimin and wrapped his pinky around with Jimins own pinky.

Jimin slightly jumped as he felt Hoseoks warm touch. He wasnt sure why Hoseok didnt just intertwine their fingers together, but he wasnt complaining.

Suddenly, Chanwoo entered the spacious studio. He held a clipboard in one hand while the other held a towel. The students immediately straightened themselves out as they glued their eyes onto their instructor.

Before we get started, Id like to introduce a new student joining our family, Chanwoo announced.

Suddenly, Chanwoo pointed his finger at Jimin and beckoned for him. All of the students heads swiveled around as they watched Jimin slowly walk toward the middle of the studio.

He could feel each of their eyes burning holes through his back. Once Jimin was at Chanwoos side, Jimin glued his arms to his sides as he bowed.

Hello, my name is Jimin. Its nice to meet you, Jimin sputtered.

Jimins chest tightened once he heard the murmures seeping from the crowd. He wasnt sure exactly what they were saying, but he knew that they were talking about him. The way his name rolled off their tongues made his heart hammer against his ribs.

Who would like to be this young mans partner until he learns the basics of this class? Chanwoo questioned.

Without missing a beat, all the females and some men in the room raised their hands as they wiggled their fingers. It was quite obvious why all of them wanted to partner up with Jimin: he was ethereal. Jimins face began to turn a blinding shade of red.

He wasnt used to all of this attention. Suddenly, the students began to shout out reasons as to why they should have the honor of mentoring Jimin. While the students bickered with one another, Hoseok furrowed his brows as he felt his throat dry. No one was going to steal Jimin from him.

Ill be his partner! Hoseok chirped as he shot up.

Immediately, the students began to complain as they watched Hoseok saunter to Jimin. Chanwoo stood back with an amused expression on his face. He was going to assign Hoseok to mentor Jimin in the beginning, but he wanted to see how the other students would react.

Usually no one wanted to be partnered with a newcomer. However, Chanwoo knew that if someone liked Jimin joined the class that they would fight for the angel.

Ill save him from you vultures, Hoseok spat as he wrapped his arm around Jimin.

Instantly, Chanwoo erupted with laughter as he wrapped his arms around his stomach. He wasnt expecting Hoseok to also battle for Jimin. Unlike Chanwoo, the other students gritted their teeth and muttered in response to Hoseoks insult.

Thank you, Jimin beamed. Hoseok simply nodded his head as he tightened his grip around Jimins waist.

Everyone get into pairs and lets start stretching, Chanwoo announced as he wiped away a tear.


Hoseok couldnt believe how quickly seven oclock had arrived. Usually class felt much longer and dragged out, but time flew by quickly with Jimin. He enjoyed how fascinated and attentive Jimin was when he would teach him different techniques. It felt nice to be listened to. The corners of his lips crept up as he remembered the sparkle in Jimins eyes.

Suddenly, Jimin emerged from the locker room. Hoseok clutched onto his duffle bag strap as he watched Jimin hop toward him. The smile on Jimins face could blind anyone who gazed upon him. Jimins hands were wrapped around Hoseoks folded clothing.

Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes, Jimin beamed as he held the clothing out toward Hoseoks hands. Keep it until you get some proper clothes for dance, Hoseok winked.

The bridge of Jimins nose turned a sweet shade of pink as he held the clothing against his chest. He felt bad for taking Hoseoks clothing, but this meant that they HAD to meet up again. The pair didnt NECESSARILY have to meet up at the studio. Jimins heart fluttered as he fantasized about their fateful date.


Before Jimin realized it, Hoseok had walked with Jimin all the way to his home. The whole way there the pair had exchanged general information about one another. Jimin was surprised that Hoseok was older than him. However, he didnt care about their age difference.

Not only did they gather more information on one another, the pair had also let loose and shown each other their true selves. Hoseok was shocked by how outgoing Jimin was outside of the studio. He had assumed that Jimin was an introverted young man.

Thank you for walking with me and thank you for being so kind to me, Jimin shyly giggled as he rested against his mailbox Of course, Jimin, Hoseok smiled.

Suddenly, there are became heavy as they stared into each others eyes. Hoseoks crescent eyes turned hooded, making Jimins cheeks heat up. He remembered that gaze from the locker room. Jimin began to fidget with his fingers as he struggled to hold Hoseoks gaze. The flustered boy wasn't sure if what he thought was happening was actually happening.

Goodnight, Hoseok chirped.

In the blink of an eye, Hoseok turned his back on Jimin and began to walk away. Jimins chest began to throb as he copied Hoseoks actions. He wasnt expecting Hoseok to walk away. In fact, Jimin didnt want Hoseok to walk away. A low sigh escaped his pouted lips as he reached his front door.

Suddenly, Jimin felt a hand wrap around his waist and forcefully turn him around. Instinctively, Jimin yelped as he felt himself being pushed against the door. Then his eyes widened once he felt Hoseoks soft lips on his own. His eyes fluttered shut as he wrapped his arms around Hoseoks neck.

Just like their hands, their lips slotted together perfectly like a puzzle piece. Hoseoks hands rested on top of Jimins slender hips. They felt their temperature rise as they explored each others cavern. It was a kiss full of passion, as if they had been longing for each other for centuries.

Each breath of air they took only made them hungrier for each other. They dreaded the seconds their lips disconnected. The pair wanted to make this moment last forever. Hoseok hummed once he felt Jimins fingers run through his hair. He was glad that he had come back. If he had left, he wasn't sure if he wouldn't be able to wait two more days.

However, just like every good book, there must be an end.

Hesitantly, Hoseok pulled his lips away from Jimin. Immediately, Jimins lips formed a pout as he stared up at Hoseok with a confused expression. Hoseoks heart skipped a beat. He didnt want to leave. In fact, Hoseok wished he could just stay here with Jimin.

Hoseok knew that wasnt possible. Mostly because Hoseok had barely met Jimin. Even though they just met, Hoseok felt as if he had known Jimin forever. The dark sky indicated that it was time for Hoseok to depart.

Slowly, Hoseok dipped his head down again. Jimins heart hammered against his ribs as he awaited Hoseoks lips once again. Just as their lips were about to touch, Hoseok stopped himself as he stared fondly into Jimins eyes.

Goodnight, Jimin, Hoseok whispered.

His breath caressed Jimins lips as he removed himself from Jimin. Jimins cheeks were a deep hue of maroon. Hoseok waved his hand as he began to walk away from Jimins home. His heart grew heavy with each step. However, he knew if he stayed any longer that he would miss his bus.

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