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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Forty Two

As Jimin walked down the stone path, the cold breeze blew through his soft locks. The picturesque sunset mesmerized him. He hadn’t seen a sunset in a while.

Whenever he was outside the sky was either clear or full of stars. There was no in between. It fascinated him, the sunset.

In order to see the full beauty of a sunset one must come at the perfect time. One second too early or late and it would vanish.

As with everything else in the world, one must come at a specific time to see the full potential.

Most people only see the full beauty of the rain when they’re land is dry. Most people only see the full beauty of the snow when they’ve been preserved from it. Most people only see the full beauty of the sun when the clouds hold it captive.

Humans only appreciate things when it isn’t easily attainable.

All those beautiful moments with Hoseok were taken for granted. Their smiles and laughs were overlooked. Each word of affection was simply listened to, but never recorded.

Jimin closed his eyes as he basked in the sun’s warmth. The warming sensation calmed his nerves and steadied his breath.

Each breeze made his heart jump, but the sun was there to return him back to a state of tranquility. He heard the sound of the water fountain beckoning him to come closer.

Slowly, Jimin opened his eyes and watched Jungkook take a penny out of his wallet. Jungkook stopped in front of the fountain and held the penny close to his heart.

As Jimin watched him, Jungkook closed his eyes. His lips blossomed into a smile as he opened his eyes. Before he flicked the penny into the fountain, Jungkook kissed the penny for good luck.

“What did you wish for?” Jimin questioned as he stood next to Jungkook. “It’s a secret,” Jungkook giggled as he grabbed the bag from Jimin.

Jimin took his phone out of his pocket and motioned for Jungkook to turn around. At first Jungkook was confused, but followed orders without question.

“One, two, three,” Jimin sang before he snapped the picture. He clicked on the picture and showed Jungkook. The pair giggled as they studied every detail of the photo.

Jungkook’s bunny smile, the purple sky, the cotton candy clouds, and the shimmering fountain all fit perfectly together. It looked like a picture straight out of an art gallery.

“Perfect,” Jimin smiled as he put his phone back in his pocket.

As the pair continued their expedition, Jungkook’s eyes landed on a reminiscent building. His heart skipped a beat as he remembered its vital role in his life.

“Hyung, let’s get ice cream!” Jungkook chirped as he pulled on Jimin’s sleeve. Jimin’s face enveloped into a smile as he nodded his head eagerly.

The pair walked into the ice cream shop and were immediately greeted by the smell of chocolate. All the memories that the pair shared came rushing back to them.

It was amazing to see how much they both have grown.

After they ordered their preferred ice cream flavors, Jimin insisted on paying for both the cones.

He assured Jungkook that it wasn’t a big deal and that he wanted to remember how the good old days felt.

The pair walked out of the building with ice cream cones in their hands and smiles on their faces. Once the cool air hit them, they somewhat regretted getting ice cream in this weather.

However, their smiles didn’t fade and they were determined to eat their dessert. “Thank you,” Jungkook sang as he licked his ice cream. Jimin smiled at his gratitude.

As they continued to walk towards the plaza’s exit, Jimin and Jungkook stopped in their tracks as they heard someone calling after them. “Excuse me!” a female voice cried.

Hesitantly, the pair turned around. Their eyes doubled in size as they saw who it was. The hostess for RaMang was standing right in front of them.

Her hands were wrapped around a bouquet of flowers. Once she stopped panting, her eyes landed on the pair and her cheeks began to flush.

“Sorry to bother you, but these are for you,” the hostess murmured as she stuck the flowers towards the pair. Jungkook and Jimin stared at each other with a bewildered expression.

They were at a loss for words.

“You both seemed to really like the flowers, so I thought you would want a bouquet. We had extras and I was supposed to take them home, but I don’t have any room for them,” the hostess sputtered.

“Are you sure?” Jimin questioned, “These flowers are beautiful. I feel bad taking them from you.”

Jimin’s soothing voice made her heart bang against her chest as she tried her best to compose herself.

“It’s really fine. They always give me the extra flowers and it’s become a burden,” the hostess nervously chuckled. She continued to hold the flowers out toward the pair.

Her eyes struggled to maintain eye contact with either of the men.

Finally, Jimin grabbed the bouquet of flowers, since he was the only one with a free hand. “Thank you,” Jimin smiled as his eyes turned into crescents.

“We’ll be sure to come back,” Jungkook chirped. “I’ll look forward to it,” the hostess smiled as she pushed her hair behind her ear.

The trio stood in awkward silence as Jimin and Jungkook tried to figure out what to say. Once she realized she was still there, her face blinded the men with the color red.

“Goodbye,” the hostess shrieked as he began to jog back to RaMang.

As the pair watched the woman run back to the restaurant, Jimin’s heart stopped. Hoseok was standing outside of the building. His eyes were directly on Jimin.

Jimin turned to Jungkook to see if he saw the same thing. Once he saw Jungkook’s scrunched eyebrows and gaped mouth, his heart began to hammer against his rib cage.

“Does he know it’s you?” Jungkook murmured as he kept his eyes on the yellow hoodie clad man. Before Jimin could respond, Hoseok began to walk toward the pair.

Obviously Hoseok knew it was Jimin. Not only did Jimin’s clothes make him stand out, but his facial features also made heads turn. He began to regret wearing bright red pants.

“What do I do?” Jimin whispered as his legs began to tremble. “He already saw you. There’s nothing we can do now,” Jungkook replied as he awkwardly swayed on his toes.

Jimin kept his eyes toward the ground as he imagined all the possible scenarios that could occur. Jungkook was afraid that Hoseok would be mad that Jimin was out with him.

He began to come up with excuses for Jimin in his head. Right now, Jungkook hoped that the penny he threw in the fountain would work right about now.

Once Hoseok reached the pair, their stomachs tightened as they anticipated Hoseok’s anger.

“Hey,” Hoseok murmured as he rubbed the back of his neck. Both Jungkook’s and Jimin’s heads shot up with those calm words.

Jungkook expected Hoseok to asked Jimin what he was doing with him. If anything he expected to receive an icy stare from him.

While Jimin expected Hoseok to ask to speak to him in private. This unexpected response through the pair off.

“H-Hey,” Jimin stammered as he tried to calm himself down. “I didn’t expect to see you here,” Hoseok nervously chuckled.

“Me neither,” Jimin whispered. There was no escaping the suffocating silence. It felt as if they were all complete strangers.

Desperate to keep the conversation going, Hoseok revealed, “Yoongi and Namjoon invited me out to lunch.” Jimin nodded his head as he struggled to look Hoseok in the eye.

Jungkook felt as if he was interrupting a sensitive moment. He wanted to leave the couple alone as soon as he could.

“Hyung, I’m going to get going,” Jungkook began, “It wa-” “No!” Jimin yelled as he turned toward Jungkook.

Once he realized what he had shouted, Jimin’s face turned as pink as the flowers he held in his hand.

He turned toward Hoseok and saw his baffled expression. “I-I don’t want to walk home alone,” Jimin murmured as he dropped his gaze.

“I’ll walk home with you,” Hoseok stated as he played with his sleeves. With that, Jimin’s stomach began to fill with butterflies as his fair skin illuminated his rouge blush.

“Aren’t you eating with Yoongi and Namjoon?” Jimin muttered. “I already finished my bowl and left money,” Hoseok quickly assured Jimin.

Without saying a word, Jimin’s eyes landed on Jungkook through the corners of his eyes. He arched his eyebrows, pleading with Jungkook. Immediately, Jungkook knew what to do.

“Well, we should all start walking. It’s getting pretty dark,” Jungkook stated as he began to turn around. Jimin let out a sigh of relief and quickly followed Jungkook.

Jungkook knew that Jimin was scared. If accompanying him on his walk home would calm him down, then he would gladly do so. Hoseok caught up to the pair and stood next to his beloved Jimin.

The air felt heavy as their footsteps echoed throughout the street. This wasn’t like how Jimin planned his day would go.

Originally, Jimin was supposed to walk home with Jungkook and open the strange message from Hoseok. Jimin had momentarily forgotten about the message.

Now he began to wonder what Hoseok had sent. However, none of that mattered now that Hoseok was right next to him. He was so close, yet so far.

No matter how badly Jimin wanted to pull him close, he kept a calm attitude as he focused on getting home.

Jungkook knew that this was a sensitive time for the pair, so licking the dripping ice cream from his hand seemed inappropriate.

However, the feeling of the cool dessert tickling his hand bothered him. He had nothing that he could use to clean it with either. Slowly, Jungkook glanced at Jimin’s hand and nearly gasped.

The ice cream cone was missing. There was no way that Jimin had finished the ice cream. His eyebrows knitted together as he tried to form a reasonable explanation.

With each thought that flew in his head, the more confused he became. Thankfully, the case of the missing ice cream momentarily distracted him from the dripping dessert.

Finally, the trio reached Jimin’s home. Jimin practically ran to his front door and pulled his keys out. Hoseok and Jungkook stood behind Jimin waiting to be let in. While Jimin struggled to find the right key, Hoseok glanced toward Jungkook.

His eyes grew in size as he stared at Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook’s entire hand was covered in chocolate liquid. The only thing remaining was the soaked cone.

Despite this fact, Jungkook seemed to be totally fine. Suddenly, Jungkook’s eyes landed on Hoseok. Hesitantly, Jungkook’s lips curled upward toward Hoseok, but his eyes weren’t smiling.

Once the door was opened, the trio walked into the comfort of Jimin’s home. Immediately, a wave of warmth hit their faces.

“I’m going to wash my hands,” Jungkook stated as he walked toward the kitchen.

Finally, Jimin and Hoseok were left alone. They both sat down on the couch and kept their eyes anywhere else, not on each other. Neither of them knew what to say.

This wasn’t exactly a joyous encounter. “Do you want anything to drink?” Jimin questioned as he shot up from the couch.

“I’m fine,” Hoseok replied.

Awkwardly, Jimin sat back down and twiddled with his fingers.

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