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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Forty Six


Tears ran down Hoseok’s face as his stomach churned from the scene in front of him. Jimin’s body was laid face first in the tub.

Both of his arms were folded under his chest and his legs were slightly bent. His hair was still full of soap as the water hit his lower half.

Hoseok’s heart froze as his eyes doubled in size. His mind couldn’t comprehend what was going on. It seemed as if only moments ago Jimin was getting embarrassed over Hoseok’s sappy affection.

What went wrong?

How did this happen?

When did this happen?

Nothing made sense. The silent bathroom began to fill with Hoseok’s quivering breaths. As his eyes filled with more tears, Hoseok noticed Jimin’s back shiver.

Quickly, Hoseok turned Jimin over and picked him up. Jimin was cradled in his arms like an infant.

Ignoring the running shower, Hoseok quickly walked to Jimin’s bedroom, making sure not to jostle Jimin. The hoodie Hoseok wore was now soaked with the warm water on Jimin’s skin.

However, Hoseok was too worried about Jimin to notice the uncomfortable feeling of his wet clothes sticking to his abdominal.

Once they reached the bedroom, Hoseok carefully placed Jimin on the soft bed. He moved Jimin’s hair in order to see if Jimin had any injuries.

His body shivered as he noticed a bruise forming above Jimin’s right temple.

“Jimin,” Hoseok called out as he gently shook his shoulders. To his dismay, there was no response. “Jimin!” Hoseok yelled as he began to smack Jimin’s cheeks. Jimin didn’t even flinch.

Hoseok had no idea what was going on. Suddenly, Hoseok feared for the worst. Immediately, Hoseok lowered his head down to Jimin’s face. His ear hovered over Jimin’s nose.

The gentle sound of Jimin breathing made Hoseok sigh in relief. Even though this was a good sign it didn’t mean that Jimin was fine.

Hoseok’s whole body began to tremble as he tried to figure out what to do. Suddenly, he remembered that Jimin was unclothed and wet on the bed.

Making sure not to hurt Jimin, Hoseok pulled the covers out from under Jimin. As he lifted the covers up, Hoseok’s hand brushed up against Jimin’s leg.

The once warm water was now freezing cold. He securely wrapped Jimin in the thick blanket, making sure that no body part was exposed to the air.

It didn’t look like Jimin was waking up any time soon.

Without thinking, Hoseok pulled his phone out of his pocket and pressed on the first contact he saw. The phone rang as Hoseok began to nervously bite his nails.

After about four rings, the line clicked and Hoseok’s heart rate began to rise.

“Hoseok, what ca-”

“H-Hyung, I do-don’t know what to d-do! Jimin fai-fainted!” Hoseok shouted as he began to choke on his tears.

Jin’s eyes doubled in size as he listened to his friend stammer through the phone. His eyes became glassy as he stared blankly at the wall.

Time seemed to slow down as he tried to process each and every word that left Hoseok’s mouth.

He was just a CEO trainee, how was Jin supposed to help Jimin?

Hoseok and Jimin needed him right now. Every second was vital. “Hoseok, listen to me. Call 911, now,” Jin ordered through the phone.

Although his heart was beating as fast as a hummingbird’s wings, he needed to stay calm in order to calm Hoseok down.

If Hoseok’s mental state wasn’t stable then Hoseok was bound to make a mistake. “O-Okay,” Hoseok sniffled. “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” Jin assured Hoseok.

Just as he was about to hang up, Hoseok’s shaky voice boomed through the phone. “H-Hyu-Hyung!” Hoseok shook. “Yes, Hoseok?” Jin questioned as he began to look for his keys.

“Do I-I dress Jimin?” Hoseok questioned. “Hoseok, call 911! After you call 911 dress him!” Jin demanded.

Once he told Hoseok what to do, Jin hung up the phone and stuffed it into his front pocket. He had no idea why Jimin wasn’t already dressed, but he decided not to waste time by asking.

Jin’s hands rummaged through the drawer in his nightstand. He was growing more exasperated as each second passed. There was no reason for the keys to not be in his drawer.

Then suddenly he remembered that he didn’t drive himself anywhere. Of course they wouldn’t be with him. Quickly, Jin ran out of his study and down the stairs.

All the air was pulled out of him as he hopped off the stairs and continued to sprint towards the kitchen.

In the kitchen his assistant, Odeng, was rummaging the pantry. Once he heard Jin panting into the room, he faced his boss with a confused expression.

“Sir, is there something I can help you with?” Odeng questioned as he walked towards Jin. “The keys! Where are the keys?” Jin sputtered. Bewildered, Odeng pointed to the front door.

“They’re on the key rack. Do you need me to drive you somewhere?” Odeng asked as he placed his hand on the clearly frantic Jin.

“No,” Jin murmured as he began to run towards the front of the house. The walls seemed to be closing in on him the closer he got to the front door.

Every step he took made his whole body ache. Precious time was being wasted. He began to regret not hiring the personal trainer his dad recommended.

Once he finally reached the foyer, Jin scanned every key that was hanging. There were so many keys on the rack, some he didn’t even recognize.

“No, no, no,” Jin muttered to himself as he read the brands on the various car keys. Finally, Jin saw the car key to his black BMW.

Without a second thought, Jin pulled the car key off the rack, nearly breaking the whole thing.

His heartbeat was echoing through his head as he opened the front door. As the cold air hit his face, Jin swung the door behind him. Jin flinched as he heard the door slam shut behind him.

The sides of his head began to throb as he ran down the marble stairs and onto the horseshoe driveway. He let out an exasperated sigh once he saw where the car was parked.

The CEO trainee was constantly telling Odeng not to park at the end of the horseshoe driveway, but it seemed he forgot...again. However, Jin had no time to admonish Odeng.

That would have to wait.

As his calves began to throb, Jin sprinted all the way to the end of the driveway and clicked the “unlock” button on the car remote he was holding.

The car beeped twice letting Jin know that it was ready to be boarded. Jin flung the door open and hopped into the black vehicle. Jin was thankful that his car was keyless.

His hands were shaking furiously which would’ve made it harder to stick the key in. All he had to do was bring the car remote in and press the “start” button.

In order to be safe, Jin pulled the seatbelt over himself and secured it in its own slot. Immediately, Jin placed both hands on the steering wheel and pushed on the gas pedal.

His chest popped outward with each short rapid breath he took. Hoseok and Jimin both needed him. He hoped that he would make it to them on time.

His phone began to explode with text messages as he raced through the streets. Obviously, he couldn’t check the messages since he needed to stay focused on the road.

He sighed as he realized just exactly why he never drove himself anywhere. Jin began to regret rejecting Odeng’s help. However, that regret quickly faded away.

Although Odeng was an amazing assistant, Odeng always went under the speed limit. Jin was sure that Odeng would turn the ten minute drive into a twenty minute one.

Each light he arrived at was already green. It seemed as if the heavens knew what he was going through and decided to throw him a bone.

Jin didn’t have to stop at any red lights since they were all bright green. Even though this was really a miracle, Jin was still too upset to fully realize what was happening.

As he was about to turn on Jimin’s street, Jin froze as he saw a lone ambulance dash through the street in front of him.

The blaring siren made his head throb. His fingers dug into the leather steering wheel. Jin’s knuckles turned white as his fingers pressed downward. He couldn’t think anymore.

This was really happening. Somewhere in between the phone call and racing down the street Jin had hoped that this was all a bad dream.

No matter how hard he pinched himself, Jin couldn’t wake up from this nightmare. A single tear ran down his cheek.

Suddenly, a loud honk broke him from his trance. “Move out the way, you shi-” Jin didn’t hear the rest of the sentence. He was already turning the car and racing down the street.

His heartbeat accelerated once his eyes landed on the parked ambulance. The blinding red light made his eyes burn. Without hesitation, Jin’s foot pressed down on the gas pedal.

Once he was close to the house, Jin parked in front of Jimin’s neighbors home in order to give the ambulance room. Suddenly, Jin’s heart dropped.

The paramedics brought Jimin out of the house on a stretcher. Jimin was dressed in gray sweatpants and a long sleeve white shirt.

His mismatched socks was an indicator that Hoseok had just grabbed whatever was available. Jin gasped as he saw Hoseok run out of the house.

Hoseok’s face was tear stained and maroon. His whole body shook as he grabbed onto Jimin’s hand. “Please, let me go with him!” Hoseok cried.

He lowered his head down onto Jimin’s hand and began to heave. “Sir, we can only let family onto the vehicle,” a man calmly explained to Hoseok.

Not satisfied with the answer he received, Hoseok grabbed onto the man’s shirt and pleaded. “But he’s all I have,” Hoseok stammered.

Jin couldn’t take it anymore. He quickly hopped out of the car and ran towards Hoseok. The two paramedics looked at Jin with bewildered expressions.

“We’re going to need you both to step away from the stretcher,” a woman snapped.

“Please, let him go in the ambulance. If Jimin wakes up I think he’d like to see Hoseok with him,” Jin sputtered as he tried to pull Hoseok away from the man he was clinging on.

Both paramedics looked at each other as if Jin had made a fair point. The silence was eating Jin up inside.

Suddenly, Hoseok dropped down onto his knees and clamped his hands together. He looked like a sinner in church trying to repent for his sins. The emotion pouring out of Hoseok’s eyes made the trio’s heart ache.

“Please!” Hoseok sobbed. Jin’s tears wouldn't stop. Watching his beloved friend on his knees made his heart bang against his rib cage.

“Okay, but you can’t interfere with our jobs,” the woman grumbled as she continued to push the stretcher to the ambulance. Feeling a wave of relief drown him, Hoseok dropped down to the floor and began to whimper, “Thank you.”

Jin grabbed onto Hoseok’s arms and helped him up. The sound of metal hitting metal echoed throughout the street. “Get in,” the man ordered.

Jin hugged his friend and assured Hoseok that he would meet him at the hospital. Without missing a beat, Hoseok hopped in the back of the ambulance and sat down.

“Thank you, hyung,” Hoseok sniffled. Before Jin could respond, the woman closed the back of the ambulance.

As Jin ran back to his car, the blaring siren filled his head. Quickly, Jin jumped back into his car and pulled his seatbelt back on.

The ambulance began to move forward just as Jin pressed the “start” button again. Jin wiped his tears away as he watched the ambulance drive further and further away.

After taking a deep breath, Jin pressed on the gas pedal and began to follow the ambulance.

“Please be okay,” Jin murmured as he raced through the street.

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