Just Dance Chapter Forty One
Just Dance 

Chapter Forty One bts stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Forty One

Hoseok’s step had a bounce as he walked towards his destination. The chestnut haired woman kept her eyes on the gleaming man. Once he was in front of her table, she shot up and faced Hoseok.

He flinched, but ultimately ignored the woman and kept walking. Her eyebrows knitted together as her face began to turn a blinding shade of red.

She watched Hoseok sit down at the table behind her. After checking to see if anyone had seen what had just transpired, she slowly sat back down and checked her phone.

After her fingers danced on her screen, she scanned the room hoping to find who she was looking for.

“Sorry I’m late,” Hoseok chuckled as he sat down. “It’s fine. We just got her a couple minutes ago,” Namjoon revealed as he placed his menu down.

“I’m surprised you guys invited me out,” Hoseok chirped as he placed his napkin on his lap. “We’re surprised you accepted,” Yoongi stated behind his menu.

“We’re happy that you were able to come,” Namjoon smiled. Hoseok giggled as he picked up his menu. He never noticed how different Namjoon and Yoongi were. However, opposites really do attract.

Namjoon was a calm, rational person. He always had an explanation for everything and he always had advice to give. However, despite how wise Namjoon was, he was extremely humble.

Everything he did was for the benefit of others, not himself. If anyone’s eyes landed on Namjoon they would think that he was someone important.

His looming height contradicted his innocent face. Deep down inside Namjoon was a baby.

On the outside, Yoongi looked dark and brooding. His pouted lips made it look as if he was always frowning.

The sun illuminated the fairness of his skin as his sharp eyes paired perfectly with his button nose. Yoongi’s diminutive height countered his serious face.

However, he embarrassed easily despite his cool attitude. He liked to express himself through actions rather than words. Yoongi only ever revealed his gummy smile with those close to him.

Although the rest of the world thought he was scary, Yoongi was truly a big sweetheart. It made sense why Namjoon and Yoongi were together. Their differences balanced each other out.

“Who’s that?” Jungkook questioned as he squinted his eyes. “The tall one is Namjoon. He’s in charge of the studio we practice at. The shorter one is Yoongi. He’s Hoseok’s best friend,” Jimin revealed as he continued to stare at the trio.

Jimin’s heart rate steadied once he saw Hoseok pass the chestnut haired woman.

However, he wasn’t sure why the trio decided to eat here. Yoongi and Hoseok both lived on the opposite side of town. He scrunched his nose as he thought about it.

Suddenly, their waiter appeared with both their drinks. “A water and a strawberry smoothie,” the waiter announced as he placed the drinks in front of the pair.

Jungkook’s eyes sparkled as he stared at his enormous drink. The glass was taller than Jimin’s water glass. A cherry rested on top of the whipped cream which made the drink look even taller.

“Thank you,” the pair replied in unison. After seeing Jungkook’s beverage, Jimin began to crave a strawberry smoothie as well.

While Jimin eyed his drink, Jungkook stuck his straw in and smiled once the flavor hit his tongue.

“Are you guys ready to order?” the waiter question as he pulled his notepad out. “I’ll have the susaki,” Jimin stated as he closed his menu.

“I’ll have the shirakawa,” Jungkook mumbled as he continued to drink his smoothie. Jimin giggled as he placed Jungkook’s menu on top of his own and handed them both to the waiter.

The waiter assured the boys that their food would be out soon before he grabbed the menus and returned to the kitchen.

Finally, Jungkook pulled his lips away from his drink. His face was beaming as he pushed his drink towards Jimin. “Try some! It’s so good!” Jungkook sang as he wiggled in his seat.

As Jungkook watched him, Jimin stuck the straw in his mouth. The sweet flavor made his eyes double in size as he continued to suck on the straw.

Jungkook wasn’t kidding, the drink was amazing. “It’s good, right?” Jungkook giggled as he pulled his drink back. Jimin nodded his head as a smile enveloped his face.

“Two iced coffees and a lemonade coming right up,” the waitress chirped as she began to walk back towards the kitchen.

“Do you already know what you want to eat?” Yoongi questioned as he continued to read the menu. “Not yet,” Hoseok chuckled.

“I’m going to get the kasaoka,” Namjoon revealed as he closed his menu and placed it in the center of the table. “I’ll get that too,” Yoongi murmured as he copied Namjoon’s actions.

“Have you two been here before?” Hoseok asked. His eyes peered over his menu and stared at the couple.

“We come here whenever we can,” Yoongi replied as he scratched the back of his neck. “Aren’t there any other good ramen places near you guys?” Hoseok questioned.

“Well, I live here,” Namjoon revealed. Hoseok’s eyes doubled in size as he lowered his menu. He assumed that Namjoon lived near the studio.

Never would he have guessed that Namjoon lived near Jimin. “Really?” Hoseok gasped as his gawked mouth formed a smile. “He’s lived here for a while now,” Yoongi stated.

“It’s pretty far from the studio,” Hoseok murmured as he nodded his head. “Yeah, but I love what I do. It doesn’t really bother me,” Namjoon smiled.

“Doesn’t Jimin live around here?” Yoongi questioned. Suddenly, Hoseok’s heart ached as he remembered his last encounter with Jimin. It was true, Jimin did live around here.

If he was correct, Jimin’s house was around the corner. Hoseok nodded his head as he dropped his gaze back down to the menu. “You should invite him,” Namjoon suggested.

With that suggestion, Yoongi’s face lit up. “We barely ordered our drinks, so it should be fine. Invite him,” Yoongi eagerly smiled. However, Hoseok’s expression didn’t change.

He kept his eyes glued to the menu and ignored the couple’s suggestion.

“What happened?” Yoongi questioned as he pulled Hoseok’s menu away. Hoseok pressed his lips together as he stared at his bare hands.

He wasn’t sure if he was overreacting or not, but he knew something wasn’t right. “I think Jimin is mad at me,” Hoseok murmured as he placed his hands on his lap.

Immediately, Yoongi scrunched his face. “Why?” Namjoon asked as he looked worriedly at Hoseok. Suddenly, Hoseok looked up, revealing the pained expression he wore.

Yoongi’s heart felt heavy as he stared at his friend. He had never seen Hoseok’s eyes hold so much pain. “I don’t know,” Hoseok sighed.

“Maybe you should ask him. Communication is key,” Namjoon stated. “He's right. You won’t be able to fix anything if you don’t communicate,” Yoongi agreed. Hoseok was scared.

He was scared to find out why Jimin was mad. What if he couldn’t fix what he did? What if Jimin couldn’t forgive him? What if Jimin wanted to break up? These thoughts ate him up.

Jimin was the center of his universe. Imagining himself without Jimin was like imagining the night sky without stars. The couple was right, they needed to communicate.

However, Hoseok was scared that it was too late for them.

“Do I text him, ‘Are you mad at me?’” Hoseok questioned as he pulled his phone out. “No!” the couple yelled in unison. They stared at one another and began to chuckle.

“Don’t be that obvious,” Yoongi stated. “How about you just ask him if he’s okay?” Namjoon suggested. “Okay,” Hoseok murmured as he clicked on Jimin’s contact.

His thumbs tapped the keyboard as he typed out, “Are you okay?” However, his fingers froze once he was finished. No matter how hard he tried, his thumb wouldn’t click the “send” button.

Fear overcame his body as he tried to press the button. He felt as if his body was freezing and his heart stopped. Nothing was right.

The more he thought about it, Hoseok began to think that this situation couldn’t be fixed. No matter what he would do, this rough patch couldn’t be repaired.

His heart ached as he began to reexamine everything. Was everything a lie? If they really loved each other then this wouldn’t even be a problem.

If they really loved each other then Hoseok should stop overthinking. If they really loved each other then they would set each other free.

“Hoseok,” Namjoon called out. Suddenly, Hoseok shot back up. He blinked rapidly as he tried to focus on Namjoon’s voice. Without hesitation, Hoseok’s thumb shot down and pressed the button.

His message was now on its way to Jimin’s phone.

“Hoseok, sometimes you guys are going to have problems. Sometimes you guys aren’t always going to agree. Sometimes you guys will fight for no reason. You guys will get through this. Your love will help you overcome this,” Namjoon stated.

It was almost as if Namjoon knew exactly what Hoseok was thinking. All of his insecurities and fears seemed trivial in this new light.

If they really loved each other then they would get through this. Hoseok’s heart began to steady with this thought. “Thank you,” Hoseok smiled as he placed his phone down.

“What does it say?” Jungkook mumbled through a mouthful of noodles. “I don’t know!” Jimin shrieked as he stared at his phone.

Jimin and Jungkook were eating their noodles when Jimin’s phone vibrated. Curious as to who it was, Jimin flipped his phone over and saw Hoseok’s name pop up on his screen.

He nearly choked on his noodles as he held his phone in his hand. Especially since Hoseok was in the same building as him, he didn’t expect to be receiving a message from Hoseok at this moment.

Jimin slowly turned his head toward Hoseok’s table. He expected Hoseok to be staring right at him, but was relieved to find that he was too busy thanking his waitress for the drinks. His heart rate accelerated as he stared at Hoseok’s name on his phone. “Just open it,” Jungkook stated as he began to drink his smoothie.

“I’m scared,” Jimin murmured as he placed his phone back down. “Why?” Jungkook questioned as he gave his undivided attention to Jimin.

“I don’t know. I’ll open it when I get home. Will you stay?” Jimin sighed as he stared at Jungkook with his shimmering puppy dog eyes. “Of course, hyung!” Jungkook giggled as he continued to slurp his noodles.

He found himself subconsciously glancing over at Hoseok’s table. Watching Hoseok having fun without him made Jimin somewhat jealous. Jimin should be there with Hoseok laughing. Instead, the couple was separated.

Although Jimin loved Jungkook, he wished that he was with his beloved Hoseok. He felt so lonely without Hoseok by his side. The more he thought about it, Jimin regretted asking Hoseok to leave.

In the end Jimin didn’t even end up practicing. This time could have been used to hang out with Hoseok. No matter what he did with Hoseok, Jimin was always happy.

“Jimin, you didn’t even touch your food,” Jungkook gasped. Jimin didn’t realize how long he had been sulking. Jungkook’s bowl looked as if it was licked clean, while Jimin’s bowl was still filled to the top.

All the thoughts roaming inside Jimin’s head made his stomach churn. His stomach wouldn’t be able to hold any food right now. He feared that he would shoot the noodles back up.

However, he didn’t want to worry Jungkook. “Yes I did! It only looks filled because I didn’t drink the soup,” Jimin chuckled. “Are you going to take it to go?” Jungkook questioned as he drank the last of his beverage.

“No, my fridge is already full,” Jimin sighed, “Do you want to take it?” “Sure, I’ll share it with Taehyung,” Jungkook smiled.

Their waiter suddenly appeared in front of the pair’s table. “Would you like a container?” the waiter questioned as he held a paper soup container in his hands. “Yes, please,” Jimin chirped.

The young man began to pour Jimin’s soup into the container and carefully place the lid on. Once he was done, the waiter placed the container in a plastic bag and tied the top shut. “Here’s your bill. There’s no rush at all,” the waiter smiled as he walked away from the pair.

Immediately, Jungkook and Jimin both pulled out their wallets and began to place the exact amount of money on top of the receipt.

“Rock, paper, scissors,” the pair simultaneously murmured as they pounded their fists.

Jungkook raised his fist to the sky and smirked as Jimin pulled a five dollar bill out of his wallet.

“Loser,” Jungkook giggled as he shook his fist in front of Jimin’s face. “Yeah, yeah,” Jimin muttered as he placed the five dollar bill onto the receipt.

Before the pair left the building, Jimin stared at Hoseok’s table. His lips curled up as he watched Hoseok throw his head back as he erupted with laughter.

“Bye, Hoseok,” Jimin whispered as he walked out the door with Jungkook.


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