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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Forty Four

Jimin awoke to the sound of his cell phone vibrating. He struggled to open his heavy eyelids as rays of sunlight warmed his face.

The vibrating began to annoy the drowsy angel as he slowly began to regain his senses. As the phone continued to echo throughout the room, Jimin grunted as he flung his arm to the right.

Suddenly, the sound of flesh hitting flesh resonated throughout Jimin’s ears. Immediately after, Hoseok grunted as he placed his arm on his chest.

“Ow,” Hoseok winced as he lifted Jimin’s arm. Jimin’s cheeks turned pink as he turned his head to the side. He had no idea that Hoseok was on the bed.

The phone began to mock Jimin as it began to ring once more. “Sorry!” Jimin sputtered as he shot up from the bed and began to examine Hoseok’s chest. There was nothing on Hoseok’s chest.

However, Hoseok’s face held a pained expression that worried Jimin.

“Are you okay?” Jimin questioned as he began to pat Hoseok’s chest. Hoseok shook his head as he began to frown. “Do you want an ice pack?” Jimin asked. Again, Hoseok shook his head.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at the pouting Hoseok. Suddenly, Hoseok pointed at his smiling lips. As his fingers tapped his lips, Jimin’s face exploded with color.

“A kiss?” Jimin giggled as he began to cover his face. Finally, Hoseok nodded his head as he revealed his glistening teeth.

Slowly, Jimin began to bend down towards Hoseok’s face. As each second passed, Jimin’s heart began to flutter. He had no idea why Hoseok made him feel so nervous.

It wasn’t like they’ve never kissed before. This feeling made Jimin reminisce about his first encounter with Hoseok. The color had returned. Jimin would make sure that the color never left.

Finally, Jimin’s face was millimeters away from Hoseok’s. He began to pucker his lips as he prepared to kiss Hoseok. Suddenly, Hoseok shot up and planted his lips on Jimin’s.

Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jimin’s bare back as their lips intertwined. Jimin ended up on his back as Hoseok was hovering over him.

“Wait,” Jimin murmured as he tried to pull himself from Hoseok. However, Hoseok either didn’t hear or was ignoring him. “I said wait!” Jimin stated as he pulled Hoseok’s cheeks.

“Ow, ow, ow!” Hoseok whimpered as he tried to escape Jimin’s grasp. Once Jimin had reclaimed his position on top of Hoseok, he let go of Hoseok’s red cheeks.

“That hurt,” Hoseok pouted as he rubbed his cheeks. “Maybe you should listen to me,” Jimin said matter of factly. “I just love you so much,” Hoseok whined as he hid behind his hands.

As soon as those words left Hoseok’s mouth, Jimin’s heart began to beat as fast as a hummingbird’s wings. He felt the color creep back into his cheeks.

“Me too,” Jimin murmured as he turned his head to the side.

Suddenly, Jimin felt Hoseok’s soft lips land on his cheek. His eyes widened as Hoseok pulled away. “I’m taking a shower!” Jimin shrieked as he jumped off of Hoseok.

Hoseok began to giggle as he watched the flustered Jimin run out of the room.

Once Jimin reached the safety of the bathroom, he locked the door and placed his hands over his face as a smile enveloped him.

He began to walk toward the shower as he ran his hands through his hair. Once the water from the shower began to warm up, he opened the cabinet and took out a towel.

The steam coming from the shower began to cover the mirrors in the bathroom. Jimin grabbed his towel and wiped the mirror in order to see himself.

Once the mirror was cleared off, Jimin’s jaw fell open as he stared at himself. He had no idea that he was only wearing his boxer briefs. Immediately, he began to feel exposed.

Hoseok had watched Jimin walk out of the room practically naked. His mind began to attempt to figure out how this had occurred. Jimin was thankful that he at least didn’t wake up naked.

Finally, he gave up trying to figure out when he became exposed. Quickly, he took off his boxer briefs and hopped into the shower.

Hoseok slithered out of the bed and began to look for his pants on the floor. He furrowed his eyebrows as he searched under the bed and the closet. They were nowhere to be found.

As he circled the room, he began to run his hands through his hair as he tried to remember where they were. The reason he wanted to find his pants wasn’t to wear them.

Jimin had already seen everything so there was nothing to hide. It was the fact that his phone was in his pocket that made him want to find his pants.

Hoseok wasn’t obsessed with his phone. He could go days without it and wouldn’t shed a tear. The only reason he wanted his phone was because he wanted to know what time it was.

Surprisingly, Jimin didn’t have a single clock in his home. Hesitantly, Hoseok left the bedroom in order to continue his search for his pants.

As he exited the bedroom, he turned to the right. Suddenly, his foot caught onto something on the ground and he began to come crashing down. Desperately, Hoseok tried to grab onto anything.

Thankfully, his hand landed on the counter in front of him.

Once he caught his breath, Hoseok slowly began to stand up. He chuckled as he saw his pants wrapped around his foot. It looked as if last night he couldn’t even make it to the bedroom.

As he continued to laugh, he put his feet through his pants and pulled them up. After buttoning his pants, he took his phone out from his back pocket.

“Ten o’clock,” Hoseok murmured as he read the time on his phone. That meant that he would have to go to Mono Studio with Jimin in about two hours.

His heart began to float as he imagined Jimin cutting the air with his graceful movements. One thing was for sure, Hoseok loved the way he felt with Jimin as they danced.

Jimin was the answer to Hoseok’s dreams. He never knew what he wanted to do in life. Actually, he never knew what his purpose was. Everyday was a constant repeat of copy and paste.

Nothing had meaning...until he met Jimin. The moment he first laid eyes on him his life became a symphony of color. Chanwoo’s suffocating studio became his nirvana.

Their matching heartbeats and rhythm brought the pair even closer. When Jimin said he was an amateaur Hoseok didn’t believe it for a second.

When he watched Jimin’s body underneath the sunlight, Hoseok knew that Jimin was his answer.

Before he met Jimin, Hoseok was simply dancing because he was good at it. He liked the praise. He liked the stares. He loved it. All the offers he received from scouts meant nothing to him.

Every competition had one simple motive: win. Hoseok never realized how wrong that was. Jimin taught him the beautiful power that dancing held.

Now all Hoseok could think about was bringing the audience to tears. Their dancing was meant to be seen. Even if they didn’t win they wouldn’t care.

As long as the audience felt something, anything at all, then they would be happy. Correction, as long as they were together then they would be happy.

Hoseok walked to the kitchen with a smile on his face. He decided that he would surprise Jimin by making breakfast.

His cheeks began to turn a sweet shade of pink as he imagined Jimin’s reaction. Eagerly, Hoseok swung the refrigerator open.

However, that eagerness quickly left him as he stared into the fridge. There was nothing but a container of noodles inside.

Thinking he was seeing things, Hoseok closed the fridge and closed his eyes. Once he was ready, Hoseok took a deep breath in and opened the refrigerator once again.

Just like before, there was nothing inside.

He scrunched his nose as he closed the fridge. Hesitantly, Hoseok walked to the white pantry door. With caution, he slowly pulled the door open. His heart dropped as he peered inside.

Bread and stale chips were the only items located inside the pantry. “How does Jimin live like this?” Hoseok gasped as he moved the bread and chips around, hoping to find more food.

It was apparent that there was nothing else to find inside the pantry.

As he scratched the back of his neck, Hoseok walked to the living room and plopped down on the couch. He wasn’t sure what to do.

There was no food to cook and the leftover ramen wasn’t going to be able to fill both of them up. With his chin in his hands, Hoseok began to come up with different ideas in his head.

However, nothing seemed right. Suddenly, Hoseok shot up from the couch. “That’s it!” Hoseok smiled as he walked to Jimin’s room.

Once he was in, Hoseok opened Jimin’s closet and began to scan the clothing.

Finally, Hoseok pulled out a black hoodie that had neon words written on the front. He pulled the hoodie over his head and made sure everything was in place.

All he had to do now was find his shoes. Remembering that he had already checked the bedroom before, Hoseok walked out to the hallway and began to examine the floor.

The shoeless hallway led him all the way to the living room. His shoes were located right under the couch.

As he picked his shoes up, he scrunched his nose and asked himself how he didn’t notice them before.

Now that he was fully dressed, he was ready to head out. In order to surprise Jimin he would have to go to the nearest grocery store and buy ingredients for breakfast.

Hoseok was sure that he would be back before Jimin was out of the shower. However, that meant that he would have to leave right now.

He had already spent so much time exploring the kitchen and searching for his clothes. As he pranced to the door, his heart danced in his chest. Jimin would be so surprised.

Hoseok didn’t want to brag, but he was actually pretty good at cooking. At least he thought he was.

Before he opened the door, Hoseok froze in place and stayed absolutely silent. He wanted to make sure that he still had time to go out. Suddenly, he heard the sound of the shower running.

Just as he was about to open the door, Jimin’s faint voice was heard echoing throughout the hall. His soft voice sent shivers down Hoseok’s spine. With each high note, Hoseok’s heart fluttered like a butterfly’s wings.

“The universe has moved for us, Without missing a single thing, Our happiness was meant to be, Cuz you love me, and I love you.”

With this euphoric feeling in his heart, Hoseok slowly opened the door and stepped outside. Once he closed the door and turned around, the cold wind tousled his hair.

He shielded his eyes from the wind with his right hand. As he squinted his eyes, Hoseok began to examine the neighborhood.

His heart froze once he realized his mistake. Hoseok had no idea where anything was.

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