Just Dance Chapter Five
Just Dance 

Chapter Five   junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Five

The passionate memory that Hoseok created with Jimin kept replaying in his head. He felt his cheeks warm up as his heart fluttered. Jimin had grasped onto Hoseok as if it was their last time together.

His lips throbbed for Jimin. Everything about Jimins reaction made Hoseok tremble with emotion. All the places Jimin had touched were still burning.

Suddenly, a very important fact made itself present. His beaming smile faded once he remembered that he had just met Jimin a couple hours ago. Hoseoks cheeks were now blushing not from euphoria, but from embarrassment. He had taken a giant leap today.

Did I make Jimin uncomfortable? Does he hate me now? Should I apologize? Hoseok turned into an anxious wreck as these thoughts devoured his mind.

Hoseok finally reached the bus stop and sat down on the bench. After he pulled his phone out, he read the white numbers on the screen as 7:48 PM. A sigh of relief escaped his lips once he realized he had arrived earlier than expected.

Slowly, Hoseok began to realize that he walked toward the opposite side of town just to follow an angelic boy he was enamored with. His actions began to sound crazy as he replayed the entire day.

There was just something about Jimin that made Hoseok want to drop everything for him. The way Jimin cutely covered his face when he was shy made Hoseoks heart throb. Everytime those sweet angelic giggles escaped Jimins plump lips Hoseok felt like cradling Jimin in his arms.

To be completely honest, Hoseok didnt know when he started to develop these feelings for Jimin.

Was it when he first met him? Was it when that beautiful clutz fell? Was it when he asked Hoseok if he could walk with him?

The idea of Jimin had pulled Hoseok into an unbreakable trance. Suddenly, a loud honk made Hoseok nearly fall out of his seat. His heart hammered against his chest as he examined his surroundings.

A big blue bus was stopped right in front of him with the doors wide open. Once he realized what was happening, Hoseoks jaw dropped. Quickly, Hoseok hopped off the bench and entered the bus.

Youre going to make me late, Hoseok, the bus driver chuckled. Sorry, Hayoon, Hoseok shyly responded.

For as long as Hoseok could remember, he had been riding on this specific bus in order to attend Chanwoos studio. He had formed a special bond with the bus driver, Hayoon.

The older lady had always looked after him when he was a child. It was almost as if Hayoon was some sort of mother figure. She had watched the young man grow up into the person he is today.

With a frown on his face, Hoseok plopped down onto one of the front seats. As the bus moved, Hoseoks eyes quickly darted outside the window. He rested his head on the glass while the bus began to move.

The dark sky mesmerized Hoseok completely. Once in a while, a shimmering star would make itself known in the black sea. Staring at the sky had seemed like a perfect distraction. Hoseok found comfort staring at the glowing eye above him. Suddenly, a smile crept across Hoseoks face.

There was no comparison between the stars and Jimin. Jimin shined brightly in Hoseoks eyes.

Hayoons eyes darted toward the rear view mirror. The corners of her lips drooped once her eyes landed on Hoseoks face. Hoseoks eyes held a palpable sadness. Her heart felt as if it was being squeezed. She never wanted to see Hoseok, someone who was like a son to her, hurting.

Hoseok, did something happen? she asked. Hoseok didnt respond. The now frowning boy was too absorbed with his thoughts, hindering Hoseok from hearing Hayoon. His worrying thoughts suffocated him.

Hoseok? Hayoon called out. Yes? Hoseok responded as he lifted his head off the glass. Are you okay? Hayoon questioned.

Hoseoks eyebrows lifted as he repeated the question in his head. He was somewhat surprised by her attentiveness. The surprised boy had thought that he was doing a good job at hiding his distress. However, he was glad that he had someone here he could talk to. It was better to release his emotions than to bottle it all up.

I think I made a big mistake, Hoseok sighed.

He then proceeded to explain everything to Hayoon, starting at the sidewalk and ending at the bus stop. Hoseok made sure that he included every little detail in his explanation. Hayoon gave all of her attention to Hoseok.

She wanted to understand how the boy was feeling. The bus driver didnt want to give the boy her compassion, but rather her empathy. Hopefully by the end of Hoseoks recap Hayoon would be able to help him feel at ease.

Once Hoseok began to mention Jimin, the corners of Hayoons lips began to curl upward. Everytime Jimin would appear in Hoseoks story, Hayoon would notice Hoseoks cheeks fill with color.

It was quite apparent that this young man named Jimin brought Hoseok a lot of happiness. Hayoon began to wonder why Hoseok was even anxious in the first place.

Hoseok! Hayoon cooed once Hoseoks story was done. I messed up, right?, Hoseok murmured as he stared at his shoes.

Hoseok, you didnt mess up! You said he kissed you back. Doesnt that mean he wanted it too? she questioned as a smile enveloped her face. I dont know, Hayoon. What if I came on too strong and he felt like he couldnt back out? Hoseok sighed.

I highly doubt that. If he really didnt like it then he wouldve pushed you away, Hayoon assured Hoseok. Suddenly, Hoseoks pained expression dropped. His eyes widened as Hayoons words repeated in his head. Hayoon was in fact right. Jimin didnt push him away or show that he was uncomfortable.

In fact, Jimin pulled Hoseok close to him as he wrapped his arms around Hoseoks neck. A faint blush began to creep back into Hoseok's cheeks.

I guess youre right, Hoseok beamed.

Suddenly, Hoseoks body began to pull forward as Hayoon pressed on the breaks. A loud release of air filled the atmosphere. Once Hayoon pressed a red button, the bus doors flung opening, allowing the cold air to fill the bus.

Hoseok shivered once the cold air hit his skin. However, this couldnt drop the contagious smile Hoseok wore. He hopped toward the front of the bus.

You know where he lives now, right? Why dont you visit him tomorrow and clear things up? Hayoon suggested.

Once Hoseok was on the sidewalk, he turned toward Hayoon and revealed his beaming smile. The excitement that he was feeling was palpable. His bright red cheeks added to the euphoric expression he was sporting.

He never thought about visiting Jimin on his own time, but it was a brilliant idea. Not only would Hoseok be able to apologize, but he would also get to know Jimin. Date ideas filled Hoseoks mind as he began to hop up and down.

Thank you for everything, Hayoon, Hoseok sang as he bowed. Hayoon simply nodded her head as she revealed her soft smile. The bus doors began to slowly close, separating the beaming Hoseok from the relieved Hayoon.

As she watched Hoseok walk toward his home, Hayoon let out a sigh of relief. She was glad that she was able to give Hoseok the reassurance he needed.

Jimin seemed to make Hoseok very happy and thats all Hayoon cared about. Hoseok deserved all the happiness in the world. With that thought, she drove off with an eased mind.


Jimin leaned against his front door with a smile on his face as he watched Hoseok saunter down the sidewalk. Once Hoseok disappeared, Jimin unlocked the door and ran inside his home.

The moment he reached his bedroom, Jimin threw himself on his bed and screamed into his pillow. His legs swung in the air as he felt the heat return to his cheeks.

Is this real? Jimin shouted.

After a couple of seconds, Jimin relaxed onto the bed as a string of giggles filled the room. He brought his finger to his plump lips and began to trace them.

The memory of what just occurred at his front door came rushing back. Jimin could feel Hoseoks hands grasping him tightly. His body shivered as his mind began to wander.

Suddenly, Jimin remembered that he still had Hoseoks clothes. After scanning the room, Jimins eyes landed on the clothing located on the floor. Quickly, he shot off the bed and picked the hoodie and sweatpants up.

Without a second thought, Jimin pulled the clothing to his chest and began to nuzzle into the clothing. However, the warming moment was interrupted.

The smell of sweat began to waft into his nostrils. His face scrunched up as he quickly pulled the clothing away from himself. He had completely forgotten that he had used these items for practice.

As he walked through the house, he let out a sigh of relief. Jimin was glad that Hoseok had let him keep the clothing. If Hoseok would have smelled the clothing then he might not have wanted to lend him anymore.

Once he reached the washing machine, Jimin placed the items into the machine and poured soap inside. After starting the machine, Jimin pranced back to his room.

Jimin began to undress as he searched for pajamas. While he button his pajama shirt on, Jimins soft smile began to disappear. The realization that he would have to wait another two days in order to see Hoseok slapped him in the face.

His lips began to pout as he pulled his pajama bottoms up. A feeling of longing began to overtake his whole body. If Jimin could barely wait one day, then there was no way he would be able to wait two whole days.

Suddenly, another realization fell upon Jimin. The now frowning boy couldnt contact Hoseok. Hoseok and Jimin had never exchanged phone numbers or social media accounts. It seemed as if the heavens were forcing Jimin to wait.

A long sigh escaped his lips as he flopped down onto his bed. Jimin pulled his covers over his head and hugged his pillow tightly. There had to be some way to contact Hoseok.

Jimins pouted lips began to relax as the warming embrace of slumber engulfed him.

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