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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Fifty Six

Hoseok's eyes turned into crescents as his lips formed the shape of a heart. Without a second thought, Hoseok wrapped his arms around Jimin and pulled him up from the couch.

Instinctively, Jimin's legs wrapped around Hoseok's waist. He bounced in the air as Hoseok danced around the room with Jimin in his arms.

Sweet giggles emitted from Jimin while Yoongi and Namjoon looked on.

The smile Namjoon wore was too big for his mouth. It felt as if the corners of his mouth would tear at any second. All of his happiness for the couple was seeping through him.

Usually shy and quiet, Yoongi modeled his gummy smile with great confidence. His cheeks were consumed by a rosy hue that matched the aura lingering in the atmosphere.

Subconsciously, Yoongi wrapped his hands around Namjoon's bicep, causing Namjoon to blush.

"I'll do it! I'll make you guys proud!" Hoseok sang as he waltzed with Jimin in his arms.

Once the first three words escaped Hoseok's lips, Jimin smushed Hoseok's cheeks and sprinkled kisses all over his honey skin.

A symphony of happiness filled Jimin's ears as Hoseok began to shyly giggle.

Jimin didn't care if there were other people in the room, nothing was going to stop him from smothering Hoseok with affection. The amount of happiness he felt was immeasurable.

Hoseok wouldn't have to give up the competition. He could continue to do what he loved and Jimin would support him every step of the way.

Even though Jimin couldn't perform with Hoseok, he was already mentally preparing for the special day. Everything had to be perfect...just like Hoseok.

"I'll call Jin and make sure that we can set this plan in motion," Namjoon beamed as he took his phone out of his pocket. Yoongi's eyes glistened as he stared up at the beaming couple.

Carefully, Hoseok sat back down on the couch and rested his head against the cushion. Jimin, seated in Hoseok's lap, began to sprinkle kisses all over Hoseok's exposed neck.

A deep hum filled the room as Hoseok squeezed Jimin against his chest. Nothing could bring them down from the high they felt. All of their hard work wouldn't be thrown away.

The palpable happiness in the atmosphere would be able to make the grumpiest person alive smile. Both of the men stared into each other's eyes as their faces painted beautiful smiles.

"Do you know what you're going to wear?" Yoongi questioned as he rested his chin in his hand.

"Already have it planned out," Jimin immediately responded as he revealed his dimples.

Yoongi began to chuckle as he stared at the beaming boy. His question was aimed more for Hoseok. However, he didn't have the heart to tell him.

Competitors dressed their best in order to impress for this event. Hoseok would know since he's been competing for years now.

Judging from Hoseok's wide eyes, it seemed as if Hoseok had overlooked this detail. Appearance was one of the factors the judges rated.

With five thousand dollars on the line, people were willing to wear anything that would make them stand out.

For as long as Hoseok could remember, he had only ever worn regular suits for the competition. However, that wasn't his decision. All of his past dance partners had always requested this.

This is mostly because their songs always had to do with some form of love. Their partner choreography would portray them as love interests.

The only problem was that Hoseok had no feelings for them whatsoever.

His choreography now wasn't based off of the euphoric feeling of falling in love. Although Jimin and Hoseok were very much in love, they had decided to try to conquer a more difficult emotion.

This year Hoseok would try to portray the painful sensation of a vanishing love. It was easy to emit the palpable emotion of enamor. However, it wasn't always the same for heartbreak.

Hoseok hoped that the audience would feel something as they watched him perform. The choreography would emphasize the lyrics of the song they were utilizing.

With two dancers, the choreography portrayed two lovers desperately trying to cling onto what was left of their love.

Now with one performer, the choreography painted the picture of a man hopelessly reaching out to a love that had already disappeared. Hoseok wasn't sure which scenario was more bleak.

Suddenly, Hoseok was pulled out of his trance as Namjoon lifted himself from the couch.

"Seokjin!" Namjoon chirped as he extended his hand outward, "How are you?" It looked almost as if Namjoon was reaching out to hug someone in the room.

Yoongi giggled as he watched Namjoon's dorky behavior. Small snippets of Jin's voice seeped through the phone that was held up against Namjoon's ear.

Namjoon nodded his head as he walked into the kitchen. The trio were left alone in the living room.

"Hoseok, do YOU have an outfit?" Yoongi repeated, but made sure this time Hoseok knew that the question applied to him as well.

Slowly, Hoseok shook his head as he dropped his gaze toward the ground. He was embarrassed by how unprepared he was. Up until now he had assumed that he wouldn't be competing at all.

Since the competition was two days away, finding an outfit for his performance was now a priority. However, that priority wouldn't be held above caring for Jimin.

"The competition is in two days Hoseok. You better go shopping tomorrow," Yoongi sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.

A smile crept across Hoseok's face as he stared at Yoongi. He knew that Yoongi's nagging meant that he cared. Yoongi only wanted what was best for Hoseok.

Hoseok was grateful that he had such a caring friend. If it wasn't for Yoongi, Hoseok might have completely forgotten about getting an outfit until the day of the competition.

Although Yoongi hated hearing it, Yoongi had a motherly instinct embedded into his wiring.

"Will do, mom," Hoseok laughed as he playfully stuck his tongue out.

Yoongi mimicked Hoseok as Jimin's flailing body emitted angelic giggles. Almost immediately, Yoongi and Hoseok joined Jimin's laughing fit. They gasped for air as they wiped their tears away.

These were the days that Hoseok lived for. All of his loved ones interacting happily in his presence.

Without all of these beautiful people Hoseok's life would be a bleak black and white painting. A beautiful mixture of people turned his life into a glistening acrylic masterpiece.

Suddenly, Namjoon emerged from the kitchen with his phone in hand. The trio immediately silence themselves as they stared at the man.

No one dared to make a sound as they waited for Namjoon's news. The corners of Namjoon's lips began to rise as he stared at the curious men.

Namjoon flung his arms into the air as the three men's eyes widened.

"Hoseok can perform!" Namjoon sang.

Immediately, the three men's face lit up as they joined Namjoon's cheers. There was no stopping them now. All the pieces had fallen perfectly into place.

The competition was going to be dominated by Hoseok's mesmerizing movements. These two days would either be the longest or shortest days these men would ever experience.

Hoseok wouldn't be the only one anxious for the special day. Friday was going to be THEIR day. All Hoseok had to do now was find an outfit.

Yoongi stood up from the couch and jumped up in the air with Namjoon. Without missing a beat, Hoseok and Jimin joined the couple.

Their harmonious cheers filled the atmosphere as they slowly clung onto one another. Suddenly, the men found themselves tangled into a group hug.

Their arms wrapped around each other as they exchanged their wishes of luck for Hoseok. Every one of the men wanted Hoseok to know that they were here for him.

No matter what he needed or what happened they would always support him. Jimin's eyes turned into crescents as he watched Hoseok's face beam with euphoria.

There was nothing Jimin loved more than seeing Hoseok happy.

Suddenly, Hoseok pulled away from the group. His crescent eyes examined the scene in front of him which made his heart flutter. He didn't want this moment to end.

Jimin turned his head toward his lover and blinded him with his beaming smile. That was the moment he knew exactly how to make this moment last longer.

"Would you guys like to stay for lunch?" Hoseok questioned.

As soon as those words left Hoseok's mouth, Jimin grasped onto Yoongi's and Namjoon's hands and stared deeply into their eyes. His puppy like mannerisms made the couple's face warm.

"Please stay," Jimin giggled as he began to bounce up and down.

Namjoon's eyes darted between the beaming Hoseok and the excited Jimin. Each one of their palpable auras filled the air as Namjoon's lips began to curl.

Just as he was about to respond, he felt someone tugging on the hem of his shirt. His gaze fell onto Yoongi, causing Namjoon's cheeks to flush.

Yoongi's head was tilted upward as his sharp eyes widened into doe like eyes. His pink lips pouted out as he stared at his lover with great fondness.

The lighting in the room made Yoongi's blush seep through his fair skin. Namjoon had to try his best to compose himself.

"Can we stay?" Yoongi questioned through his pout.

Immediately, Namjoon's heart exploded. All the cuteness in the room was too much to handle. These men were delivering a triple kill onto Namjoon's poor heart.

There was no way that Namjoon would be able to say no to them.

"Of course," Namjoon beamed, causing the three men to break out into cheers once again.

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