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Chapter Fifty Four  bts stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Fifty Four

The smell of eggs and bacon filled Jimin’s nose as he struggled to lift his heavy eyelids. Sunlight pouring in from the window lit the bedroom up as Jimin slowly lifted himself up.

He noticed that he was alone on the bed, causing him to pout. However, the sudden smell of pancakes filled his nose, indicating that Hoseok was most likely in the kitchen.

His stomach growled as he slid off the bed and waddled toward the mouth watering scent.

His oversize pajama shirt covered his black boxer briefs. The hair on the left side of his head was partially standing up as he groggily rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

Once he entered the kitchen, his whole body shivered as his bare feet touched the cold tile. However, he quickly forgot about the cold once his eyes landed on Hoseok.

An apron was tied around Hoseok’s waist as he flipped a pancake. He sported Jimin’s gray sweatpants along with Jimin’s black slippers.

A sweet shade of pink filled Jimin’s cheeks once he realized that Hoseok was shirtless.

Making sure not to make noise, Jimin crept toward the unsuspecting Hoseok. He wrapped his arms around Hoseok’s waist and rested his face against Hoseok’s back.

Jimin felt Hoseok shiver from his touch. Hoseok turned his head around and let out a sigh of relief once his eyes landed on the blushing Jimin.

“You scared me,” Hoseok chuckled as he felt Jimin nuzzle his skin. “Sorry,” Jimin giggled as he squeezed Hoseok’s waist.

Hoseok continued to chuckle as he slid the pancake onto a plate. Jimin’s eyes widened as he noticed the tall stack of pancakes resting on the plate.

Directly next to that plate was another one filled with an abundance of eggs. The same went for the plate filled with a mixture of bacon and sausage.

His hunger became more apparent as all the scents made Jimin nearly salivate. Suddenly, the sound of the stove clicking off filled Jimin’s ears as Hoseok placed the pan and spatula in the sink.

Suddenly, Jimin remembered that his fridge was empty a day ago. His eyebrows furrowed as he tried to figure out exactly how Hoseok got all the food for this feast.

“Did you go to the store?” Jimin questioned as he helped Hoseok place the plates on the dining room table. Hoseok shook his head as he took a jug of orange juice out of the fridge.

“Jin asked Odeng to dropp all of the food off,” Hoseok revealed as he placed the juice on the table. Jimin’s eyes widened as he stared at the food then at Hoseok.

His heart skipped a beat once he realized that Jin had blessed him with all this food. There was no way that Jimin could ever repay Jin.

As Hoseok placed down two empty plates and utensils, Jimin took his phone out of his pajama pocket and clicked on the camera app.

“Let’s send Jin a picture,” Jimin beamed as he held the phone in his hands. Immediately, Hoseok revealed his blinding smile as he clapped his hands together.

Jimin and Hoseok squeezed together as Jimin lifted the camera in the air, trying to capture the abundance of food on the table.

Suddenly, Jimin turned around and fixed the apron Hoseok wore in order to make sure that Hoseok was fully covered. Hoseok shyly giggled as Jimin faced the camera once again.


“Beautiful,” Hoseok cooed as he kissed Jimin’s cheek.

As Hoseok sat down, Jimin sent the photo to Jin along with a message that read, “Thank you so much, Jin hyung!"

Once the message delivered, Jimin took a seat at the table and began to serve himself. His plate was overflowing with food as he breathed in the aroma of the breakfast Hoseok prepared.

Hoseok watched Jimin devour breakfast with a smile on his face. Nothing made him happier than watching Jimin enjoy himself.

Jimin was beginning to eat more and, Hoseok wasn’t sure if he was the only one who noticed, Jimin’s cheeks began to look more plump.

As Jimin hummed, Hoseok giggled as he poured orange juice into Jimin’s cup. After he placed the cup next to Jimin, Jimin lifted his hand to his mouth and thanked Hoseok.

There was nothing in the world that could top how Hoseok was feeling right now.

“Anything for my kitten,” Hoseok beamed as he began to eat the food off of his plate.

The new pet name made Jimin’s cheeks fill with color.


Jimin rested his head on Hoseok’s lap as he read through the papers inside the bulky folder Dr.Moon sent him home with. Hoseok was watching something that Yoongi had recommended on Hulu.

In order to be considerate, Hoseok had muted the television and turned the subtitles on. He didn’t want to distract Jimin from the files he was reading.

This kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed and Jimin promised himself that he would thank Hoseok.

His eyebrows furrowed as he read the list of appointment dates that Dr.Moon set up for him. Jimin didn’t realize that he would have to meet up with Dr.Moon once a week for six weeks.

Depending on his progress Dr.Moon could add appointments or cancel them. He hoped that with Hoseok’s help that he could recover quickly.

Speaking of Hoseok, Jimin slightly lowered the folder and sneakily glanced at Hoseok. Hoseok looked engrossed with the show playing on the television.

His eyebrows furrowed, indicating that something shocking had just occurred. A small giggle escaped Jimin’s lips as he watched Hoseok. Suddenly, Hoseok's eyes landed on Jimin.

Quickly, Jimin hid behind the folder.

Carefully, Hoseok grabbed the folder from Jimin and placed it on the coffee table. He bent down and planted a kiss on Jimin’s forehead.

Jimin’s heart exploded as he watched Hoseok emerge with a beaming smile. The happiness oozing from Hoseok was palpable. This made Jimin hope that his love for Hoseok was palpable.

Jimin made grabby hands for Hoseok as his face enveloped into a smile. Gently, Hoseok lifted Jimin up and placed him on his lap.

Jimin stared down at Hoseok and suddenly became shy. His cheeks and the bridge of his nose turned a light shade of maroon.

Hoseok’s eyes suddenly became hooded as his gaze dropped down to Jimin’s plump lips.

He knew that Jimin was supposed to be resting, so he told himself that he wouldn’t go any farther than kissing.

Their lips connected as Jimin blossomed into Hoseok. The softness of Jimin’s lips drove Hoseok crazy as his hands pushed underneath Jimin’s pajama shirt.

Jimin trembled as he felt Hoseok’s fingers trace his waist. Suddenly, Jimin whimpered as he felt Hoseok’s hands travel down to his backside.

Hoseok used this opportunity to push his tongue through Jimin’s parted lips.

Jimin moaned into the kiss as Hoseok squeezed Jimin’s derriere. Their tongues pushed against one another as Hoseok explored Jimin’s wet cavern.

Suddenly, Jimin pulled away from the kiss in order to catch his breath. His pants filled the living room as Hoseok stared at him with lust filled eyes.

“Hoseok,” Jimin purred as he squeezed Hoseok’s waist between his thighs.

Immediately, Hoseok began to suck on Jimin’s neck as if it were candy. Jimin whined as he ran his fingers through Hoseok’s hair.

Hoseok pulled away from the spot he was working on and grinned once he saw the pink mark he left. He then began to mark up Jimin’s collar bone, causing Jimin to jolt in Hoseok’s lap.

Suddenly, the problem growing in Hoseok’s sweatpants became apparent as he felt Jimin’s thigh brush against him. His head shot back as he breathed through his teeth.

Jimin smirk as he moved his hand onto the sensitive area. “Let me help you,” Jimin hummed. Just as Hoseok was about to nod his head, he remembered that Jimin had to avoid physical labor.

If Hoseok was correct, what this was leading up to would count as physical labor.

Reluctantly, Hoseok removed Jimin’s hand and stared deeply into his eyes. “I can’t let you do that,” Hoseok sighed as he pushed his hand through his hair.

Jimin furrowed his eyebrows as he puffed his cheeks outward. “But I want to,” Jimin pouted as he scattered butterfly kisses on Hoseok’s neck.

He wasn’t making this any easier for Hoseok. Hoseok shook his head as he tried to hold back his groans. “You have to be resting,” Hoseok said through his teeth.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Jimin murmured as he hung his head low. Hoseok knitted his eyebrows together as he tried to decipher what Jimin meant.

Without warning, Jimin lifted his oversized pajama shirt, revealing the tent in his underwear.

All of Hoseok’s reason disappeared as he stared at Jimin’s caramel skin.


[ANOTHER A/N: the nicest ARMY ever helped me choose a headband to wear to the concert 🥺 she has my heart]

...yes, that is Yoongi washing clothes on Jimin's abs

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