Just Dance Chapter Eleven
Just Dance 

Chapter Eleven  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Eleven

Jimins legs swung as his fingers clutched the edge of the counter. The amount of times Hoseok had told the younger to be careful was astonishing.

With a goofy smile on his face, Jimin simply brushed the older off as he watched him wash the dirty dishes.

These wouldve been in the sink for at least a week if it werent for you.

I might not know how to cook, but cleanliness is something I pride myself in, Hoseok sang as he placed the last dish in the dishrack.

Jimin yelped, not fond of the water Hoseok was shaking from his hands. The olders laughter filled the room as he slotted himself between Jimins legs.

Instantly, Jimins legs wrapped around Hoseoks waist. Hoseok lifted the younger off the counter, carrying him toward the couch.

Hoseok! Jimin yelped as the older threw himself forward.

Jimin landed on the couch, Hoseok plopping right on top of him. However, the pain that he was expecting never came.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, making eye contact with the tallers crescent eyes. Without warning, Hoseok began to sprinkle kisses all over Jimins chest.

I like you so much, Park Jimin, words muffled as he continued to sprinkle the shorter with kisses.

Flattery will get you nowhere, Jung Hoseok, Jimin giggled, cupping Hoseoks face.

Of course, that was a lie. Jimin was a sucker for sweet talk, but Hoseok already knew that. The way Jimins face filled with color whenever Hoseok praised the younger did not go unnoticed.

However, as much as Hoseok wanted to do nothing but drown Jimin in praises that whole day, he had errands to run today.

Jimin, Hoseok whined as the younger pinched his cheeks. Mhm? humming as he soothed Hoseoks cheeks. I have to go.

The soft touches halted, bringing Hoseoks full attention to the shorter. Jimins pouted lips broke his heart, he wanted nothing more than to kiss that frown away.

I really want to stay, but I have to run some errands before class today, Hoseok sighed.

Being reminded, Jimin wriggled himself out of Hoseoks grip, making his way toward his bedroom. With a tilted head, Hoseok watched the younger disappear from his sight. In a matter of seconds, Jimin returned, holding something against his chest.

Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes, Jimin murmured as he handed Hoseok the clothes. Keep them for now, Hoseok insisted, At least until you get some proper dance clothes. Are you sure?

What else are you going to wear? Hoseok giggled as he held the clothes out to Jimin.

Nodding his head, Jimin took the clothes back, watching Hoseok check his pockets.

Knowing this means that he is preparing to depart, Jimin trudged toward the taller and rests his head on his chest. Heart throbbing, Hoseok rubs the back of Jimins neck, giving him a silent apology.

Ill see you at practice, right? Jimin murmurs. I have no reason to miss now that youre there.

Jimin feels his face heat up, gaining the confidence he needs.

Can I have your number?

Hoseoks mouth drops, wondering how he didnt ask for Jimins number earlier. He pulls his phone out, asking Jimin to recite his number as he types the numbers in.

Slowly, the pair make their way toward the front door. Knowing Hoseok has to leave, Jimin pulls himself away from the older, clutching onto the clothes a little tighter.

Have fun, Jimin smiles, trying his best not to look distraught.

Without warning, Hoseok places a chaste kiss against Jimin's plump lips, adoring the way his skin fills with a sweet hue of pink.

Ill be counting the seconds till I see you again.

Jimin giggled softly as Hoseok made his way outside. The younger waved, Hoseok looking over his shoulder every couple seconds.

Once Hoseok was too far away to see, Jimin slowly closed his door. His shoulders fell as he wondered what to do.

Suddenly, he felt vibrations on his back pocket. Quickly, Jimin pulled his phone out, heart thumping once he saw the new number calling him.


So this really is your number?

Jimin became a giggly mess as he listened to Hoseoks melodic voice.


Jimin ran out the front door, kicking the door closed and quickly locking it. Pushing his hair out of his face, he giggled as he tightly grasped the phone in his hand.

Why werent you watching the time? I thought you were! Jimin huffed as he jogged down the street.

Jimin shouldve known that neither of them would be that interested in keeping track of time, especially when they were on the phone with each other. The only thing that clouded their mind was each other, not the clock.

His heart beat wildly in his chest, breath trying to catch up as he made his way down the block. Hoseoks quick breaths were also heard on the opposite end of the phone.

Do you think well make it? Jimin questioned, suddenly starting to feel nervous, especially since he was a new student. You will, but I dont know about me, Hoseok chuckled.

Quickly stopping in his tracks, Jimin cupped the phone to his ear, clearly distraught. W-What do you mean?

Well, I have to take the bus to get to class, Hoseok revealed, the sound emitting from the phone a clear indicator that he was still running.

Jimins stomach dropped, feeling extremely guilty. He should have been watching the time. Without realizing it, Jimin had believed Hoseok lived in his neighborhood, clearly incorrect. Struggling to think of what to do, Jimin began to pace.

Is there anything I could do? Id feel horrible if you were late, because of me, Jimi whined, a knot forming in his stomach. Jimin, this isnt your fault. If anything Ill ju-

Suddenly, there was a loud honk. Jimins heart nearly jumped out his chest, taken back by the loud noise.

IllmeetyouatthestudioIhavetogobye! Hoseoks words jumbled as he shouted into the phone.

Jimin lowered the phone once he heard the call end. He began to wonder what exactly happened. However, he trusted Hoseok enough to tell him about it later.

All he was focused on was exactly what he should do. If Hoseok was going to arrive late then that meant that Jimin was going to be alone in class for a bit.

As much of a social person Jimin was, the students in the studio intimidated him. He was a newbie, this was their territory. Jimin wasnt sure if they viewed him as a nuisance or a threat, both being equally as bad.


Jimins head shot up, struggling to keep his balance as the person before him clutched onto his sweater. Inevitably, both parties ended up on the ground, one whining more than the other.

With wide eyes, Jimin lifted himself off the ground, extending a shaky hand to the person before him.

I-Im so sorry, Jimin stammered.

He recognized the girl before him as another student in Chanwoos studio. She glared at Jimin, eyes shifting to his extended hand with equally disdain.

Hesitantly, she grabbed his hand, gasping as Jimin pulled her up. After dusting herself off, she stared at the person before her.

You should really watch where youre going, she spat out. Jimin nodded his head, feeling queasy as her gaze bore through his head.

Arent you the new student? His head shot up, smile presenting itself.

Yeah, I just joined the other day, Jimin confirmed, trying his best to look as friendly as possible, I was act-

Without caring that Jimin was still talking, the girl turned around, fixing her hair as she continued to saunter down the street. Jimins face heat up, clearly embarrassed.

He wasnt sure exactly why she was acting so cold to him. Perhaps he really hurt her when he bumped into her.

Hoseok? Forcefully pulled out of his trance, Jimin looked up, spotting the older walking down the street with a smile on his face.

Sunhwa? I guess everyones late today, Hoseok chuckled, stuffing his hands in his pockets. I guess so, she giggled obnoxiously, leaning toward the taller as she fiddled with her hair.

Brows furrowed, Jimin watched the interaction before him. He was amazed by her quick attitude change.

Come let's go in, Sunhwa beamed, clasping onto the olders bicep. I was actually going to wait for Jimin, unless hes already inside. Did you see him? Hoseok questioned, oblivious to Sunhwa's furrowing brows.

Who? Jimin. The new student. Hes blonde, Hoseok explained as he scanned the area.

The newbie? Sunhwa spat.


Without warning, Hoseok pulled himself out of the girls grasp, nearly pulling her with him. Jimins filled with a sweet shade of pink as he watched the olders smile grow.

Before he could respond, Hoseoks arm was wrapped around his shoulder, pulling him toward the studio.

Lets get inside before Chanwoo notices, Hoseok beamed, adoring the way Jimin attempted to hide behind his hands.

Pushing the door open, Jimins stomach dropped once he realized everyones eyes were on the pair. Whispers floated around the room as they made their way toward the center of the studio.

A minute later Sunhwa bursted through the door, shooting glares at the students who stared for too long.

Glad you guys decided to show up.

Jimin lowered his head, attempting to hide from Chanwoos suffocating gaze. Clearly unbothered, Hoseok simply giggled as he reassuringly squeezed the youngers shoulder.

As you guys know, since your solos performances are now completed, Chanwoo announced, we will now be moving on to partner choreography.

The class erupted with conversation, eager to secure a partner before everyone was taken.

Students, silence! Chanwoo yelled, As I was saying, partner choreography begins today. Choose your partners wisely, the studio depends on it. You have to rest of class to prepare.

Every year Chanwoos Studio competed in a competition that involved all the dance studios in neighboring cities. There were mini trials in their own studios, the best duet ultimately being chosen to perform in the competition.

Not only did the winners get a trophy, but also a $100,000 check to renovate their studio.

Chanwoos Studio has been the consecutive winner, Hoseok being in each duet that has won. Not only do the dancers get bragging rights, but they also are scouted.

Most of his partners have left to better studios in order to compete in more prestigious national leagues. However, Hoseok chooses to stay.

No matter how many private or elite dance studios scout him, he chooses to stay right where he is.

In a matter of seconds, Hoseok is engulfed by every student in the studio.

Hoseok, will you be my partner? You dont have a partner yet right? I know both of us can win.

One after the other, students began to whine in pain, confusing everyone. Sunhwa elbows her way to the front, ignoring the glares she receives.

Hoseok tilts his head as she places herself next to him, grabbing onto his elbow.

You guys are going to have to wait till next year. Hoseok already promised to be my partner.

Whispers emerge from the crowd of students, along with daggers directed at Sunhwa. With a smug look on her face, she places a hand on her hip as the crowd begins to disperse.

I never promised that, Hoseok reveals.

The crowd returns, watching Hoseok shake Sunhwas hand off of him. He takes a couple steps away from the girl. Her face burns as she avoids the eyes from the crowd.

Jimin is my partner.

Jimins cheeks fill with color. His limbs turn to jelly as Hoseok pulled him to his side, gluing him there. It seemed as if the whispers multiplied, making Jimins stomach drop.

Whos he? Can he even dance? When did he join the class? Hell cost us the competition.

Jimins head dropped, fiddling with his sleeves as he attempted to ignore the whispers. However, he couldnt help but think they were right. He only joined the studio to get closer to Hoseok, not because he was passionate about it.

But Jimin was willing to try. He wanted to try.

Hoseok looked down, his smile disappearing once he saw the clearly distressed Jimin. Immediately, he pulled the younger toward the corner of the room, pulling them both down. Cupping his cheek with one hand, he made sure Jimins eyes were on him.

Dont listen to them. I know youre going to be amazing, Hoseok beamed, I believe in you.

Jimins eyes turned into crescent as he melted in Hoseoks touch.


Your left foot, not right Wrong foot. Youre doing great, but this part needs a little more emotion. Should I put markers on the floor?

Jimin panted as he let himself fall to the ground. He felt sweat dripping off him as Chanwoo dismissed the class. The quick breeze that entered the classroom each time a student exited felt like heaven to Jimin.

You okay? Hoseok questioned, extending a hand out toward Jimin.

Jimin nodded his head as he grasped the older arm, wheezing as he was pulled up. Hoseok handed the shorter a water bottle as he helped him stay up.

Am I pushing you too hard? Hoseok asked as he wiped Jimins sweat away with his sleeve. No! Im just a little tired, Jimin assured him.

Hoseoks brows furrowed, not completely believing the younger. The pair prepared to leave the studio, making sure they hadnt forgotten anything.

Just as they reached the door, Chanwoo beamed, Hoseok, Im expecting great things from you!

Jimins stomach dropped as the taller thanked the coach. The whole studio was depending on them. If Jimin didnt get his act together he wouldnt only be letting the studio down, but Hoseok as well.

Ready to go home? Hoseok asked as he squeezed Jimins hand. You dont have to walk me, Jimin whispered.

Clearly taken back, Hoseok turned toward the younger, scanning him for any sort of sign. Maybe Jimin was put off by Hoseoks assertiveness.

He didnt mean to push the younger past his limit. His heart began to bang against his rib cage as he asked Jimin why exactly he didn't want Hoseok to walk him.

Its not that I dont want you to, its just I have to run some errands, Jimin stammered.

Its fine, Ill go with you, Hoseok smiled.

No! Id feel bad if you got home late, Jimin said nervously.

Hoseok just wanted to make sure the younger got home safely, but he didnt want to pressure Jimin. He nodded his head as he slowly released Jimins hand.

However, his smile was quickly brought back once he felt Jimins soft lips on his own.

Ill text you, Jimin giggled. Promise youll text me the moment you get home, Hoseok sighed, Be safe!

Jimin watched as the older walked down the street, giggling as Hoseok occasionally looked over his shoulder. As much as he wanted to spend every second with Hoseok, he had more important things to do.

Once Hoseok was out of sight, Jimin jumped into action.

Chanwoo? Jimin called out. Chanwoo emerged from the locker room, disinfectant in hand. Yes?

After taking a deep breath, Jimin murmured, I was wondering if you could teach me the basics of dancing.

Chanwoo's eyes widened as he registered exactly what Jimin had said. Of course he wasnt judging the younger, but he was a little shocked.

He had assumed that Jimin was experienced in dancing, especially since this studio was meant for intermediate dancers.

If you cant, I understand.

I would love to help you, Jimin, Chanwoo smiled, But you have to promise me you wont ever give up, no matter how hard it gets.

Thank you so much. I promise! I promise! Jimin beamed, bowing as Chanwoo made his way toward the stereo.

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