Just Dance Chapter Eight
Just Dance 

Chapter Eight  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Eight

Jimin stared at the vibrating phone with wide eyes. Yoongi hyung, Jimin read aloud.

His eyebrows furrowed once he noticed the photo. It was a selca of Hoseok with another man in what looked like an amusement park.

Jimins mind began to race as he continued to stare at the picture. The photo looked as if they were out on a date. He pouted his lips outward while his heart deflated.

Suddenly, the vibrating ceased as the screen turned black. A small gasp escaped Jimins pink lips. He didnt mean to ignore the call, but it was for the best.

Jimin had no idea who this Yoongi was. Hoseok would most likely pick up his phone tomorrow, meaning that he could call his hyung back. This thought made Jimins frown deepen. The thought of seeing Hoseok made him feel anxious.

Just as Jimin was about to place the phone down, the screen lit up once again. However, this time Hoseoks phone wasnt receiving a call. Jimins eyes widened as he read the text message Yoongi sent.

The phone began to vibrate with Yoongis call once again. Fearing for his life, Jimin quickly accepted the call and placed the phone to his ear.

H-Hello, Jimin stammered. Who is this? Yoongi questioned.

Jimin was surprised by how perceptive Yoongi was. He thought that he would have to cut Yoongi off in order to reveal his true identity.

However, it seemed as if Yoongi was extremely familiar with Hoseoks voice. His stomach dropped with this thought. Yoongi must be extremely familiar with Hoseok in general.

Im Park Jimin. Hoseok forgot his phone at my house, Jimin revealed as he twiddled with the hem of his shirt. Of course, Yoongi muttered.

Before Jimin could add anything, the phone call abruptly ended. His lips slightly parted as he stared at the black screen with arched brows. He expected Yoongi to ask for an explanation. However, it seemed as if Yoongi wasnt interested. Suddenly, Jimins heart began to hammer against his chest.

Would Yoongi tell Hoseok he forgot his phone? Would Hoseok decide to pick up the phone now? Would Hoseok send Yoongi to get it?

Jimin wasnt ready to face Hoseok right now. However, hed be heart broken if Hoseok sent his friend. Although Jimin was terrified, he would rather Hoseok retrieve the item himself.

He began to debate whether he should ask Jungkook to come back. The anxious boy knew that he couldnt call Jungkook, he had to handle this on his own. Hopefully Hoseok wouldnt be too upset at Jimin.


Where is it? Hoseok muttered as he searched his home.

The moment Hoseok arrived home he decided that he would call Yoongi. However, he realized he didnt have his phone once he patted his empty pockets. His heart sank as his brain began to put the pieces together. There was only one logical place where his phone could be.

However, Hoseok didnt want to believe it. He hoped that he had merely forgotten his phone at home. Quickly, Hoseok ran through the hallway leading to his room.

Hoseok pulled the covers off of his bed and viciously shook his pillow. After he stuck his hand in the side of the bed, Hoseok began to search his hamper. He pulled out his old clothing and searched all the pockets. To his dismay, his phone was nowhere to be found...in his room.

Not wanting to give up, Hoseok sprinted out of his room and made his way to the living room. He squeezed his hands between the couch cushions and even moved the couch.

His eyebrows furrowed as he made his way to the kitchen. Desperately, Hoseok pulled all the cabinets open and scanned the items. Hoseok even examined the contents of the fridge.

However, his phone was still nowhere to be found.

Dejected, Hoseok trudged back to the comfort of his bedroom. Not caring that the bed was a mess, Hoseok hopped onto the bed and stuffed his face into his pillow.

His phone was obviously at Jimins house. The only problem was that Hoseok didnt want to see Jimin right now. He still needed time to process everything that he had seen.

Hoseok was fine with not seeing Jimin till the next dance class, but he wasnt fine with not having a phone.

Why? Hoseok muttered as he curled up into a ball.

Why would Jimin flirt with Hoseok if he already had a boyfriend? Why would Jimin let Hoseok kiss him if he already had a boyfriend? Why would Jimin not tell Hoseok that he had a boyfriend in the first place?

Hoseoks mind tried to find valid reasons to each of his questions. However, he would end up at dead ends. His mind kept trying to look at the bright side.

Jimin never told Hoseok himself that he was taken. He looked like an honest man, maybe Hoseok was delusional. Although this thought was somewhat reassuring, Hoseok wouldnt believe it until he heard the truth from Jimin himself.

Hoseok looked at the clock on his wall and sighed as he read the time. It was currently three thirty PM. It was still too early to simply go to bed.

To be quite frank, Hoseok would rather be out than home alone with his thoughts. However, he didnt have a phone to contact anyone with. He would have to go out alone.

Hoseok began to wonder if he should retrieve his phone now. It was a burden to be phoneless. There was nothing that Hoseok could really do.

He would have to retrieve his phone at some point. Quickly getting it over with seemed like the best option. However, his heart tightened with the thought of seeing Jimin.

Hoseok couldnt do it.

He didnt have to hang out with anyone right now. The best thing for Hoseok was some alone time. A walk around the block in order to sort out his thoughts seemed amazing. Hoseok slid off of his bed and walked toward the front door. Hopefully after his stroll Hoseok would have a clear mind.

After taking a deep breath in, Hoseok swung the door open and hopped outside. Immediately, Hoseok felt something in his way. The sound of someone grunting filled his ears as he began to lose his balance.

It was too late to save himself from harms way. With his eyes squeezed shut, Hoseok felt gravity pulling him toward the ground.

Ack, Hoseok! Watch where youre going! an angry voice shouted.

Immediately, Hoseoks brows shot upward as the voice filled his ears. He knew exactly who that voice belonged to. His eyes opened wide as he examined the ground before him.

There he saw Yoongi sat on his bottom as he rubbed his back. Without missing a beat, Hoseok sprung off the ground and lifted Yoongi up.

Im so sorry, hyung! Are you okay? Hoseok questioned as he began to examine Yoongis hands. Im fine. Im fine, Yoongi assured him.

Hoseok pushed the front door in and motioned for Yoongi to enter. Once Yoongi was inside, Hoseok followed his hyung to the living room. Both men sighed as they plopped down onto the couch.

What made you want to come over? Hoseok questioned as he rubbed the palm of his hand. I wasnt sure if you already knew, but you left your phone at your boyfriends house, Yoongi revealed.

Hes not my boyfriend, Hoseok quickly responded as his cheeks exploded with color.

Even though Hoseok was blushing, his face still held an expression filled with sorrow. Yoongi immediately noticed this. His eyebrows furrowed as he watched Hoseoks lips frown.

Earlier today, Hoseok was boasting about how amazing Jimin was and how excited he was to visit him. Hoseoks eyes sparkled when Jimin was mentioned, but now his eyes simply glazed over. It seemed as if something happened while he was with Jimin.

What happened? Yoongi questioned as he patted Hoseoks back.

Hoseoks eyebrows furrowed as he stared intently at his hands. He knew that talking about it would make him feel better, but he was embarrassed. A couple hours ago Hoseok was boasting about how he knew that Jimin was different.

Saying his fear out loud would only make him look naive. However, he knew that Yoongi was someone he could trust.

I think he already has a boyfriend, Hoseok sighed as he placed his face in his hands.

Yoongis eyes widened as Hoseoks words repeated in his head. He couldnt believe what he was hearing. If he wasnt mistaken, the pair had already kissed.

That meant that Jimin had cheated on his boyfriend. Not only that, but Jimin also played with Hoseoks heart. His wide eyes soon turned sharp as his eyebrows knitted together.

When are you going to get your phone? Yoongi questioned as a low growl emitted from his throat. Tomorrow, Hoseok murmured through his hands.

Hoseok, Im going with you. No one gets away with messing with my friend, Yoongi roared as he sprung off the couch.

Slowly, Hoseok lifted his head up. Immediately, his eyes landed on the diminutive Yoongi. His legs were spread apart as his hands rested on his hips.

With his head held up high, Yoongi pouted his lips outward. Hoseok couldnt believe what he was witnessing. Suddenly, Hoseok erupted with laughter.

Whats so funny? Yoongi questioned as he turned toward his friend. Youre scary, hyung, Hoseok beamed.

I know, Yoongi stated matter-of-factly as he joined Hoseok's symphony of happiness.

Yoongis presence made Hoseoks mood brighten. If Yoongi hadnt come over then Hoseok might have been devoured by his pessimistic thoughts.

Although the thoughts were still present, Yoongi helped momentarily drown them out. With Yoongi by his side Hoseok would do anything. Of course, thats what best friends are for.

Im sleeping over, Yoongi yawned as he began to walk down the hallway. You live right down the street, Hoseok chuckled.

Hoseok didnt mind that Yoongi decided to spend the night. In fact, it was quite common for the duo to sleep over at each others houses.

Ever since the pair were in high school, they spent the majority of their days together. Conveniently, they only lived a couple minutes away from one another.

Suddenly, Hoseok bumped right into Yoongi. He was too caught up in appreciating his friend that he forgot what he was doing. However, now he was confused as to why Yoongi wasnt entering the bedroom.

Curiously, Hoseok looked over the olders shoulder and examined the scenery. Immediately, his cheeks turned a bright shade of red. Hoseok had forgotten to clean up the mess he had made.

Youre a pig, Yoongi muttered. Sorry, I was looking for my phone, Hoseok sputtered as he pushed past Yoongi.

Hoseok was extremely embarrassed by the state of his bedroom. He was usually a clean guy. However, today was a major exception. Quickly, Hoseok placed all of his dirty clothes back into the hamper and closed his dresser.

Yoongi leaned against the doorframe as he watched Hoseok fix his bed. After throwing away a couple pieces of trash, Hoseok opened his closet and pulled an extra pillow and blanket out.

He bought these items specifically for Yoongi so he wouldnt have to constantly bring over his own covers. His best friend also had an extra set of covers specifically for Hoseok at his home.

Whos that for? Yoongi questioned as he tilted his head. These are for me, hyung. You can go ahead and sleep on my bed, Hoseok sarcastically stated.

Immediately, a string of giggles escaped Hoseoks lips. He couldnt believe that Yoongi asked a question like that.

It was quite obvious that the covers were for him. Hoseok began to wonder if Yoongi really forgot that he had an extra set for him. As he continued to giggle, Hoseok stuck the pillow and blanket toward Yoongi.

Without warning, Yoongi grabbed onto Hoseoks arms and pulled him out of the room. Before Hoseok could turn around, Yoongi slammed the door shut.

The sound of the door locking filled the hallway as Hoseoks mouth hung open. Slowly, Hoseok turned toward the bedroom door. He carefully held the items with one hand and used the other to turn the doorknob.

However, the door wouldnt open. Yoongi seriously locked Hoseok out of his own room. Hoseok's eyes widened once Yoongis laughter seeped through the door.

There wasnt much that Hoseok could do now. He squeezed his lips together as he slowly trudged toward the living room. The couch wasnt necessarily uncomfortable, just a little small.

However, Hoseok wouldnt be that uncomfortable. Yoongi had stolen Hoseoks bed before, so it wasnt like this was something new. After placing his pillow down, Hoseok laid down onto the couch and stared at the ceiling.

Hoseok wanted to fall asleep quickly, but his mind had different plans. He began to feel anxious as he imagined what would happen tomorrow.

There was no telling what Jimin would say or do. It wasnt even guaranteed that he would be home by the time Hoseok and Yoongi arrived. What worried Hoseok the most was not knowing what to do.

There was no way that he could prepare for something like this. All Hoseok had to do was follow his heart.

Eventually, all the worrying had drained Hoseoks energy. His eyes fluttered shut as soft snores escaped his pink lips. Suddenly, the sound of the bedroom door opening filled the house.

Yoongi tiptoed down the hall and entered the spacious living room. There he saw Hoseok sound asleep on the couch. He made his way down to Hoseok and began to adjust his covers.

Once he was sure that Hoseok was fully covered and comfortable, a small smile crept across Yoongis face. Gently, Yoongi pushed Hoseoks hair back, revealing his forehead.

Itll be okay, Hobi, Yoongi murmured as he ruffled the younger's hair.

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