Just Dance Chapter Eighteen
Just Dance 

Chapter Eighteen junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Eighteen

The air was heavy as Yoongi and Hoseok rode the bus. Hoseok was getting nervous the closer they arrived to their stop. He didn’t know how this would play out, and that scared him.

Yoongi could tell he was distressed, but he didn’t know how to comfort him. He’s never been in a situation like this before and couldn’t offer up any wisdom.

Yoongi placed his hand on Hoseok’s shoulder and softly said, “You’re going to be just fine. Nothing bad is going to happen and you’re going to fix this. If you need anything I’m here for you.”

Hoseok’s smiled and pulled Yoongi into a hug. “Thank you, Yoongi. I really appreciate it,” Hoseok smiled. “Yes, yes, yes, I know. I am amazing,” Yoongi confidently responded.

“This is your stop,” Hayoon, the bus driver, yelled. Hoseok and Yoongi got up and exited the bus. “Have a safe trip,” Hayoon called out.

“Thank you,” Hoseok and Yoongi said simultaneously as they bowed. They watched as the bus drove away and stood in silence. Hoseok dropped his gaze and said nothing.

Yoongi checked his phone and saw it was 2:15. “We should get going, we’re late,” Yoongi said as he pulled on Hoseok’s sleeve. “Okay, let’s go,” Hoseok said as he began to walk.

They were so close to the boba place, exactly five minutes away. However, Hoseok was so nervous he began to drag his feet just to buy time. “Are you okay?” Yoongi asked.

“I’m just nervous, that is all,” Hoseok muttered. Finally, they reached the boba place and, immediately, Hoseok saw Sunhwa sitting outside on her phone.

Sunhwa looked up and saw Hoseok. “Hoseok! Over here,” she smiled. Hoseok mood drastically changed. No longer was he nervous, but now he was full of rage.

He walked towards her table and Yoongi followed. As soon as he reached the table, Sunhwa pulled him into a hug. “I’ve missed you,” Sunhwa giggled.

Hoseok didn’t hug her back and waited for her to let go. Sunhwa could tell Hoseok was tense and let go.

Hoseok sat down in the chair across from Sunhwa. Yoongi grabbed a chair from another empty table and placed it next to Hoseok and sat down. The trio sat there in silence.

Suddenly, Sunhwa began to giggle. Hoseok and Yoongi stared at each other. “Hoseok, I think you should be acting as if you’re happy to see me,” Sunhwa smirked.

Hoseok began to scowl and opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by Sunhwa. “I am the person who can end Jimin’s suffering,” she said as gave Hoseok the evil eye.

He closed his mouth, he didn’t know what to say. If he wanted to help Jimin he just had to play along with Sunhwa’s sick games.

“Who’s this?” Sunhwa asked as she pointed towards Yoongi. “What’s that?” Yoongi snapped back as he pointed to Sunhwa. Sunhwa was taken aback by Yoongi’s rude remark.

“Hoseok, you’re just going to let him talk to me like that?” she cried. Hoseok glared at Sunhwa and didn’t respond. “Hoseok?” Sunhwa called out. Still no response.

Sunhwa’s face began to flush. She opened her mouth to yell at Hoseok, but was cut off.

“What do you want from me? Why won’t you leave Jimin alone? Just let us be happy.I don’t like you and I never will,” Hoseok said coldly. Sunhwa grabbed her chest. It was as if her heart was being stabbed each time Hoseok spoke.

“You aren’t Jimin and you never will be,” Hoseok continued, “Bullying Jimin won’t make me like you, it’ll only make me despise you.” “Hoseok, how could you say that?” Sunhwa whimpered.

“It’s the truth. Please, leave Jimin alone. Imagine if someone else made up horrible rumors about you,” Hoseok retorted. Sunhwa fidgeted with her sleeve and couldn’t look at Hoseok.

She was embarrassed. She was humiliated. She was heartbroken. “I’ll tell everyone you’re dating Jimin,” Sunhwa whispered. “What?” Hoseok asked.

“I’ll tell everyone you’re dating Jimin,” Sunhwa yelled. “How will that affect me?” Hoseok laughed. “You’ll see,” Sunhwa muttered. She got up and walked away.

“You okay?” Yoongi asked. “I’m fine,” Hoseok said as he slouched in his chair. “Are you sure? People in our providence aren’t as accepting,” Yoongi replied.

“What’s the worst they can do, kick me out?” Hoseok laughed. “I guess you’re right,” Yoongi shrugged. “Want boba? It’s on me,” Hoseok smiled. “Sure,” Yoongi replied.

“Can I have your credit card?” Hoseok asked. “I hate you,” Yoongi laughed.

“I need to know what she’s saying,” Jimin cried out loud. Even if it was something horrible Jimin still wanted to know, because not knowing was even worse.

This was going to eat him from the inside out. It was all he could think about, nothing else. “I shouldn’t be alone,” Jimin muttered. He grabbed his phone and texted Jungkook.

J: can I come over? Almost immediately Jungkook replied. JK: of course :)

Jimin broke out into a smile. He was relieved that he wouldn’t have to stay in this wretched house alone with his thoughts. Also, Jungkook lived near by so he wouldn't have to walk far.

After grabbing a jacket from his closet, Jimin headed out towards Jungkook’s house.

The wind blowing through his hair, the sweet smell of autumn, it was truly beautiful outside. As Jimin walked, he felt as if it were just him in this vast world.

All his thoughts and worries began to float away. “It’s like I’m in a music video,” Jimin giggled, “I should walk more often.”

As Jimin reached Jungkook’s, he heard Jungkook’s laughter. Jimin instantly smiled, it’s been a while since he heard Jungkook’s warm laugh. He walked up to the door and knocked.

Immediately, there was a thud from inside and then giggling following right after. Jungkook opened the door, revealing his sweet smile.

His smile was contagious and Jimin found himself returning Jungkook’s smile. “Jiminie,” Jungkook yelled as he pulled Jimin into a hug. Jimin giggled as he hugged Jungkook back.

“Come in,” Jungkook said as he pulled Jimin in by his sleeve. Jimin was surprised by how clean Jungkook’s home was. The last time Jimin was here it was a pig sty. “Wow,” Jimin whispered.

They made their way to Jungkook’s room. Even his room was clean, except his bed wasn’t made. His covers were balled up on top of his pillows. “I’m so tired,” Jimin sighed.

He began to run towards Jungkook’s bed. “Wait!” Jungkook yelled. It was too late, Jimin was already in the air. He awaited the soft landing, but it never came.

“Ow!” Jimin and the blanket yelled. “Wait, the blanket just talked,” Jimin realized. Jimin quickly rushed off the bed and fell on the floor.

Simultaneously, Jungkook and the blanket began to laugh. “W-What is that?” Jimin stuttered. Jungkook waddled towards the bed and picked up the covers.

This revealed Taehyung and his boxy smile.

“That hurt my head,” Taehyung laughed. Jimin sat on the floor, embarrassed, as Jungkook and Taehyung continued to laugh. Taehyung got off the bed and joined Jimin on the floor.

“I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” he asked Jimin. “No, I’m fine,” Jimin said as he began to cover his face. “I forgot to tell you he was here,” Jungkook giggled.

“Is that why you cleaned the house?” Jimin questioned Jungkook. “Actually, I’m the one that cleaned,” Taehyung responded as he smiled.

“He came over so that we could watch the new episode of Dakaretai Otoko,” Jungkook began. “Yesterday was Friday and a new episode comes out every Friday,” Taehyung added.

“We decided to wait until Saturday to watch it together,” Jungkook smiled, “But when he came over the house was a little messy.” “It was a pig sty,” Taehyung muttered.

“He started to clean and watching him clean made me tired. After he was done, we both were tired and decided to take a nap,” Jungkook laughed.

“They’re so cute together,” Jimin thought to himself. “Yeah, I know we are,” Jungkook responded as he kissed Taehyung’s cheek.

Jimin turned red, “Did you read my mind?” Taehyung giggled and responded, “You said it out loud.” “I didn’t mean to,” Jimin said as he tried to hide his embarrassment.

“Wait a minute, when did you two begin to date?” Jimin asked.

“Remember when I came over to apologize to Hoseok?” Jungkook questioned. “Yes,” Jimin responded. “Well, that's the day I confessed,” Jungkook smiled.

Jimin was hurt that Jungkook didn’t tell him, but he was also really happy for him. Taehyung made Jungkook happy and that's all that mattered.

“Come on, let’s watch the new episode,” Taehyung said as he pulled Jungkook on the bed. The pair laid down and Jungkook rested his head on Taehyung’s shoulder.

Jungkook looked at Jimin and patted the spot next to him, indicating for Jimin to join them. Jimin shyly laid down next to Jungkook. Taehyung pressed play on the laptop and the episode began.

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