Just Dance Chapter Sixteen
Just Dance 

Chapter Sixteen bts stories
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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Sixteen

Cold stares and whispers were what Jimin had to endure throughout the remainder of the class. Hoseok could clearly see how this affected Jimin. He was despondent and unfocused.

Jimin was so caught up in his own thoughts that Hoseok had to constantly be calling out to him. This truly was the most uncomfortable situation that Jimin had ever endured.

“Class has ended. Everyone get home safe,” Chanwoo said enthusiastically. This broke Jimin from his despondent state. “Finally, it’s over,” Jimin thought.

He quickly began to walk towards the exit. Suddenly, someone grabbed Jimin’s hand and stopped him in his tracks. “Are you okay?” Hoseok asked.

“Y-Yes, I just want to g-go home,” Jimin stuttered. “Wait for me while I get my bag,” Hoseok responded. Jimin nodded and Hoseok ran off towards the locker room.

Students were still leaving the studio. Jimin stood next to the door, waiting for Hoseok. As students exited the building, they whispered and stared at Jimin.

Jimin felt a lump form in his throat and kept his eyes towards the ground. Finally, Hoseok emerged from the locker room and made his way towards Jimin.

“Let’s go,” Hoseok said as he grabbed Jimin’s hand. The pair walked out of the building and made their way towards Jimin’s house.

Neither of them said a word as they walked and Jimin kept his gaze towards the ground. Hoseok didn’t like when Jimin was sad, he wanted Jimin to always be smiling.

“I’ll stop this,” Hoseok whispered. “What?” Jimin asked. “I’ll make Sunhwa stop, I know what she’s doing,” Hoseok said angrily. Jimin didn’t respond, he didn’t know what to say.

“I’m sorry, this is all my fault,” Hoseok muttered. Jimin stopped and finally made eye contact with Hoseok. “It isn’t your fault, none of this is your fault,” Jimin yelled.

Hoseok couldn’t hold Jimin’s gaze. “Do you know what they’re saying?” Jimin asked. Hoseok hesitated, then finally responded, “No.” “Neither do I,” Jimin sighed.

However, Hoseok did in fact know. When he went to get his bag from the locker room he overheard everything.

“He’s gross.” “Why is he trying to turn Hoseok gay?” “Is he really gay?” “I can’t believe he’s in love with a guy.” “Hoseok better watch out."

Those were the evil things that Sunhwa had told everyone, all of which were lies. Hoseok wanted to do something, he wanted to punch the people who said those disgusting things.

However, he knew that violence wouldn’t solve anything. All he knew was that Jimin shouldn’t be suffering.

Jimin and Hoseok reached the house and lingered at the door. “Do you want me to sleep over?” Hoseok asked.

Jimin hesitated and answered, “No, it’s fine. I think it’d be better if I was alone. Thank you.” “Okay, good night,” Hoseok said as he kissed Jimin.

“Good night,” Jimin said as he forced a smile. Jimin entered his home and closed the door.

Hoseok stood outside Jimin’s house, alone. He couldn’t find it in himself to leave Jimin alone. The last thing Jimin needed was to be alone.

Jimin needed a shoulder to cry on, a person to talk to, and someone to comfort him. However, he didn't want to force himself onto Jimin. Hesitantly, Hoseok turned around and walked home.

Once Hoseok entered his home, he went to his room and threw himself on his bed. He was sorrowful. He was disgusted. He was aggravated. “How can Sunhwa do this?” Hoseok thought.

Hoseok could only think of one person to talk to, Yoongi.

H: Come over H: I need help

Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. Hoseok immediately got up and opened the door. Yoongi was wearing a robe, underneath were his pajamas. “What happened?” Yoongi asked.

Hoseok moved aside, and motioned for Yoongi to come in. Yoongi quickly walked in and sat down on the couch. Then, Hoseok told Yoongi everything.

“Wow,” Yoongi muttered. “I don’t know what to do,” Hoseok sighed. “You need to talk to her,” Yoongi said as he patted Hoseok’s back.

“I just feel so bad for Jimin. This is really affecting him,” Hoseok frowned. “Does he know what they’re saying?” Yoongi asked. “No,” Hoseok quickly responded, “If he found out, it would destroy him."

“He’s bound to find out. It’s a small studio,” Yoongi said as he shook his head.

None of them said another word. They were both enveloped in their own thoughts. Yoongi was trying to figure out how to help Hosek, while Hoseok was trying to figure out how to stop Sunhwa.

“I think the only thing you can do is talk to Sunhwa, face to face,” Yoongi finally stated. “I’m scared,” Hoseok whispered. “Why?” Yoongi asked as he wore a confused expression.

“What if talking to her only makes things worse? What if she gets mad and spreads more rumors?” Hoseok yelled. “Hoseok, she likes you. Don’t you understand? She’s doing this to get your attention,” Yoongi said as he started into Hoseok’s eyes.

“You’re right,” Hoseok sighed, “I’ll ask her to meet up with me tomorrow."

“You have her number?” Yoongi questioned. “Yeah, I only have it because we had to schedule additional practices for our choreography a long time ago,” Hoseok responded.

“Are you going to tell Jimin?” Yoongi asked. Hoseok looked up at Yoongi, but didn’t respond. “Hoseok?” Yoongi called out. “I don’t know,” Hoseok finally stated.

Yoongi opened his mouth to say something, but Hoseok quickly added, “If I tell him he might want to come, or he might want to stop me. Maybe even tell me to forget about it."

Hoseok waited for Yoongi’s response. However, the pair sat in silence. He was waiting for Yoongi to chastise him on why that was a bad idea.

“I’ll go with you,” Yoongi said as stood up. Hoseok quickly looked up at Yoongi and smiled, “Really?” “I have to go in case you do something rash. Especially since you have that nasty temper,” Yoongi smiled.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, hyung,” Hoseok said as he pulled Yoongi into a hug.

“You’re such a baby,” Yoongi laughed as he hugged Hoseok back.

Hoseok walked Yoongi to the front door. “Text me what time you’re going to meet her,” Yoongi said as he held out his fist.

“Thank you again, hyung,” Hoseok said as he bumped Yoongi’s fist with his own. Yoongi walked away towards his house. Hoseok closed the door and walked to his room.

He unplugged his phone from where it was charging and sat on his bed. He thought for awhile, then finally messaged Sunhwa.

H: I need to talk to you

H: In person

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