Just Dance Chapter Sixteen
Just Dance 

Chapter Sixteen  junghoseok stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Sixteen

Jimin tried his best to ignore it.

The stares.

The whispers.


His head shot up, not realizing how caught up in his thoughts he had been.

Hoseok tried to make the younger feel better, but Jimin hadnt cracked a smile since.

The shorter seemed to trip over his feet more often, turning a blazing color of red each time he hit the ground. It was clear just how affected he was.

Okay, guys, get home safe!

Chanwoos voice broke Jimins unresponsive state. Without a second thought, Jimin gathered his belongings and quickly made his way to the door.

Just when he was about to grasp the handle, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

Hesitantly, Jimin turned around.

His eyes softened once he saw Hoseoks concerned face.

Hey, you okay?

Jimin audibly swallowed. He didnt want to burden Hoseok.

Y-Yeah, Jimin grinned, I just want to go home.

Ill walk you home, Hoseok furrowed his brows, If thats okay?

Jimin eagerly nodded his head.

Okay, let me go get my bag.

Jimin watched as Hoseok sprinted toward the locker rooms.

Hoseok knew the younger didnt want to be there anymore, so he would try to make his trip as quick as possible. The last thing he wanted was to put Jimn in an uncomfortable situation.

Jimin stood next to the door, fiddling with his sweater. His eyes widened once he noticed the group of people coming toward him.

With shaky hands, Jimin opened the door for them. They exited the building, one by one.

He didnt miss the way some students' eyes lingered longer than others, no one ever thanking him.

His eyes stung.

Hoseok pushed through the locker door, eager to make his way back to Jimin. However, the sight before him made him stop in his tracks.

Jimins shoulders shook as he wiped his eyes with his sweater. Without warning, Jimins eyes shot up, locking with Hoseoks.

Embarrassment filled his veins.

L-Lets go.

Jimin tried his best to stabilize his voice and hide his tears.

Hoseoks heart broke as he watched Jimin struggle to fake a smile.

The pair made their way out of the building, Hoseok quickly latching onto Jimin. He knew Jimin needed the comfort.

They walked in silence, both thinking. Jimin tried his best not to shed more tears, but he was scared.

Not knowing what rumors were being spread about him made his skin crawl. He didnt realize just how evil Sunhwa was.

Ill make it stop, Hoseok whispered.


Ill make Sunhwa stop.


Hoseok began to wonder.

Wonder whether Jimin thought he was to blame. He wouldnt be wrong. This was Hoseoks fault.

If only he handled the situation with Sunhwa better.

If only he confronted her today.

If only he-

Do you know what theyre saying about me?

Hoseoks feet faltered. The lump in his throat made it difficult to swallow.


Jimin simply nodded his head.

But Hoseok did know.

His trip to the locked revealed it all.

That is kinda weird. Him trying to turn Hoseok gay?

Is he really gay? Thats what Sunhwa said. I wonder if Hoseok knows.

Hoseoks blood boiled. Everything Sunhwa told them were lies.

She didnt even mention that Hoseok admitted to dating the younger. She was purposely trying to hurt Jimin.

Suddenly Jimin stopped, nearly sending Hoseok flying.

He didnt realize they had arrived at the youngers home.

Meekly, Jimin waved at the younger, not wanting to say farewell.

If you want, I can sleep over, Hoseok beamed, pulling Jimin into a hug.

Jimin melted into Hoseoks touch. As much as he wanted Hoseok to stay, he didnt want to bother him.

He felt like a burden. His heart faltered as he stared into the olders eyes, finding nothing but adoration.

Hoseok showed him everyday just how much he liked him, but he didnt know why he couldnt believe it.

Its fine, Jimin murmured into Hoseoks chest, I think itd be better if I was alone.

Hoseok couldnt hide his disappointment, nodding his head as the pair pulled away.

Good night.

Hoseok gently kissed the shorters forehead.

Jimin quickly entered his home, not before planting a kiss on the olders cheek.

Hoseok watched the lights in the house turn on, feeling uneasy. He couldnt find it in himself to leave Jimin alone.

He knew just how much Jimin was hurting. The last thing Jimin needed was to be alone.

Jimin needed a shoulder to cry on.

A person to talk to.

Someone to comfort him.

As much as Hoseok wanted to be that person, he didnt want to force himself onto Jimin.

Hesitantly, Hoseok turned around and walked home. He decided to walk home, needing time to himself to think.


Hoseok sunk into the couch, head hanging between his shoulders. He was disappointed in himself.

Sunhwa was tormenting the person he cared the most for, and he did nothing to stop it. His thoughts were a jumble of words, no coherent sentences.

The walk did nothing to ease him. There was only one person Hoseok knew could help him.

After a quick text and five minutes, there was a knock at the door. Launching off the couch, Hoseok opened the door.

What happened?

Yoongis eyes were doubled in size, showing clear concern. It was quite obvious he had run to Hoseoks house, his labored breaths the only sound between the pair.

Hoseok pulled Yoongi into his home, making sure the older closed the door behind him.

Once both settled on the couch, Hoseok explained the situation.

Yoongi listened to the younger, holding back his comments and letting Hoseok take all the time he needed. He could tell just how troubled Hoseok was, his bouncing legs an indicator.

The olders heart ached from him.

I dont know what to do, hyung.

You need to talk to her.

Hoseoks head shot up, eyes widening by the second.

Yoongis brows furrowed as he watched Hoseok shake his head.


The younger continued to shake his head, squeezing his eyes shut.


I cant!

Yoongi shut his mouth, fighting the urge to say another word. He knew pressuring Hoseok wouldnt achieve anything.

Hoseok needed to go at his own pace. The pair sat in silence while Hoseok collected his thoughts.

What if that makes it worse? Then what?

Yoongis throat closed.

Im scared.


I dont know what else shell do to hurt Jimin.

Hoseok, look at me.

Hoseoks shoulders shook, trying to figure out whether to listen to the older or not.

Suddenly, the olders hands cupped Hoseoks face, forcing him to face him.

His lips pouted, tears threatening to spill.

I wont let anything happen. I-

But sh-


Hoseok frowned as he stared at Yoongi.

You can ask Sunhwa to meet in person and Ill go with you. Ill make sure nothing happens and everything gets resolved.


That sounds good, Yoongi grinned, gently pinching the youngers cheeks.

Hoseok giggled as he pulled away from the older, not missing the fond smile Yoongi wore. He pulled his phone out, searching for Sunhwas contact.

Are you going to tell Jimin?

He paused.


I dont know, Hoseok murmured.

He rubbed his face as he let his phone drop to his lap.

If I tell Jimin I wouldnt know how hed react. He might want to come alone or he might tell me to drop it.

The younger peeked through his fingers once he felt Yoongis hand on his knee. His lips curled upwards, mimicking Yoongi.

I trust you, so long as you trust me.

The pair sat in silence as Hoseok typed on his phone, deleting and retyping the same sentence many times.

After taking a deep breath, the message was sent. Yoongi patted the younger's back as they stood up.

Let me know when you guys are going to meet so I can come over.

Hoseok nodded his head as he walked the older to the door. After a quick hug, Yoongi was off. Hoseok watched the shorter walk off, making sure everything was okay.

Once he was out of sight, Hoseok closed the door.

His heart felt like it was going to pop out his chest.

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