Just Dance Chapter Fifty Seven
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Chapter Fifty Seven  bts stories

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Hoseok is a talented dancer at Chanwoo's Dance Studio. One day while he performs in class a stranger, Jimin, watches him. The stranger is enamored by how seemingly perfect Hoseok dances. Jimin will do anything and everything to get close to Hoseok. But how far is Jimin willing to go?

Just Dance Chapter Fifty Seven

You guys stay here and Ill start cooking, Hoseok beamed as he began to walk toward the kitchen.

Hoseok, Ill help you, Namjoon grinned as he pulled himself away from the Jimin and Yoongi sandwich he was in.

Hoseok eagerly nodded his head, indicating for Namjoon to follow him. The pair left Yoongi and Jimin alone in the living room. Sounds of pans clattering and the fridge opening filled the house.

Yoongi began to quietly chuckle as he imagined how Namjoon would be like cooking. Namjoon and Yoongi cooked together occasionally, but Namjoon would always end up grabbing a wrong ingredient or forgetting an ingredient.

A part of Yoongi wanted to join the pair in the kitchen to keep an eye on Namjoon, but a bigger part of him wanted to spend some time with Jimin.

Yoongi didnt know that much about Jimin, except for the fact that he was dating his best friend. Jimin was now also part of Yoongis life, so he wanted to get to know the boy.

Hopefully the pair could end up creating a strong connection. They already felt comfortable around each other. All they needed to do was bond.

Suddenly, Jimin flopped down onto the couch and stared up at Yoongi with sparkling eyes.

Do you want to watch something? Jimin questioned as he held up the remote.

Yoongi nodded his head as he sat down next to Jimin.

He noticed how baggy the white t-shirt Jimin sported was. Without a doubt in his mind, Yoongi chuckled once he realized that the shirt belonged to Hoseok.

As the television turned green, Jimin faced Yoongi and revealed his blinding smile.

Is there anything in particular that you want to watch? Jimin questioned.

Are you watching The Act? Yoongi asked as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Immediately, Jimins eyes lit up as he nodded his head. The edges of Yoongis lips curled upward.

A new episode had been released last Wednesday and he didnt have anytime to watch it. This was a perfect opportunity for him to catch up before the next episode.

I havent been able to watch the new episode, Yoongi revealed. Me neither! Jimin squealed as he quickly traveled to the show.

I usually watch it with Namjoon, but he watched it without me this time, Yoongi pouted.

Sweet giggles escaped Jimins lips as his eyes turned into crescents. He adored Namjoon and Yoongi with all of his heart.

They were both such caring and compassionate people. Also, Jimin thought it was adorable when Yoongi would get flustered over something Namjoon did. It was such a pure relationship.

Just as the episode was loading, a sudden curiosity began to pick at Jimin.

He could always just end up asking Hoseok, but he thought that getting the information from the source would be better.

However, he wouldnt be able to wait an hour.

Hesitantly, Jimin paused the episode and faced Yoongi. Yoongis eyebrows arched upward as he stared into Jimins eyes.

Yoongi, can I ask you something? Jimin questioned as he tilted his head.

Slowly, Yoongi nodded his head.

To be completely honest, he was a little anxious to find out what was bothering Jimin. Mostly because Jimin had never really asked Yoongi anything.

Suddenly, Yoongi began to calm down once he made a realization. Jimin might just be asking something related to Hoseok.

How did you and Namjoon meet?

Yoongi felt his body tense up as he repeated the question in his head. Jimin had thrown him a massive curve ball.

He would have never expected Jimin to suddenly ask a question regarding himself. However, it also felt kind of reassuring.

It proved that Jimin also considered themselves somewhat close. The blushing boy had no problem answering Jimins question, he was just startled.

Quickly, Yoongi cleared his throat as he began to twiddle with his fingers.


Yoongi, I need you to help out with showing the new freshmen around, the principal stated.

Isnt that the student councils job? Yoongi questioned as his eyebrows furrowed.

Yes, but the secretary is absent today. I had asked someone else, but they insisted that you wanted to take the responsibility, the principal revealed.

Yoongis fingernails began to dig into the chair he was seated in. There was only one person who would do such a thing: Hoseok.

His jaw clenched as he imagined how obnoxious all the freshmen would behave. He was already thinking of all the ways he could get Hoseok back.

Suddenly, Yoongi remembered something very important. Showing the freshmen around the school would take up class time, specifically his math class.

The teacher had prepared a test for the students and Yoongi had forgotten. He wasnt prepared for the upcoming test.

He could either willingly fail his test OR show the freshmen around.

Ill do it, Yoongi sighed as he ruffled the back of his hair.

Immediately, the principal began to beam as he thanked Yoongi over and over again. Yoongi simply nodded.

The principal handed Yoongi a folder that had the number thirteen written on the front. Once he opened the folder, his eyes landed on a roster that had five names on it.

As he read the names, Yoongi realized that the groups were not separated in alphabetical order.

Also, he noticed that his group had a very small number of students. When he was a freshman he was put into a group with at least eleven students.

However, he wasnt complaining. Yoongi must have received the last group. The less freshmen Yoongi had meant that he wouldnt be as annoyed.

Yoongi squeezed the folder against his chest as he exited the principal's office. All he had to do was show freshmen around the school.

It didnt seem that complicated since this was his third year going to this high school. He was somewhat informed on where everything was.

The sound of people chattering filled Yoongis ears as he entered the auditorium. He was surprised to see so many freshmen occupying the building.

Yoongi then noticed all the freshmen begin to separate into groups. His heart froze as he watched the groups huddle up.

While his eyebrows furrowed, Yoongi began to bite his bottom lip as he tried to figure out what to do. This was his first time participating in this event.

Suddenly, Yoongi conjured a brilliant idea. All Yoongi had to do was find the group without a leader.

He let out a sigh of relief as he began to saunter through the auditorium. Mentally, he patted himself on his back.

However, his prideful expression began to disappear once he realized the flaw in his plan.

Everyone was wearing the same exact uniform and it seemed as if the leaders had placed their folders in their backpacks.

Just as Yoongi was about to curse the heavens, he felt someone tap his shoulder. He tried to hold back his yelp as he slowly turned around.

The first thing his eyes landed on was the school uniform vest that students had to wear. His eyes moved upward and landed on a warm face that held glasses.

The young man towering over him suddenly stuck his hand out.

Hello, my name is Kim Namjoon, the boy revealed as his beaming smile blinded Yoongi.

Yoongi wore a confused expression as he slowly wrapped his fingers around Namjoons hand. After the pair shook hands, Yoongi began to nervously rub the back of his neck.

He had never seen this senior before.

His face went pale, perhaps this was a student council member about to reprimand him for being unprepared.

Were part of group thirteen and we dont have a group leader yet, Namjoon revealed as he pointed to four boys a couple feet behind him.

Yoongis face turned a blinding shade of red as his eyes darted between Namjoon and the boys.

There was no way that Namjoon was a freshman.

Namjoons eyes landed on the folder that was held against Yoongis chest. The number thirteen was written boldly on the folder.

Oh, youre our leader.

Shyly, Yoongi nodded his head as he stared at the ground. He was embarrassed that someone else had to show him where his group was.

However, he was more embarrassed over another matter.

As Namjoon led him to the boys, Yoongis eyes couldnt stop scanning Namjoon. Yoongi couldnt believe that the tree-like boy was a freshman.

Also, something about the way Namjoon dorkily smiled brightly for no reason behind those wide glasses made Yoongis chest throb. The way he was feeling couldnt be described.

Without warning, Namjoon turned toward Yoongi. Yoongis eyes quickly darted toward the side as his heart hammered against his chest.

His whole body tensed up while he tried to figure out whether Namjoon noticed him staring. He held his breath as he waited for Namjoon to speak.

It felt like an eternity while Yoongi waited for Namjoon. He began to grow impatient as he stared at the wall.

Having had enough, Yoongi turned around with furrowed brows. In the blink of an eye, his knitted brows separated once he noticed all five young men staring at him.

We all introduced ourselves, Namjoon whispered as he leaned into Yoongis bubble.

His eyebrows shot up as he stared at Namjoon with a look of disbelief. He couldnt believe that he had missed their introductions.

Yoongi thought that he was only gazing upon Namjoon for a couple seconds. However, it seemed as if he was pulled into a trance.

A sweet pink hue began to fill his cheeks once again.

Im Min Yoongi."

Suddenly, Namjoons dimples began to reveal as he stared fondly at Yoongi.

A small smile crept across Yoongis face.

Once Namjoon noticed Yoongis expression, he shyly pushed his glasses back up as he stared at his shoes.

Namjoons sudden shyness made Yoongi chuckle. It seemed as if freshmen werent that bad.


Jimin covered his face as giggles were emitted from his plump lips.

Yoongis head tilted while he tried to figure out exactly why Jimin was giggling. He didnt think that his story was that amusing. If anything, Yoongi thought that his story was a little embarrassing.

Thats so cute, Yoongi, Jimin beamed.

Yoongis eyebrows shot up after Jimins response. He couldnt believe the giggling boys statement.

The only thing cute about Yoongis story was Namjoon.

Suddenly, Yoongi realized exactly what he just thought and he felt his face warm up. However, the longer he thought about it, Yoongis color began to return to normal.

High school Namjoon was in fact cute. In fact, high school Namjoon was cute enough for Yoongi to create a photo folder dedicated for him.

Want to see a picture of him in high school? Yoongi questioned as he pulled his phone out.

Jimin nodded his head eagerly as he scooted closer to Yoongi.

Just as Yoongi was about to click on the infamous folder labeled dork, he felt his phone being pulled out of his hand. His head shot upward as his lips pouted.

Namjoon stuffed Yoongis phone in his pocket as his brows furrowed.

Yoongi nervously began to smile as his eyes widened.

You promised you wouldnt show anyone those! Namjoon whined.

Jimin isnt just anyone, Yoongi shot back as he shot up off the couch.

Namjoon lifted his eyebrow while Yoongi shot daggers at him. He knew exactly what would put Yoongi back in his place.

Does that mean I can show Yoongi YOUR high school photos? Namjoon questioned as he began to pull his phone out.

Immediately, Yoongis heart dropped as he watched Namjoon scroll through his phone. That was the last thing that he wanted.

Suddenly, Jimins giggles began to fill Yoongis ears.

He couldnt believe that Jimin thought that this was entertaining. This was a matter of life or death.

Namjoon! Yoongi yelled as he tried to snatch the device away.

Once Namjoon lifted the phone into the air, Yoongi realized that he wouldnt be tall enough to grab it.

He began to curse the heavens for his diminutive height. Yoongi had to think of something quickly.

I have pictures of both of you, Hoseok chuckled.

Suddenly, both men froze as they turned toward Hoseok. There they saw him tapping on his phone.

Once Hoseok looked up, he immediately regretted revealing that information. It looked as if the couples eyes had turned red.

Hoseok quickly stuffed his phone into his pocket and lifted his hands up. Immediately, the couples faces relaxed.

I asked Namjoon to tell you guys lunch is ready, but it looks like he got distracted, Hoseok stated as he rubbed the back of his neck.

Almost immediately, Yoongis and Jimins eyes lit up. They ran past the two men and entered the kitchen.

Namjoon grinned as he sauntered next to Hoseok. The pair began to chuckle while they peered into the kitchen.

Jimin and Yoongi were loading their plates up as they nearly salivated. It seemed as if the men were impressed by Namjoons and Hoseoks cooking.

Suddenly, Hoseok extended his hand upward and ruffled Namjoons hair.

Hoseoks sudden physical contact made Namjoon slightly jump.

Thanks for the help, Hoseok chirped.

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